turkey in Sinop, a city in the sea

Sinop is the most beautiful shores of the Black Sea, blue and green combination reveals the almost işlerce to the depths of your soul. natural beauty you see when you come here to make you feel peaceful. local delicacies in Sinop, historical monuments and fishermen with nature also has a separate air times here.

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Sinop, takes its name from the Aegean have migrated from here. Sinope in Greek history, was the name of the daughter of the river god. Later the name was Sinop and Sinope have come so far. Sea, Sinop is waiting for visitors to the nature and historical monuments.

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Sinop Peninsula

Black Sea peninsula that juts Sinop peninsula, leaving from the fans with its magnificent views. You will immediately notice the fresh air and quiet when you come here. The most important feature of this peninsula is the most northern tip of the country. Turkey’s most northern tip Inceburun, is located on the northeastern tip of the nose where Boztepe Sinop city center.

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Boyabat Castle Graves

Boyabat Rock Tombs yet too much publicity, so not too many visitors. The height of the rock-cut tombs in the south-eastern part of the village of Salar Boyabat County 200 meters. the tombs carved into limestone cliffs is estimated that by Paflagonyalı. Our country still has to wear and feature that protects from the tombs, you can take a journey in the past by visiting the Boyabat Rock Tombs.

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Erfelek Sweet Falls

a very wonderful feeling to discover the hidden beauties of Sinop. Heaven is a part and which opens its doors to those who want to see just hiding, Erfelek Falls among beautiful waterfalls in the Black Sea. quite different and are enjoying a relaxing sound of flowing water in the form of step with other waterfalls. Erfelek Sweet Falls 28 units of various sizes consists of a waterfall. If you want to spend a long time in nature intertwined patterns from noise and stress, you can visit the lakes located around the waterfall. Also make camp here and keep the look of the lake is also possible.

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İnaltı Cave

Ayancık cave located in the district of Sinop, quite spectacular and have a structure affects people. İnaltı village took its name lies within the boundaries. The length of the cave 658 meters, approximately 300 meters of illuminated. Mystical and only 125 meters of the cave with a mysterious image was opened to visitors. The surrounding roads made quite regularly and escalators. You can visit the cave without getting tired easily when you come here.

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Sinop Archaeology Museum

Established in 1941, historical museum, issued in the archaeological excavations and artifacts reflecting the history able to see today. separate divisions that have been created in the museum available. Stone artifacts salon, coin section, a small icon finds room and lounge areas where you can visit the museum. Artifacts unearthed in the excavations are on display here in Sinop and to reveal what actually happened in the past. Local and sights of the museum visited by foreigners.

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Karakum Beach

To the Rehabilitation coast of Turkey, Sinop and the nearest other areas, it manages to attract attention to the cleanliness of the beach and sea. candidate to be a city holiday beaches with our Sinop province. Guzelyali Beach in Sinop, Yuvam Beach Swan Beach Mansion is unforgettable moments for those who choose Sinop Ayancık beach holiday. Karakum beaches here are among the most preferred beaches. Beach naturalness, protecting diversity and silence to speak. the lower floor of this beach looks a little different from the other beaches. volcano explosion in Boztepe peninsula, ash has covered the ground almost like a sand beaches. Beaches Sinop is located about 3 km away. If you ever go to this beach umbrellas, shower, you can enjoy the sun loungers and eating and drinking places.


Sinop Castle

castle built on the peninsula where the city of Sinop, built in the 7th century BC to protect the city. Rome until today, has been restored by the Byzantine and Anatolian Seljuks. Fortress walls of approximately 2,000 meters long, 25 meters high and 3 meters wide with. Evliya Çelebi mentions is that time travel to the five gates of the castle. The view of the castle will certainly soothe your soul.


Boztepe Cape

Boztepe Cape, a peninsula which includes the city of Sinop, where it is known by the locals as the nose Sinop. Boztepe nose was a candidate before, but the channel between the island and the land was shut down by the Anatolian Seljuks. According to information I received from the people here is going to be a project for the opening of this channel. Boztepe Burner is approximately 8 km long. the name given to the nose as seen through the Inceburun.

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Where to Eat?

Now when you come to Sinop most famous and I want to talk about their favorite places to eat in town by the people.

ravioli in Sinop, yes, you heard wrong. It makes a great space in Sinop ravioli, as well as fame went out of the country. When you come here necessarily taste walnut ravioli with yogurt bakın.mek the name of the aunt’s. It was fairly clean, which is brought by the fast and friendly waiters place your order.

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Local Menden herb soup, corn soup, chestnut domestic rice, Tas Kebab, figs numbing home baklava, rice pudding, fruit juice and molasses can enjoy the many attractions in Sinop. In particular offering homemade jams and breakfast places, famous impossible to find here.


Are you not to eat while you’re in Sinop Stuffed pan? This dish pan between the anchovies and a fabulous dinner with pilaf. Rotary and Akçabat meatballs in Sinop There are places that nice. One such place is the persistence restaurant. The location is quite clean and well maintained. I hope you are satisfied about the food you come to Sinop.


How to go?

As you can reach by road and sea routes Sinop, you can reach by air. If you do not want to spend a large part of your time in the road tiring, my advice to you the airline you choose.


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