One of the most beautiful areas of the Black Sea, Trabzon


One of the most beautiful areas of the Black Sea, Trabzon, lush nature, unique lakes, historical sites and the most visited place by tourists for its delicious regional cuisine. summer in Trabzon seen in temperate climates are very hot.

If you want to soak up the serenity soaking up the village atmosphere away this summer in the city, you can convert your route to Trabzon. Trabzon, the best way would be to achieve a fast and convenient air travel. The Black Sea can move on to finding cheap flights to this beautiful city. What to do when you go to Trabzon 5 for those who have put together a nice activity.

Trabzon Attractions

Watch for the Natural Beauty

Uzungol, Trabzon
Trabzon with alluring natural beauty of the region with the abundance of green and blue. Your first stop when you go to Trabzon, clean air, clean water should be olanuzungöl the legendary and impressive views. Çakırgöl addition, Sera Lake and Haldizen lake in the sights. Also Değirmendere, Yambol, Karadere, Koha, Sürmene, Axeman stream, but the stream Kalapot, Macka stream, the stream of Gaul in the city’s natural beauty.

Historic Sites of trip

Sumela Monastery, Trabzon

Greek Empire, the Middle Ages have made the capital of Trabzon, has attracted attention with its many historic buildings. Sumela Monastery, Trabzon Castle, Girls Monastery, Speed Elias Monastery, Hagia Anna (Small other rebels), Soth K. (St. John), Hagios Theodoros, Hagios Christophoros, Santa Maria, Hagios Mikhail, Fatih, New Friday, Nakip, Iskender Pasha Mosque, Bazaar Mosque, Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, Play Cave is one of the places to visit in the city.

Trabzon Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, the Atatürk Mansion, Memis Aga Mansion, Blackwell Ismail Aga Mansion, the house of Mustafa Topal Sarımollaoğl worth seeing in the city. Without the Atatürk Mansion, do not end your trip without visiting the Trabzon Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography.

Look Taste of Local Flavor

Kuymak (Setting), Trabzon Dishes

Trabzon cuisine is mentioned, the first food that comes to mind anchovies. Kale and corn come from behind. This material is prepared as bread soup with a variety of food. Kuymak made from corn flour, anchovy bread, cabbage soup, steamed anchovies, manca, nailing, mainly of rice and pickled anchovy flavor from the roasting of the beans made from Trabzon specific to loby. Gone prepared to return to Trabzon with anchovies and anchovies from eating delicious flavors.

Try Outdoor Sports of Trabzon

Garest Plateau, Trabzon

Trabzon indispensable nature lovers address one of the most appropriate place to try various outdoor sports. Uzungöl’de-Demirkapı can climb the climbing trails in the-King District, Akçaabat – Düzköy- Kayabaşı Plateau – Lishi Plateau, Trabzon – Araklı – Dağbaşı – Aydıntepe underground city – Demirkapı Lakes – Uzungöl’de
Çaykara can enjoy the Jeep Safari in Trabzon; Uzungöl Karastel Hill, Akçaabat Montenegro Hıdırnebi (Yaylakent) in front of and Dogankaya Cayırbag can paragliding.

One of the ideal places for trekking in Trabzon. Stove-Kulindağı Plateau, Figanoy Plateau, lychee Plateau, Haçka Plateau, Düzköy County, Caykara Uzungol town of Garest Plateau, Şekersu Plateau, you can go trekking in Hamsikoy Maçka district.Çatak, Kayaiç of Taşgeçit, Kestanelik is who, Kestanelik, propeller, mill output, the Araklı route where you can stop one of the best canoeing.

The Hiking Building

Rich vegetation and a nice walk in the fresh air with temptations Trabzon lush nature nobody says no. Lush trees, cling wrapped in flowing waterfalls walk you will feel much better yourself.


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