Olive oil museum in the Aegean coast

Would you like to have breakfast in an old historic place? Both of the busiest streets in the museum … in Akhisar for creating a new concept in this first historical museum heartfelt congratulations entrepreneurial spirit soul.

Huge high ceilings, a spacious building … without touching the historical structure has been restored and made available. On top of being used as an olive oil museum. What more could be asked …


Zeytinyağ işçilerine dağıtılan markalar…

Old oil cans … Just remember Taris. 🙂

They also sells olive oil. I love seeing and tasting different olive oils, especially in the glass bulb. The breakfast getirirlerk you already are using these oils.


The dining room was also a nice paper, I think. They drew the bottle’s technical picture. We really liked us.


Here you can see the breakfast. Currently, two types of breakfast on the table. The menu also rich in this knou. You can find each wire. first 2 regular sprinkling breakfast there and plenty on the table …
Jams, honey, cheese, olives, tomato paste, dried tomatoes, cold cuts they offer. They have very wide options. You give money around £ 15. If you remember the exact value is worth it … I’ve seen more ass breakfast broken …

Bagels menu is also available. you see flakes in the middle of the plate and contains next. (We also crunchy pretzels :))

Menemen middle one … we said 3 to 4 people breakfast, even increased. fresh orange juice as you wish at your disposal.








What’s next? Of course, cappuccino, Turkish coffee … Presentation is great. These plates have special getier from Urfa. You really feel yourself in the palace 🙂

You can also buy this cap cup set 55 tl.y to. Matt version there but I loved it, which is brilliant. It was a little expensive I would take decisive least 2 if cheaper.


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