Legend was founded in 1703 St Petersburg is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 3 times the name has changed (Petrograd-Leningrad Sankt-Peterburg). 3 saw the revolution. It was occupied for 900 days.

Peter the Great founded the city have been involved with all the childhood during the fight between his family and his father’s first wife, the mother of the family. Why was the death of his family in front of the eyes of the enemy with Moscow. Europe is the first trip to the tsar Peter the sophistication of Europe has tried to move to Russia. When installing more than 40,000 villagers and Swedes died on the St Petersburg swamp. In 1712 it became the capital of Russia. Czarina came in after they make further enriching the fashion center of the city.

He said Russian city of Leningrad in our time we were there. We used to subject us …

I think St. Petersburg to Moscow thousand prints. Ankara, Moscow and St Petersburg, Istanbul.

Nevski Prospekt, the main street of the city. In all the beautiful attractions already on the street. The hotel is here to say you found you had. Hit the streets and go straight up the river.

On the way you will see plenty of limousines. Russians love it mate 🙂

I said I came here I saw the familiar won the first cathedral. Ditto Turns really. Rome in St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican made the same guys that you know. You turn your head to the left a road crossing hopper off this massive thing, in an unexpected moment. 96 consists of column. more beautiful than the way the night 🙂

Singer, you immediately recognize that glass sphere over the building. Singer name may sound familiar. Once upon a time made for companies located in the corners of each household sewing machines.

Aniçkov bridge a bridge where the statues of wild horses and trainer. You can get out of here on a boat trip. Make a bargain. I was able to take very few pictures along the way I sleep 🙂

Yelisev delicatessen established in 1813 with ambitious peasant wine by the Yelisev Pyta shop. After the family chocolate factory, the property wealth of the family then have to walk in God or my servant. Current building was built between the years 1901-1903.

Charlie and the chocolate factory and a building exactly like the inside of the building. A lot of candies, sweets, going to look at the sleeves. It also sells luxury goods in the goods inside. In short, he says I try to wealthy pilgrims. Old cheese, caviar, smoked ham and sausages, etc …

Spilled Blood Church – Resurrection Church both in the same thing. 2. established where Tsar Alexander assassinated that same church reminds the church of St. Basil in Moscow. The longest tower of 81 m. and they put exactly 7000 mosaic outside the church. I think the Russians love this type of onion towers.

Isak square and cathedral opened in 1858. For Isak St. Peter the Great made birthday with corresponding feast day this cathedral. You can watch the bird’s eye view from the top city to go inside as mercenaries. Alone in the index, from the waist to the problem, I do not recommend to the elderly, such as pregnant women and my young-looking. One way or what was steep narrow stairs … 200 odd steps. Half an hour will hit so fast I could not come to myself …

During the Soviet revolution he served as a museum of atheism. I can hear someone laugh filthy dirty, very meaningful 🙂 See the official ceiling and iconostasis name vitaray …

Let’s talk about one of the world’s most famous museum, the Hermitage museum. You can say it as a kind of pissing contest of the Russian tsar. The British Museum, the British, the French Louvre Museum has got the Russian Hermitage. Hermitage is huge, going half-day trip with its huge and fast. I mean really fast then faster. Tick what you want to see on a map Private, take a look as the rest, if not possible, you can not leave here.

I highly recommend that you get your ticket in advance from the internet like us. Although we had to go early in the morning it includes as input. Advance tickets which are waiting for even rows. Hermitage does not joke !!
to be seen;

Most etkilyec portion winter palace. place where the tsar’s family until the revolution. etc … You can see the Tsar family rooms. Recalling the killing of people duygulanıyor.
Pavilion lounge room is mostly marble and gold peacock clock belonged to necessarily look Yekaterina’s secret husband.

The main staircase of the Winter Palace built in 1762. One of you to take a picture from left to right one descends 🙂

One of the most famous room Malachite room has more than 2 tons of decorative stones. Gilded doors and parquet are available.

The drawing room is a must-see Gold. Walls and ceilings gold-plated …
10-foot granite statue of Atlas 5 mission sees column. I also seem to say. It was very impressive.

Compare Rafello Loggia. Yekaterina Rafello the influence of the Vatican frescoes was built in this room.

Voltaire’s statue, Lenordo da Vinci’s “Madonna Litta” of Rembrandt’s “Abraham’s vow to” see n.

Let’s talk about what to eat part of the famous … you definitely will suggest a single address. Go here for sure you will not regret it. Russia can remember what comes to mind. Pancakes and caviar, of course … I was towards the end of the trip, I could not eat pancakes, I could not eat caviar have found this place when I mentioned vızıldark. Russian name with a lot of kind of consciousness called blini or pancakes and can eat here very cheaply. We lost ourselves officially …

u know Natasha is the Russkie

Address: 5-ya Sovetskaya Ulis 24

Another alternative that I can not pronounce the name of the venue is not written proposal and a restaurant. We have found the proposal so now I will describe to you. Fine, if you want a little luxury in the evening, with plenty of misguided view, you get a nice wine also says, go here absolute. Food and atmosphere was superb.

Won just walk in the street to the right of the cathedral, in the back corner you will see a large building. So stay right behind the cathedral’s cross. The building’s top floor, this restaurant is located overlooking the magnificent terrace.

That night we indulge ourselves a little bit. Overall we ate meals Thailand. But the menu is very extensive.

What else is done in Russia. It will visit the streets. Learn necessarily those funnymatruşka

Drink plenty of vodka.

Russia is getting cold in November. I was constantly flickering mode. In fact, even the oil profits. I did not feel my toes a break. But I get anyone to expect me to be resistant to cold and I live in such a place as one of Batman to Antalya. I drank constantly cold soup. Do not be limited with the Borscht, try the others.

Eat plenty of oily beautiful shot can eat during the fight against the body temperature.

Return happily to your home. Because to live well to visit Russia çoook cold !!!