He also got off a motorcycle .. That I’m not a motorcycle. I’m motorod attracts official 🙂 Did we take too long for me having to buy a motorcycle, what happens if we just say we were standing. Then, oh, do we get and we’re coming to the world karartık diyip eyes again. I think we’re not the best decision to be given. Because it is a different culture and pleasure, this …
 on our first trip, we decided to make a long-distance motor Bodrum advantage of the Victory Day.

We completed our journey with short breaks in Söke and Milas.



It was one of our holiday we want to have our affordable. We stayed at this luxury hotel rather than a cause without breakfast in the aparthotel. We also chose to stay in Bitez.

We left the hotel apartments also have a version of a regular hotel. I think it was a great choice. I would recommend this place to anyone. The lush, immaculate hotel.

About 1 minute walk to the sea. The hotel has its own café and lounge chairs on the beach. From the beach the rest of the hotel cafe also has a 10% discount.

The hotel is very nice and has a pool among the trees. We had 5 people in the same room. Price we paid $ 300 for two nights. Equivalent to £ 30 per person is coming.


Our first day was to relax in this beautiful setting. In the evening we went to the Restaurant in Bitez famous Bağarası.
The next day we wanted a tour of the basement. Buckling first place we went to. Buddha was an adventure in itself. 🙂
Then the nose Torba- Golturkbuku – Gundogan – we visited Yalikavak Gumusluk-shaped motor. I’m talking about 160 km around the track. It was very tiring but very arbitrary with a tour. Especially with the edge of the sea wind and the engine it was delicious, feeling the sun go.
I’ve always wanted to go to Turkbuku. I get to Golturkbuku been himself. I did not imagine that simple. More janjanlı I had hoped he would. He strolled around, see if we’re famous 🙂

I finally saw the Zuhal Olcay. I did not imagine that we met. I do not like to get a dog, scared out of my helmet with me, we met come true 🙂



The bridge separates the House of Commons, as I heard his side of the people. The public beach on the right before the bridge after bridge beach clubs there.

And what relevance the ducks 🙂

continue on the road … Gundogan …


etc. Yalikavak .


And he was famous Gumusluk … My favorite here …


Handcrafted in the market you can find original things.


History is conducted excavations on the island. You can go to the island over the stones.



bar in the basement was empty streets at night. Bodrum season if closing … We have filled the streets.


Famous basement handmade leather sandals is changing around £ 110.

The next day we came to the center to visit the Bodrum Castle before returning home in the morning.



Breakfast our Society Sailors like coffee in the corner before the castle did in the cage. very tasty bagels. Dinner can eat, you can drink your beer relaxed comfortable. Restorana cheap alternative to expensive solutions …



Bodrum museum entrance … you get the absolute Museum board, sir. Entrance to the museum is $ 20, museum board £ 30 …

We also have a new campaign to have maximum card. Your Maximum booked museum card business. If you are spending and the card from the device you are entering post-free. free for one month after you have entered all the museums. still going to need a month after the museum board. But if you do not visit the many museums, we will be visited at the beginning of a forty-year maximum card works.



The museum exhibits some lunch 12: 00-13: 00 closed from happening. You can visit the castle, but you gezemezs this exhibition. Be aware. Glass museum, shipwreck coins and Karya’l between the princess who closes the exhibition …


They portray the underwater archeology.


Old coins and coins are exhibited in the exhibition of jewelry, a slave and a soldier’s monthly and annual earnings the same. As you know something about this one for some reason bitsede Slavery …




Bodrum view from the castle …

Who out of the wreck ..



The garden of the castle



In the past I did not understand why the basement so popular. I think more inflated.

But when she saw the sea, he feels the history of the people understand why. The purpose of this Society is not people like you and me I told my subject.

Everyone eludes it in the sea is exactly the need to feel the sun in the basement.

Of course, I would recommend a visit of the tourist season closed :


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