Small fishing village of Old Albufeira

Located at the southern tip of Portugal in the Algarve town of Albufeira. The city, which used to be a small fishing village, has now grown into a resort in full. Whitewashed Moorish-style houses, winding streets, beaches, beaches, old castle ruins and especially from the point of the slope will haunt the absolute need to … Continue reading Small fishing village of Old Albufeira


Barbados Bridgetown Largest City

  barbados is the capital and largest city of Bridgetown. Careenage its name from the river, the city has now become one of the most important financial centers of the Caribbean. The city, in all seasons, though the rainy season storms and hurricanes have the luxury of being able to get to feel intensely. The … Continue reading Barbados Bridgetown Largest City

Winter can not get enough of the sweet taste of Turkey

Turkey is one of the best examples in the world of culinary delights. According to city and presentations ranging from traditional fare to visit places at least as ambitious. After the meal, eaten fresh, while the sine qua non of the table. Summer lighter desserts prefer the Turkish people will speak for his skills with … Continue reading Winter can not get enough of the sweet taste of Turkey

US cosmopolitan spirit in Washington, D.C.

  Located in the north of the United States in the Pacific coast state of Washington, D.C. Canada will come to this province adjacent to the ideal period of May, June, September and accounted for the remaining time in October. The region is the most populous state of the United States, a place where the … Continue reading US cosmopolitan spirit in Washington, D.C.

Drinking raki in Turkey’s Etiquette

raki As can be understood from the title, it is the only type of alcohol with meals. unlike wine or beer. Beer is more practical, fast potable. So stop by your friends to a place where you can get up and drink two beers. However, this 'shame' to be met as raki. Raki table to … Continue reading Drinking raki in Turkey’s Etiquette

Why come to Turkey for 30 Delicious

  Bursa - Inegol meatballs Turkey meets the blues and greens of the historic city of Bursa, famous for its meatballs made from lamb. Both quality and cheap eat can this famous meatballs except yogurt and underground areas consisting of doner meat, served on the bread Iskender kebab is also a city where you can … Continue reading Why come to Turkey for 30 Delicious

Bezel Datca almond and olive trees

located in one of the 12 districts of the province of Mugla in Turkey, but also the tourist center of Datca. Mediterranean and the Aegean region below the mountainous and rugged terrain in full at the intersection, which occurred in a region of plains. My first sight of Datça multiplier were almond and olive trees. … Continue reading Bezel Datca almond and olive trees

World’s Most Delicious Wine Grapes

Every alcohol taste left in the mouth is different. Besides flavor your food in the same way. Wine is generally add flavor to the dinner, which is equipped with an elegant style display table. Especially your food in a lovely restaurant situated on the beach next to the varying quality of seafood to taste wine … Continue reading World’s Most Delicious Wine Grapes

Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast

Sölden, with a full white heaven for ski enthusiasts, a village situated about 287 km from Munich. In particular, a wonderful place for skiing enthusiasts Sölden, unfortunately somewhat limited in terms of other alternatives. For example, food and drink and a bit thin in terms of apres ski. But several Sölden ski lovers who enjoyed … Continue reading Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast

East Queen of Aleppo

by a majority of the historians' Queen of the East "in general Although it is known as the blood of words with Arabic origin" nursing "meant that direction. Aleppo, Syria's second most important city. Syria is not known how dry summer. So I strongly recommend you arrive in the spring. I thought I'd do a … Continue reading East Queen of Aleppo