What awaits those who want to go to Olive Rock Festival last year we told by our experience.
Most people love camp rock, and in August, begins preparations. Tickets are being received, the trip is planned, tents, mats preparing the eminent place … Balıkesir exits heading to Zeytinli`Y. Turkey’s best olives reputedly took the stage as the festival of the team Rock Festival, it offers what to let guests. Is it worth going to, Is not that worth? I will try my best to describe the environment as much as possible and I advise my own experience.

I’m talking about things that will be repeated this year, there’s no such thing. I went last year. Maybe better, maybe worse. You formed your idea Purpose head.


April-May, a group of friends “planning frenzy” containers. Remove one says, “or see that there is such a thing, it’s cheap, we will go to the evening concerts are a 5 day holiday What a nice job.” Wick is ignited, busily begin the research. Finally decided, it will go to Olive Rock Festival. Summer chief of staff explained, excitedly HRM folding.

Now before I begin the preparation stage. Zeytinli do not need to take many things in order to sustain your life. The number of days until the T-shirt, at least a little shampoo, sunscreen, insect medicine, you will be PowerBank charger and your minimum needs. If you set this bag you comfortable. I took a small backpack + handbag, handbag tent stood 5 days. I never use the Table of Contents. No need to summarize porter. Items such preparation work.

Let’s talk about the way the conversation. There are different options available. Where to go first, they have different choices depending on how much fun or painful the road will pass. We came intercity bus from Istanbul. We sit under way biscuits for full containers in which the refreshments we’re slurping a slurping. Vice festivalciyiz we looked at, we have no money, was sound. 75 going 75 kept coming 150 pounds. We went down to the bus station Akcay Zeytinli`Y minibus. He minibuses save lives. but it seems near impossible to walk from Akcay-Olive tired period. Mobile money or is it a separate course …

hitchhiking on the road are numerous. If you have a bit of an adventurous person, I highly recommend it. BlaBlaCar facilities there, something like hitchhiking or less of action. You meet the fuel costs of driving, you’re coming in to talk to the. They both seem to work. Edremit rich who want to come by plane at the airport in a taxi down to make the festival area. I do not know if there’s bus or van.


The festival’s type’s very clear. Otogardayk even more you understand it. Many already after the first day of the festival participants was traveling Akcay. It was apparent from the already well as pumpkin bracelet.

People’s attitude is very positive. People all year, the most money won in the period, that 5-day period. The attitude is very good for the festival. I talked with a couple, not from festival attendees are fed up with locals and tourists. “They’re human at the beginning of the festival’s general student or intellect, not tiring for us.” shaped.

Festival worst moment for us was the moment of entry. I went down from the van, we come to the festival area. 9 o’clock in the morning vicinity. The doors would be opened at noon I remember correctly. August heat, it can not proceed as a tent to fear. Already people as they left the bag, shadow shade find a place in the past. We also have bags tents left row, we passed the bottom of the wall. It was late or something goygoyl 2-3 hours, we estimate over half an hour. Then we look at the order’s happening in front of them a whirl. Just in case we bear, we waited to advance. Apparently they get inside before officers. Frustrated us, we’re back. Evening 6 could set up tents inside and right. Moreover, there was only the first day of the opening evening party, the day was empty. This year will be full for the first day, there will be a lot more crowded. I encourage you to be patient. Already waiting in queue, people go out of the house across the street festival participants are watering. Know what you are watering, hose and shower with clearance outfit. Do not worry, you are bone-dry half an hour.

If you are staying in the tent where the tent is very important. Officials did not show us something, we have established by our heads. But if you install the wrong place to come warn dinner the night or something, “no pilgrims here,” said nonsense they take elsewhere. They divided the way the camping area. I suggest that you set up a tent at the bottom of the road. Later in the head with beauty because many people are falling into the tent, eliminating the need for tents .. Not nice things. You must set up the edges of the toilet, your days will infamous smell. I would also recommend that you not setting much together, you have a high probability of tripping on the rope of the tent. We have established a tent from 4-5 to the corner of the way I talk about it. We opened the entrance of the tent toward the sea, was coming from the sea ice, albeit less wind. at least the night was blowing.

There is also the possibility of house keeping. You guys and gals in a crowded tent and you do not want to take home plenty of opportunities disgrace. Diary 30 pounds per person is coming home. You much more comfortable tented, but immediately expelled from the venue after the concert ticket without camping. While there are mornings in the camping area, it looks the way you throw them, and the house to the street.

The hotel facilities are there but the crappy hotel is 100 pounds per room, evaluated in a difficult position. 5 days remaining tent friend stayed at the resort in one of the crappy hotels I mentioned extend one more day, as the king came he said. Think you rest.

Do you have a tent, but you do not want to stand in the camping area, you have another opportunity like this. You can set up tents in their garden negotiates with the owners of nearby houses. I do not know the issues, but house prices eventually, clean toilets, clean shower, or something in safe hands the phone’s charge assessed.

Let us not meet the basic needs of the chapter on the environment. What are these, article by article, let’s examine:

Shower: 4 units in the concert area if I remember correctly, the shower had 4 in the camping area. After the first day I repented shower. The first day we go to the shower excitement given by the frustration he has suffered for everyone. First, the shower is in the beach showers. The cabin-style does not have a system. To enter the shower (I am speaking for the first day) as we waited about 20 minutes. Shower takes 2 minutes already, 4 ordinary about 150 people watching you. They plunged into the shower longer than 5 minutes there he would cut short, then you can not go into a queue to get a more complete shower.

Toilet: Too many people Aban toilet, but the first day of the next days, smells, etc. in terms of distress can go naturally. No light, the cabin you can not see where you are officially hired. The cabin was a friend of the range above the frequency of holding a flash.

Food: Feds not happened. Prices were eligible last year, this year I do not think too much time in the future. Plenty of choice, not very long queues. You can also dine comfortably.

Beverage: Beer cheaper than drinking beer festival attendees were already in the water intentions. 50 barrels last year was $ 8, I’m guessing that this year will be 10. Pentagram concert after the last day of the beer began to give than 5 pounds. I can say that in the last hours went like hot cakes. In addition, your ability to persuade the freebies you can get beer from higher officials. The first day I did not find water in the field until the evening, we experienced a lot of problems that we have entered in the first moments.

Phone charge: There charging station on site. Namely, they make a table, they recline a power strip, you can give the phone to charge 1 pounds. Whether wait for the beginning of the phone, or go to sleep in tents. But my friends found many phones have given back to their owners. One important note, the phone lock password, etc. 5 days into it. If your phone is lost when it is difficult to convey locked.

Sleep: This is a bit troublesome situation. Concerts (subject to change according to the latest group) ends the night with 1 to 4 and a half. At that time, it seems impossible to sleep go to the tents. People say stolen guitar on the beach, loud shouting etc. Plenty of noise going on. At the moment the dawn hours of sun noise. At that hour you sleep you sleep little, you can already go back to sleep, even if the sun does not sleep. We wake up every morning at 8 we sweat. Officially it became our email alert sun. It was said that the shaded area of 1000 square meters. Campgrounds in the shady parts were reserved for employees. We stayed at the Bedouin in the desert as we wake up sweating. It is impossible to enjoy the evening to sleep. You say in one of the cafes to go to a tea olive center, take 3-4 hours to sleep, you come back to the concert and drink your tea. We usually sleep in cafes and tea gardens. Very difficult to sleep in the tent.

that the environment in general. Let’s see now the main event scene fun. Is it worth it, not worth it?

There is a true; artists and groups waiting formally olives. 7pm so naturally less known than in the group, but even 45 minutes playing groups pushing boundaries. Without exception, these are in each group. Fine performances are unsure about whether you will follow. The evening’s performance even more bombs. Sebnem Ferah I am speaking for the last year, Teoman Duman, Hayko, they taught the true sense of the word heavy hitters like Pentagram. The crowd and the beautiful environment of the group who are jumpin ‘. Olives cut out for it.

We also have a situation like this. go to the concert separately for each group, (most indoor assume that) time and, as entertainment, as well as financially distressed. Olive Rock Festival has really surprised me about it. Inexpensive, yes. Good groups, too. Performances are good or very good. What else do you!

Olives to enjoy along with about 35,000 residents and the people in the crowd of about 10,000 tents Rock Festival concert will be the right choice. Yes, there are some difficulties, but fun as well at that level. You’re young, you’ll have fun. Maybe you take shortages there will be overshadowed by the entertainment that was our scoring. Every young person and I believe that experience must live rock lovers. It had to answer questions in the mind of this writing. Have fun!