You can find all shades of green cities in Turkey: Rize

Rize you can see hundreds of different shades of green, a unique place with the beauty and cleanliness of the food from the air. In particular, one of the most important places of mountain tourism and nature with people almost renewing this city, is among the most important tourism centers of the Black Sea. Especially with the advent of spring and summer, here’s your chance to see unique natural beauty. plenty of rainfall in winter and in summer rainfall continued at regular intervals, the plants and trees here which makes it more vivid colors.

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To be alone with nature and to visit Rize for those who want a peaceful holiday do not forget to add it to your list of places. historical artifacts in Rize, bridges, mosques built with nature. Black will experience more than the character of Rize and warmth of people. What do you think of Rize to go on the trip with the natural and historical beauties? Come on now, then we’re going to Rize.

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Fırtına creek

If you have a passion for nature and adrenaline, this is a place you want to live for you.Firtina’s 2 km away from the Ardesen. This is a very combative and streams haveapproximately 57 km in length. Releasing about water sports, especially not here I would advise the people who want to go rafting.

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This is because a lot of rainfall, I would advise you not to come, especially on rainy days here. The storm dumped into the creek at the end of the Black Sea. Therefore, you need to complete before pouring trails. in the region for it and you can get that information from rafting.

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Kaçkar Mountains National Park

If your hearing is not probably the famous Ayder. Rize Kaçkar Mountains that are connected to Çamlıhemşin National Park, is located within the boundaries of Ayder. National Park’s largest feature is not available anywhere else in the plant and animal species have been taken to protect and to host the world. Here in the year 1994 it has been declared a national park. deer for wildlife protection in the Kaçkar Mountains National Park, wild goats, pigs, jackals, bears and live in it like a lot of animals. lush meadows around the mountain, great lakes, and you can see the magnificent trees.

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Bridal veil waterfall

Nature, one of the most beautiful blessing, Gelintül flowing in with the rest of the wonderful natural and man seems to another beautiful waterfall sound of water. When you come here in spring and summer, you can not get enough of the course. The reason it’s called here Gelintül Falls waterfall flowing bridal veil to resemble. Located in the foothills of the Kackar Rize leave without visiting the waterfall.

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Sen bay bridge

History and nature meet in perfect harmony, and the Rize attracts first places worth seeing in our province. Şenyuva Bridge is among the oldest bridge in the region, built on the creek Çamlıhemşin storm. The total length of the bridge is approximately 40 meters. The inscription on the bridge, according to information I received from the local people lost in the severe floods in 1946. The construction date of the inscription says that 1699 is said by people here. Visit the integrated nature Şenyuva Bridge, you can watch the wonderful views over the square and immortalized with unforgettable memories.

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Ayder And Spas

One of the most important Ayder plateau tourism centers of our country; nature, freshness and relaxes people with clean air. Rize Camlihemsin this place in the district, lined with beech and fir forests and green cover the enormous beauty of the place like a carpet.


known by the local people in Ayder and Ayden transformed into a health center in 2005, Hot Springs, has become a place visited by anyone with healing waters. find healing in the countryside, I can recommend to those who want to relax in a place with clean air.

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Starts happening Plateau

This is the case with a height of 2240 meters Rize largest plateau. Kaçkar Mountains foothills there and be reached by car, takes place the first order for the mountain tourism. Also it has homes that are suited to the natural structure can accommodate Plateau. August and September are the best dates to visit the plateau starts happening. Plateau is done Vartevar festival in early September. You can choose to come here in September. Here you take your indoor air as you open the door of your house in the morning and when you stay, you will feel very rested.

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Cagrankaya Plateau

Rize on the Black Sea and in our country almost the paradise city. Rize’s an important part of mountain tourism in our country. Cagrankaya Plateau Rize is located in İkizdere. In winter when the snow is because a summer visit here recommendation ediyorum.çağranka Plateau is going to have some time in the fog crashed into a beautiful postcard image.

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Rize Castle

Fortress was founded in Rize to the southwest of the city center, the castle and down inside the fortress was built in two parts. Due to the intensity of the settlement down and no damage has been mutated castle. Rize Castle is located between the Great Valley looks quite spectacular. Although there is no clear information about the history of Rize Castle together, it is believed to be similar to the castle Trabzon made by the Byzantine Emperor Alexios between the years 1297-1330.

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Great Gulbahar Sultan Mosque

Rize mosque in the center is where the name of the neighborhood in its name. The mosque was made is not known exactly which year. This is one of the oldest worship center of the city and is said to have destroyed several times in history made. This mosque is having a rectangular shape, it has survived until today without losing its original structure.

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What to Eat?
It is not to hear the beans on behalf of Rize. When you come to Rize best beans, rice, rice pudding and you can eat the famous tulip consent roasting in the restaurant.

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After eating your meal you can enjoy when you do not dey drink tea in a tea to his hometown Rize. You know, London is quite common for sea fishing here. If you want to eat fish in Rize, you can visit the Falls Fish Restaurant. Here are doing all kinds of beautiful fish. But my advice is to eat haddock. Besides onions, corn bread and muhlaması here with a really nice venue.

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If you want to look each other in Rize taste the delicious local dishes, Sini visit the local food and breakfast place. Here roasted pickles, black cabbage, water pastry, trout cooked in butter and you can taste wonderful hazelnut baklava after dinner.

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How to go?

Rize like you can reach by road, you can choose the airline. Rize mountainous and here yet established an airport because it has a rugged construction. 70 km while the nearest airport to descend to reach the airport in Trabzon and Rize Rize transportation can make a journey. Rize If you want to travel further, you can rent a car from the airport


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