Small fishing village of Old Albufeira

Located at the southern tip of Portugal in the Algarve town of Albufeira. The city, which used to be a small fishing village, has now grown into a resort in full. Whitewashed Moorish-style houses, winding streets, beaches, beaches, old castle ruins and especially from the point of the slope will haunt the absolute need to go to a nice place for adrenaline addicts Albufeira.

The city is experiencing the winter in January and February, while temperate rainy, summer is the kind of long-term tourists can stay for the longer term and sunny nature. The city welcomes more tourists during the summer season.

Although it is experiencing a period of crowds and temperature heavier able to accompany many activities. Albufeira in terms of transport facilities to the closest airport, then take the city out of the airport in Faro.

In urban transport, I advise you to choose the option bus. Taxis are both expensive and very little cost. If you do not plan to stay more in Albufeira, via high-speed trains can switch easily Lagos or Lisbon.

A considerable number of the city’s hotels. In particular, there is an incredible diversity in the luxury hotel concept. EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel Falesia Hotel Vila Galé Praia, Sheraton Algarve Hotel, Hotel Riu Palace Algarve, Alfagar II Aparthotel, Pine Cliffs Residence, Vila Joya, Riu Guarana, Sheraton Algarve Hotel Pine Cliffs Suites Residence, Salgados Dunas Suites, Salgados Grande Hotel Adriana Beach Club Hotel Resort, Eden Resort, Hotel Alisios, Aqua Pedra dos Bicos Hotel, Cerro da Marina Hotel Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Hotel Spa Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Hotel Spa, Vila Galé Cerro Alagoa and Vida Resort Algarve brings home only a fraction of the city’s most luxurious hotel quality occurs.

Traditional Portuguese fishing boat in Algarve, Portugal
Traditional Portuguese fishing boat in Algarve, Portugal

because it is a holiday in Albufeira I agree with the other activities of the first to visit a particular venue. What do within these activities. Golf, Skateboarding, karting, parks, with Europe’s largest watercoast feature “Aquashow Park”, canopy climbing and you can take your paintball activities “The Luso Aventura Park”, those who want to learn about marine protection “Dolphins Driven trip”, with water slides and animals scrumptious you can accompany the show “Zoomarine” and I’m having a wonderful time in Albufeira.

Sweet fatigue crashes on me. Nevertheless, I intend to carry out visits to the remaining space. First, finish your holiday without doing scuba diving in the bays reserved. The famous clock tower “Clock Tower”, the enormous ruins “Paderne Castle (Paderne)”, the cave has a stunning beauty “Xorino Cave” church “Santana Church”, outside the museum as the “Museu Municipal de Arqueologia” and every taste for the night life appealing place “Montechoro Strip” and would like to end my trip route.

Of the most famous place for shopping “Algarve Shopping Centre.” You can obtain a lot of things here that you need. I’m going out again towards the evening meal. 16.00 percent of the day’s fatigue effect showed me wanted to get some sleep.

bacalhau in flavor (salt cod) is a single-pass. Apart from that famous soup “Caldo verde”, piri piri (spicy) There is a large dining concept in Albufeira with chicken dishes and other seafood varieties. A Michelin-starred restaurant I’d recommend the clifftop of Vila Joya.
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Barbados Bridgetown Largest City


barbados is the capital and largest city of Bridgetown. Careenage its name from the river, the city has now become one of the most important financial centers of the Caribbean.

The city, in all seasons, though the rainy season storms and hurricanes have the luxury of being able to get to feel intensely. The time interval between July and the remaining time between now and October. You can visit this beautiful city for months that you want out of it.

Bridgetown bridge you will see in the first place. In general, the bridge attracted the attention of tourists, the most important symbol of the city in terms of both visual as well as history. Regions, but not a great place to pass while still providing your day with pleasant places to visit.

Needhams nose after the famous bridge, Harrisons Cave, cricket pitch, traditional market, Folkestone Marine Park and would visit the places you need to visit the museum foundation.

I agree with the second day of the tour organization. The botanical garden tours, a day goes by like water than their wild habitat tours and submarine tours. both to come to my mind and I could not eat much during the tour in order to avoid missing the delights of Bridgetown.



Of course, this is an incredible way he made me hungry. Interesting, but I’m a fast-food style food in town where there are at the moment. Usually, though not necessarily a restaurant Bridgetown apparently could not keep up with this little culture.

the best food in the city, flying fish sauce, served with fried crumbed. Cutters sandwich and pepperpot from other famous dishes. The exotic fruit in every corner of the city. I toured constantly with a fruit in my hand during the holidays. Also returning avoid tasting at the cocktail made from rum. delicious so you will not find anywhere else.

The night life in Bridgetown everyone’s ears pleasure with the concept that accompany the different styles and manages to cater to the entertainment genre. But I’m doing instead of night life with ships shore tours I went on the trip to explore a different way.

Of course, there is also a shopping section. City very cheap in this sense. Even so, I got something for myself rather than take too kindly quality of giftware products. As a gift for items made from sea shells, such as handmade jewelry products and may experience different products

Winter can not get enough of the sweet taste of Turkey

Turkey is one of the best examples in the world of culinary delights. According to city and presentations ranging from traditional fare to visit places at least as ambitious. After the meal, eaten fresh, while the sine qua non of the table.

Summer lighter desserts prefer the Turkish people will speak for his skills with the coming of winter. Especially heavy syrup and sweets consumed more. Turkey desserts we recommend we eat any of your trip;

Aqueous orange semolina cake
with a sweet orange aqueous semolina tampon cake, it does not eat indigestion in the stomach because it is a wet taste.

Also on the palate with orange flavor caused by impact, why do not eat more than a slice. You can decorate top with coconut.

Quince is one of the favorite winter fruit of the Turkish people. As for dessert instead of simple dishes that can be served in a hard structure.

On roasted quince after being rested before serpiştirilerek sugar, especially when registration takes on a whole new flavor to be served.

Pumpkin dessert
a taste of the same consistency quince dessert Pumpkin dessert. Turkey just to eat pastries from not using fresh pumpkin in many areas. You can decorate your dessert with walnuts and coconut.

Chocolate Apple Shares
List of other names in the form of construction by leaving chocolate apple pie, sweet syrup taste is not intense flavor.

You can also choose not only summer in winter. Even on the ice and make it easy to defeat with a slice of lemon to decorate possible.

Chestnut Pumpkin Dessert
According to the plain pumpkin sweet pumpkin dessert is more intense and delicious chestnuts, walnuts and boiled into added a different flavor tinged with chestnut. If you can add a full dessert lovers on the chocolate sauce.

Chestnut Cheesecake
Cheesecake is not unfamiliar with the taste, I suppose. However, blending with chestnuts, a great taste for the Turks. From the outside it looks like a cake, but a milder taste the thick stubbornness.

Orange Chocolate Mousse
chocolate orange owed to the rendering orange and lemon taste with dark chocolate mousse, served over a sweet herb in adorned with grated chocolate.

Tangerine custard
List of the latest and slightly sweet with tangerine custard, whatever the season verbatim from slightly sweet to give up. it tastes just like chocolate, served with herb mousse with orange, mandarin owes its taste to the water.


US cosmopolitan spirit in Washington, D.C.


Located in the north of the United States in the Pacific coast state of Washington, D.C. Canada will come to this province adjacent to the ideal period of May, June, September and accounted for the remaining time in October.

The region is the most populous state of the United States, a place where the environment is equipped with greenery. The dense environment of green areas, helps me to breathe. The crowd then do a table like India. But the state’s cosmopolitan spirit of the region, which has also busier.

Washington, D.C., things to do from shopping areas, including alternative as far apart the restaurant’s nightlife. There are so many things to mention is of course very difficult to place the local dishes are combined. Because many countries place Washington in the kitchen of a luxury enough to accommodate under one roof, D.C. Namely, almost 2000 over the existing restaurant. Fogo de Chao, H & pizza, Zaytinya, Baked and Wired, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab, Vidalia Restaurant, and Marcel’s aralarındawashingto of Founding Farmers, D.C.’s most elegant and high quality places.

Space diversity is one of the most beautiful features of vacationers laughing face. Both can be discovered to have different types of food you can live well with the standard you want your holiday menu to suit every price.


Let’s talk about the places to visit. Washington, DC, in this sense, how many places with even though you atamasa step into should not return even without the “White House” of different plants from each other, which culminated in the visual presentation “Botanic Garden”, maybe you visit the many museums, but you will encounter for the first time with a museum of natural history “Natural History Museum”, the way lovers will satisfy the “National Art Gallery”, many are able to access information “Newseum” in almost every town no longer find a place its “Chinatown” 3 President Thomas Jefferson to commemorate built “Jefferson Memorial”, the face of the animal to laugh “Washington Zoo”, restaurants, cafes and the province of shopping outlets at gezilemez and luxurious place “Georgetown”, the world’s top aerospace and aircraft collection “air and space Museum”, the US government conducted a museum and research center “the Smithsonian Institution” with a huge landscape with a length of about 700 meters “Reflecting Pool & Lincoln Memorial”, the world’s tallest standing stone (169 meters), “Washington Monument”, national parks “national Mall” and architecture will almost worshiped “Capitol” and I will end holidays my adventure here .

Of course ‘recent promise,’ I do not Washington, D.C., I go to the shopping section. State also the kind of shopping areas vie for places to visit. the most logical point of this anlada it can bring cheaply seyahatinizg Renwick Gallery reasonable price. Here you will find many art. Whether Washington, D.C. wants a souvenir from the gift shop 🙂 province’s sense of fun and entertainment festivals as split in two.

Film music is about 16 units and blues to jazz festival, with live music from the dance club, with an alternative to the cocktail bar of style venues in Washington, D.C., ambitious enough to push your boundaries fun!

Drinking raki in Turkey’s Etiquette

raki As can be understood from the title, it is the only type of alcohol with meals. unlike wine or beer. Beer is more practical, fast potable. So stop by your friends to a place where you can get up and drink two beers. However, this ‘shame’ to be met as raki. Raki table to sit together and get up off the table with the same unity.

Wine on the table does not. Maybe a wine of the table. It adds flavor to food on the plate. That’s why you need to keep separate from other drink raki. Let’s talk about what’s needed to drink a little raki ago. Your drink glass (glass), add cold water and then cold raki before.

Just soak up the mouth before taking a nice smell. If you enjoyed the portion of the throat to the stomach you can drink raki now slowly. Yes raki should slow smoking. I would also like to drink a sip of raki in tequila. Even as a metaphor for “Raki stops beer run” can say.

Raki has a philosophy of its own. This is another feature that separates itself from other drinks like the same table. For example, you must be drunk. The goal of pleasant conversation, is love. Turkish people to the table layout ‘locksmith Supper’ he says. Supper is actually not full filled. Usually the places to go (they usually have bar) that equipped the look of the table. Because that is where asola appetizer. That is the purpose of contacting the fork to mouth.

of course, it is also meant the space bar. But is it necessary to open a parenthesis balcony where the desired chat is not necessary for raki tavern garden as well. As long as you get your loved ones with you night long. We have also known to drink slowly. If we try to describe perhaps as seed meal. You have to have a certain limit to enjoy suffering.

As there is no clear explanation before your mood actually. If we are to speak for the Turks generally happy sitting on the table, but somehow they are connected at the corner of sadness coast chats. You can not drink raki with happiness or unhappiness pressure. If only worth doing it is worth doing well also. That we knew enough.

Music is the sine qua non of raki table. Generally, this musical culture is divided into three. Turkish art music, folk and arabesque. If you remember your love can not forget is likely to play Turkish music, folk songs heard little more friendship friendship.

Especially from his childhood friends, “I wish it was possible here,” said a truck glasses friends main aspirations are not alive now. Arabesque also listened to the absence or love. The end of the month does not mean a kind, “Come one come not drink raki also sank fish as you go,” you could say, “Why could not love me,” he can be martyred. Of course, this is a culture from the past. Or the sound of the famous Turkish artist worthy of the fine to the raki table.

Yaşar, “Maybe when this turmoil focused, take the following table to get out of my sight, this is what is what so much glass of raki.” Or again, Sezen Aksu is a fan of the Turkish people, “Oh, man, not again not again flowers are beautiful, praise, thank god as Altınbaş glass of oil.”

Finally, on the date prior to the general manners of the rankings Did you know that there are a variety of raki raki glasses? Nightingale dish, a glass of eternal, nightingale, one glass, thimble glass of leylekboyn and the cur’a (cure-without, of Curam)

This entry then we have a little longer to sort of raki manners in general;

  • Addicted to smoking ones with sunset not know the limits on drinking raki time more enjoyable. to drink slowly, accompanied by conversation creates the actual enjoyment of the rack.

  • Double as a drink served with a glass of raki special stitching on smokers, it is better to drink small sips case though.

  • Half of the rack in terms of impact, while not essential immediately filled with water. The Dry smokers generally valid for many years to rack prevailing culture.

  • Whereas the glass of raki turned icy bottle to cup should translate into loss for the spread of odor.

  • After taking the first sip take a deep breath through the mouth waiting in the teeth.

  • The oldest person in the raki table to clink glasses of raki smoking without making any moves.

  • Raki table wine with an elegant dinner, a romantic setting, it is not an environment to do business dinner or a marriage proposal. Conversation further ahead of heartbreak, moose come from, will host the conversation going even rumors of the final moments to set up to archive the correct country.

  • There is a certain order of putting on glasses of raki. First raki, then water and then ice issues. In fact, it is wrong to put raki ice. Because the water in the ice raki same dose of alcohol less frequently due to the influence of alcohol out top. Thus the mixture should be irritated. The ideal is to drink cold raki.

  • Always snack should be eaten something before you start drinking raki. Especially olive oil is most suitable in this respect. The reason is to prevent the alcohol from reaching toward your nostrils.

  • Only once the clinking of glasses of raki table. The rest goes to removing only the glass. The only exception would be when the new one came to the table.

  • One from the raki table must sit for a long time. “Escape to take a glass of” raki table for the logic in this sense is not a suitable environment. Mezeyl with evening progresses slowly.

  • Do not shout, impact to the table is not one of these tables. There is a calmer environment.

  • It does not stand empty glass of raki. It must be constantly replenished.

  • The elder of the youngest of the table has to keep pace. The term – at least I speak out of his voice.

  • A bottle of raki last remaining drops are shared equally. Let’s find the justice is not enough he is given a new order.

  • One drinks in Raki Raki tables should be.

  • Frowned constantly to get the raki table. Telephone conversations are not in accordance with this table to undergo continuous sink. not leave the table unless something very important.

  • Best known raki dinner main course of sea bream, sea bass and picarel types of grilled fish are. Nihavend across from the arts and music works in his office, accordion, percussion instruments such as the violin and lute tunes and parts of the table.

  • Red pepper powder, garlic olive colored decorations on the full-fat sheep’s cheese, pickles (especially mountain pickled cabbage), entrees and sour watermelon or melon raki are optionally accompanied by other foods.
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Why come to Turkey for 30 Delicious



  • Bursa – Inegol meatballs
    Turkey meets the blues and greens of the historic city of Bursa, famous for its meatballs made from lamb.

Both quality and cheap eat can this famous meatballs except yogurt and underground areas consisting of doner meat, served on the bread Iskender kebab is also a city where you can witness the flavor exceptional with sweet as you eat the chestnut.

  • Bodrum – Stuffed
    In fact, Turkey is stuffed with unique taste in Kayseri, an ambitious done so in the basement. Leaves the favorite dishes served on rice added into the wrapping made with yogurt and tomato sauce on top is instrumental to reach a different flavor.

  • Izmir – Elderberry syrup
    Elder, essentially depends on the Selçuk district of İzmir charming resort is a type of flower that grows in Şirince. Following the concentrated essence of collected beverage syrup sold as summer and winter regardless of the particular favorite of Ontario residents.

The taste is distinct boyoz can see the beginning of every street you come to Izmir out of it. cut into a kind of fried pastry balls with boyoz, usually eaten as plain.

  • Gaziantep – Baklava
    Not only abroad, which has become a general culture of the people of Turkey baklava, one of the most popular dessert of famous Gaziantep with food.

Made walnut placed between the layers of pastry desserts lined up a complete energy storage structure with plenty of syrup. Besides the famous kebab dishes in front of Sweet also it creates a distinct flavor.

  • Trabzon – Kuymak
    Another called “Nailing” which kuymak, corn flour, butter and corn flakes is usually served using a kind of salty cottage cheese, called the mincer.

Trabzon people of his favorite fish anchovy is now a general culture has become assertive enough to be the subject of almost every meal. until the rice fritters with anchovy Trabzon managed to add to every meal it is waiting for you with a nice flavor from each other.

  • Bozcaada – core apple jam İğde
    Turkey’s Canakkale province also depends on the country’s third-largest island of Bozcaada, creating unforgettable flavors on the palate with apple jam on the spindle core.

the day started with a nice breakfast this delicious jam, accompanied by stunning views of Bozcaada breath should definitely taste. Witness your palate with the image already has the irresistible flavor of jam, you necessarily should get plenty of returning to your home with you.

  • Kars – Goose
    dig famous flavor of Kars province in the northeastern part of Turkey Meat, French cuisine reminiscent in flavor. The taste or the presentation of findings out of the oven, accompanied by a brass also try to blend with the Turkish procedure.

  • Erzurum – Age kebab
    Erzurum is the largest city in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, thanks to its famous kebab age only is the occasion to come to the city’s many visitors because of the taste.

Another name is “Leaning back” with kebabs, mushrooms, egg whites, salt, yogurt and a salad consisting of portions of the content will not so yummy garlic.

  • Edirne – Liver
    Thracian part of Turkey’s Marmara region is located in the city of Edirne, the number one favorite flavor of both classic dinner of food and drink table with the lungs.

Especially taste forms a good combination with the national drink raki in Turkey, the flavor will be the first call when you come to Edirne.

  • Butler – Dry beans
    Especially indispensable for winter eating beans with hearty flavor, or if you wish sausage meat cubed bacon or simply want to form one of the most favorite dishes of the Turkish people with the kind of beat.

Turkey’s Central Anatolia and Aegean region constituting part of the transition in Usak provinces that make up the most popular dishes of dry beans, to be accompanied by further enrich the table with the buttermilk and pickles.

  • Antakya – Alinazik
    Turkey’s religious tourism is extremely important in terms of regional dishes of the province to the city of Antioch Review alinazik. the meat is actually a soft consistency which alinazik eggplant dish, covering the top of the eggplant and yogurt served blown onto the indispensable dish in red meat entrees.

Another flavor of Antioch, which künefe dessert after dinner must be your first choice. Hot served künefe, the palate with added leaves into a soft cheese taste.

  • Balikesir – Gum curd ice cream dessert
    Turkey’s Marmara region, located in the province of Balikesir, a district that is both light and sweet you can eat in Ayvalık consistency have attached a dessert.

By tourists, which is a popular holiday destination in its own flavor Ayvalık you ready to fall in love.

  • Denizli – Oven kebab
    Located in the southern part of Turkey’s Aegean province of Denizli sulandırıyor mouth of the famous kebab oven. Lamb kebabs made from the forearm of the meat, the meat hooks hanging is made by cooking in a stone oven.

After accumulate fat of meat hung on a tray in the tray by applying the accumulation of fat pita slowly leaked oil. Then, given the service closed over the kebab.

  • Antalya – Hibes
    located in the province of Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean Region specific Hibes, tahini, lemon, garlic and cumin is a kind of appetizer made with fine food with an outgoing rack.

  • Ankara – Sandal kebab
    a nice flavor of the zucchini into thin peel and then served in the oven with the meat carved for added kebab in other regions not only Ankarans kitchen. Especially decorate their iftar dinners during Ramadan.

  • Kayseri – Ravioli
    Turkey’s Kayseri province to another in a city famous for its local flavor. The city’s most popular dishes that have exquisite taste the bacon until the sausage ravioli.

ravioli, the most important of the most beautiful taste of Turkish cuisine is obtained by boiling water. Small dough into a variety of spices and dishes prepared by scalding be put in the interior material obtained by mixing the meat, then yogurt and tomato sauce to taste with the addition of a provision emerges irresistible.

  • Diyarbakir – stuffed ribs
    Kamurg bone with a knife divided into the fleshy part of the cooked bulgur with added butter in the dishes served, the release from the hands of famous masters in Turkey’s Diyarbakir.

  • Army – stuffed kale
    Located in the Army special stuffed cabbage in the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, a wrap filled with rice for dinner where the beet leaf springs. Bone meal is cooked slowly in water, the region’s most delicious dishes.
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Bezel Datca almond and olive trees

located in one of the 12 districts of the province of Mugla in Turkey, but also the tourist center of Datca. Mediterranean and the Aegean region below the mountainous and rugged terrain in full at the intersection, which occurred in a region of plains. My first sight of Datça multiplier were almond and olive trees.

Both my face because of the image as well as the trees blowing in the wind turned me on vacation before it begins. Datca is quite a small place. Even though a great deal of built-in life generally increases during the summer by winter population here.

Become Datca tourism center, according to my information from the trades have occurred in the 2000s. It is a feature of my best sevice windy here. Destinations in the sweltering heat consisting of 52 that I put so used to Datça, rest my soul with sustained winds.

Honey, almonds and fish, famous for its triple this resort, is the world’s eighth Turkey has one of the most intense first oxygen. If I order a few other little knowledge about Datca, the famous historian Strabo said about this place, “she must send them Datca God wants people to live longer.” Even so that Spanish sailors on ships passing through this area they’re leper patients to keep their ships leave Datça.

Datca trip to where to put the trip route I heard that I started Undecided about how famous you wanted to start here. In addition, about 25 Datça – located at a distance of 30 km from Bonito like Buku, Ova Buku, Chaste and Red Twist Twist is among the places that must be seen.

In fact, my visit was one of my first point. Almost hit the beach with the sun shining so beautiful. Under the state it had a similar view. I spent my day going to rest just behind the cafe is located in a terrific way.

I saved the second day with the natural beauty of the region. Trekking activities, boat tours, picnics around the whole day like nature almond trees to nest I accompanied many activities. 3 days to recognize the historical texture of the Datca for me. In this sense, my first route was the ancient Knidos. Here’s oldest and second largest medical school in the world.

This school, which trains the most important and oldest ancient Greek physician especially attracts the attention of tourists. Other than that I have ever seen and one of the places you need to see the old ceramic kilns. The most important ceramic construction described as commercial activities before Christ, now left himself artifacts case.

Do not think that I was speaking of open amusement 🙂 so I said what the region is famous as the Almond. also here just to take home not only taste I must admit that I bought a while.

Acibadem, domestic almonds, almond-like taste varies according to age very kind available. Apart from that, in the region ensures the sale of honey in the region is quite famous for beekeeping. Natural pine honey in the same way I could not purchase in order to take home.

The flavors I recommend for dinner in Datça, certainly fish and seafood. Squid, mussels and octopus can be enjoyed as delicacies. You keşfedbil somewhere different but tastes like Datca.

Snails eat “karavilla to” dallamp, Hong is, grinding the roasted, denizkereviz of denizbörülce of tilkiot of white pea soup, carob, turpuc salad, and kışıyak elsewhere in the hard out of your way to eat although most beautiful flavors you taste here.

If you have time to Datca’s festivals too, I suggest you strongly disagreed. Silkworm Festival, International Short Film Festival in Datca, Datca Beach Volleyball Tour, Datça Open Sea Winter Swimming Marathon of the most fun events and Datça Cinema and Culture Festival Gold Almond destinations.

Another activity you spend the day in a fun way outside the festival certainly make shopping 🙂 olive oil, tooth almond, white almond blossom honey, thistle honey, industrial honey, thyme honey, thyme, goods made from silk, handicrafts, carvings, magnets, keyrings and ornaments are among the most ideal products you can get from Datca.



World’s Most Delicious Wine Grapes

Every alcohol taste left in the mouth is different. Besides flavor your food in the same way. Wine is generally add flavor to the dinner, which is equipped with an elegant style display table.

Especially your food in a lovely restaurant situated on the beach next to the varying quality of seafood to taste wine grapes as they are also associated with the aged. Let’s see the world’s finest wine grapes which equals.

  • Semillion
    The Semillion one of the world’s best white wine grapes, including light oil, produces a wine less acidic. because it is not very intense aromas also provides a taste that can not be used alone, with low acid content next to it. Sauvignon is supposed to be confused with Blanc’l while accompanying this taste.

  • Chenin Blanc
    quality wines from these grapes stored for a long period should see plenty of sun to be consumed. Aroma also gives you the feeling of spaciousness your palate with a taste of honey from Chenin Blanc, New Zealand and grows in South Africa.

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
    French grape with Cabernet Sauvignon, now dominate the resistance given by the maturation despite years. Used in the production of Bordeaux wine grapes, black berries fragrant, small and have a thick skin structure.

  • Chardonnay
    grape of Burgundy region of France, the smell of butter and walnut with fine wines produced by the passing of the years-like fruit aromas are felt.

  • Riesling
    Riesling with exquisite taste and a dry matter acid, pungent aroma, the smell of the floral world with harmony and acid balance in one of the most important white grape varieties in wine production.

  • Gamay
    Gamay obtained from black grape wine with a quantity of light and low acidity. Strawberry gum smell in your nose, with aromas of raspberries or pears is usually red wines.

  • Merlot
    France in Bodeaux merlot, slightly fruity form of low alcohol, non-smoking, light and rigid thin-skinned grape species. Open Judas evokes the feeling of mint flavor with color.

  • Viognier
    High alcohol content and the Rhone region of France with apricot flavor is grape varieties to produce quality wines that greatly contributed.

  • Sauvignon Blanc
    which have the unique wines with high amounts of acid sauvignon blanc is a grape variety grown in France’s Loire region with the best fresh green grass aroma of white wine are served.

Small white paradise of Sölden Ski Enthusiast


Sölden, with a full white heaven for ski enthusiasts, a village situated about 287 km from Munich. In particular, a wonderful place for skiing enthusiasts Sölden, unfortunately somewhat limited in terms of other alternatives.

For example, food and drink and a bit thin in terms of apres ski. But several Sölden ski lovers who enjoyed the challenging ski slopes, on the other hand, when geçirmelik also hosts the delicious dinlenmelik with beautiful surroundings.

You can switch over to the Village at Munich Airport. Sölden is the ideal period of winter Giggijoch, Gaislachkogl peak and Rettenbach (glacier region) occur in 3 main areas. The Region hotels village narrow the possibilities.

Best 5 star luxury hotel concept “Das Central – Alpine. Luxury. Life.” However Hotel Bergland Hotel Tyrolerhof, Hotel Alpina, Hotel Alphof Soelden, Hotel Liebe Sonne, Hotel Castello Falkner, Hotel Valentin Hotel Sunny and Hotel Stefan is generating other senior with quality facilities.

I mention the 3 regions of Sölden. This may be the 3 main regions Giggijoch Tal. But to reach the runway options really requires a lot of experience and strength. Ideally Giggijoch Gondola bulunarak close from here to begin skiing.

The biggest reason it is so popular with the variety and prices of ski options in terms of compliance village tourists. If you are not beginners blue slopes will offer you numerous areas. Intermediate and audacity on the red tracks for all those to you, “Welcome,” he says.

If I were to talk about the nature of Sölden and stylish new lift; The 151-kilometer ski area, 14 black, 25 red, 27 blue runway track, has 3 snow parks. Things to include in Tiefenbachbahn, Freizeit Arena Sporthutte Fiegl, Schischule Otztal and Hochoetz is located.

East Queen of Aleppo

by a majority of the historians’ Queen of the East “in general Although it is known as the blood of words with Arabic origin” nursing “meant that direction. Aleppo, Syria’s second most important city.

Syria is not known how dry summer. So I strongly recommend you arrive in the spring. I thought I’d do a cultural tour before arriving in Aleppo. Indeed, the fact that it was so. But there is more to discover here I realized that cultural trip.

Then I tried to express in written form Aleppo my experience. How yazsam also contains many beautiful places that you can not taste the same without going to catch spelling with a recommendation.

First, Aleppo ‘most’ containing’m going somewhere. This is, of course, Aleppo Citadel. This structure is the world’s largest and oldest castle of the city with many leaving the structure and positioned on the hill about 50 meters in height.

In the morning the entrance fee to the castle, which is open from 09:00 16:00 in the evening around 300 Syrian Pound. In a city where you came from Syria would not come here without visiting mosques. Umeyyed which is one of the oldest mosques in Aleppo mosque invasion results have been repaired and made additions to the mosque again.

Although I am a constant sweating are in the spring semester. I forgot the number of bottles I drank even though I no longer visit two places yet. I’m tired of crashes on a sidewalk. Light hitting the shade. Well I would not say there helluva cool, but I still feel that I relax.

Athan comes to the bottom of my ear. If you live in a Muslim country if you live in a metropolitan city that sound you do not hear so clearly. I’m old building behind the sidewalk I was sitting with my head, I close my eyes.

You know the difference between see and look at. I witnessed the difference between the sound of the call to prayer to listen and hear. Distance from a sound ‘coming from the sound’ to hear the sentence currently working on my soul ‘listen’ I can not tell the difference between typing words.

You will experience this moment is certainly the way to Aleppo falls. a beautiful sound from your ear while witnessing the azan not waste my skin. Ends Athan I come to myself. In fact, in my mind I had to do the tour, but the mood madrasas currently Jdeida says, I need to hit the road for the region.

a region inhabited by the Christians in the region Jdeida. Naturally population contains a mixed culture. This has improved the sense of tolerance in humans. I quite liked this place. consistency a little bit of history culture trip with its narrow lanes and old houses and live an enjoyable experience with beautiful photos. I therefore concludes my first day on the trail.

Aleppo, the second day of the ride I am starting from the famous madrasa. First, the altar is a remarkable Madrasa Sultani other is going Halawiyya Madrasa known as the place where Mevlana take lessons. After two madrasas journey going into Aleppo Souk. I’m giving myself a warning before entering.


I know I still make purchases so as not to close my suitcase because I heard many compliments about this indoor market. No not in the market with a different air with different streets and inns. gold from clothes, silver jewelry, all kinds of carpet rug describing Aleppo There are many products here.

The first product I bought was the Aleppo soap 🙂 I also bought two rugs as well. They were for me. If I use my preference on souvenirs in favor of sterling silver jewelry.

Did I hurt inside I did eat yesem hookah unstable before or after shopping. But after dinner, enjoy the sounds more pleasant to the ear to remove water pipe. I’m eating the kebab served with sour cherry sauce, accompanied by Lebanese Ksara wine. I want the next one in the eggplant appetizer. I get enough of the taste is so great that only an appetizer for dinner.

Time too early, drinking water pipe in one of the cafes across from the Citadel of Aleppo. You can not have the opportunity to enter the nightlife. The next day I got up early, but I can say that Aleppo’s nightlife is not very mobile. There are several nightclubs and spend time in the bar of the hotel usually come here as a tourist.