Outstanding Geography Cappadocia Things to Do


Cappadocia is very special and valuable place for me. because no one else in the world. Erciyes, Hasan Mountain and Rose Mountain in the lava and soft layers composed of ash, with eroded by rain and wind over millions of years, the world no other to be seen somewhere interesting, and the beauty of the region emerged. This place is called the bugünkapadoky.

Cappadocia, which means Land of Beautiful Horses in the Persian language. This beautiful country has a geography unlike any you’ve seen before anywhere in the world. This is why the face is taking over the world by thousands of visitors every year.


Cappadocia Attractions

1 Goreme


Rose Valley; Located between Rose Valley and Cavusin Goreme, many churches, monasteries and a region where the habitat remains. Chimney rock formations in demand can be seen as the best trekking trails Güllüdere, an area approximately 4 kilometers long and can only be driven on foot. Three Crusaders Church must be seen Ayvali church.
Pigeon Valley; In Cappadocia, where there are intense Pigeon, A village dating back to the 4100-meter Goreme valley trekking with Pigeon Valley, is fed pigeons pigeon houses carved in the name slot in the name of the valley. watch pigeons, a pleasant place to enjoy the views.

Zemi Valley; Nevsehir-Urgup Road A village located on the east and north-south trending Zemi Valley is among the Goreme Open-Air Museum. 5600-meter valley between Goreme Valley with the beginning, suitable for hiking, one of the main trails. Cistern Church Hidden Church, Görkünder El Nazar Church and the Church of the places to visit in the valley.

Love Valley; also known as Bağlıder Valley, on the road, starting from Orencik Goreme Uchisar, Goreme-Avanos road ending in a length of 4900 meters. According to the weather conditions certainly suffered Ballooning valley, it is also quite convenient for walking among the places to visit Cappadocia.

Sunset Point; One of the most exclusive areas of Cappadocia, Goreme day to watch the sunset. Cappadocia, is an image of red sunset hours. Go here to finish the day with a nice view.


Cappadocia Uchisar, the highest point, is located 5 km from the city center. All Cappadocia region is built on the hill where the best panoramic course in town, also known as Cappadocia’s door. Uchisar, Cappadocia today of high-income visitors preferred accommodation center. Scroll through the historic streets, go to the castle, visit the souvenir shops.

Uchisar Castle


Cappadocia position with Uchisar allowing all places panoramic course to be seen in Castle Kızılçukur the summit, Ortahisar, Urgup, İbrahimpaşa, Mustafapaşa and Gomede Valley with Göreme, Avanos, Çavuşin, Nevşehir, a large geography from Chad and Erciyes can be monitored. this is another one of the most beautiful places of the sunset can be seen.

Kocabag winery

A village with a family in the village of Yesilyurt dependent companies engaged in engaged in manufacturing wine and vineyard Kocabag winery, a wine brand that is synonymous with Cappadocia. In 1972, the village home of the family that turned the rock mass in the garden a cellar began marketing their own label since 1986. within the first 5 companies in Turkey Kocabag, making many beautiful wines by grape variety rather favorable in the Cappadocia region in terms of viticulture.
3. Avanos



Goreme-Avanos Zelve, which is very close to the road and Pasabaglari Priests Vadisiolarak known Pasabaglari Places to visit Cappadocia, one of the most important place for me. Capped a valley of fairy chimneys formation of interesting examples can be seen. The name of the valley, which they use as a place of seclusion, the monks and the environment as the name suggests, surrounded with shops selling souvenirs.

Devrent Valley

Devrent Vadisi

Imagine Haunted Valley or the Valley, also known as Devrent Valley, is located in Avanos. while the other end comes to Kızılçukur Derventa one end of which is a structure in the form of valleys. The remaining middle section is called the Selve and Pasabagi. Fairy Chimneys in Goreme Located just 10 minutes from the valley many animals and creating silhouettes that can be likened to the human form. This should be seen in the famous Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys that appear with the famous camel figure resembling the Virgin Mary appear in the remote hands open chimneys nun.

Çavuşin Village

Kapadokya Gezisi Cavusin Koyu

Goreme-Avanos road, located 2 km from Goreme Cavusin, one of the oldest settlements of Cappadocia. The oldest building in the village, a region inhabited by the Christian community of dervishes and dated 5th century St. John the Baptist Church. Kızılçukur the 12 church located and Rose Valley are starting from the border of Avanos Cavusin. Crusader church near the Güllüdere also used as for defense against the influx of Muslim Arabs. The best place to stay Phocas Cave Hotel.

Güray Museum

Guray Seramik, Kapadokya

The world’s first and only underground pottery museum, the Museum Güray the region’s rich cultural heritage of thousands of years, introduces visitors from many parts of the world. Traditional pottery and tourists who come to the museum showcasing the history of the development of ceramic art pottery and they wish to see all the stages of pottery making pottery manufacturing themselves are experiencing. Cappadocia’s largest manufacturing and sales structure in the workshop of architecture, suitable for rock carvings in the style of a two-story underground city.
4. Urgup

Temenni Hill

Temenni Tepesi

In 1288 on the hill as you could wish for Vecihi a monument built for the Kılıçaslan found by Pasha in the Ottoman period are the two important tombs. The dome in the middle of the hill, previously used as Urgup Tahsinag Public Library. Erciyes Urgup and able to see the whole hill. The best place to stay Fresco Cave Suites.

Cappadocia Art and History Museum; Cappadocia’s history, reflecting the cultural and architectural features and collected from around the world and Turkey, more than 200 museums baby is exhibited, divided into thematic sections handmade dolls are offered to domestic and interest of foreign visitors with costumes and performed original arrangements.

Sobesos Ancient City; south of the village of Urgup Şahinefendi Sobesos ancient city located, is in the region called Orencik. By the middle of the 4th century and is estimated to belong to the 5th century structures Sivastik in, striking the Meander and cross motifs.

Turas The Wine House

Turasan Şarapevi

Turas Founded in 1943, the third generation is involved in wine-making in Cappadocia, one of the best business of winemaking tradition alive. The company cultivates grapes in their processing plant in Uçhisar, which carved a rock block of all their vineyards, including the top floor has a cellar tasting center. TURASAN white and red wines of the highest quality local wine grapes of Anatolia Kalecik, Chamomile, Boğazkere, orders, sweetly and made from Dimrit’.
5. Ortahisar


Better known as the cold storage Turkey, Cappadocia Ortahisar continued its unspoiled local village life, tuff rocks situated in the center of the village and consists of carved rock around the house. Before leaving the area of Christians left in Ortahisar examples of monastic life, Tavşanlı, Harum, Sarica, Cambazli, Balkan Stream Left Creek Monastery Church with Hallaçlar seeing. Cappadocia region, the village where the first and only life found in the Museum of Ethnography in Urgup-Nevsehir is located 1 km from the road.

The best place to stay Queen’s Cave Cappadocia.

Ortahisar Castle; The castle is thought the Byzantine period, among Goreme and Urgup. And shelter as well as with each other in connection with the strategic purpose built castle corridor, has rooms and tunnels. Can be reached by climbing to the summit of the hill Ortahisar Castle is an interesting looking and taking pictures from space.

  1. Selve

Zelve Vadisi

Avanos 5, Pasabag located 1 kilometer away from Selve, most of the places to visit Cappadocia. The steep northern slopes of Aktepe established, consisting of three valleys, the sharp and broad body of chimneys is the most intense. In particular, the Christians in the 9th and 13th centuries, an important settlement and religious Selve, a region that is also found in the monastery of training. The most important structures built in the pre-iconoclastic period in the valley Fish, raisins and Geyikli Churches.

  1. Mustafapaşa

Mustafapasa Kilise

Depending on the town of Urgup, Mustafapasa town that hosts nearly 30 churches and a chapel, as the population exchanges of 1924 been a region inhabited by Christians. Mustafapaşa Christians who settled in many places of worship, and she left, leaving the host with the indigenous cut stonework. In ancient times, in the name of Sinasos Mustafapasa St. George, St. Vasilios, St. Stephanos Church of Constantine and the Chapel of St Basil’s Church vehel it stands.

Arno Valley Hotel the most convenient hotel to stay.

Gomede Valley; Urgup-Mustafapasa way Stirrup Valley area near the place, staying west of Mustafapasa town. Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys less known than the other valley and the formation of the valley, which is relatively less, but more rich in vegetation, geomorphological point of view with flora similar to Ihlara Valley. Slopes of churches, monasteries and pigeon houses carved into the rock in the area consisting of St. Basil’s Church, you can visit other churches in the valley of St. Nicola monastery.

  1. İbrahimpaşa

Ibrahimpasa, Kapadokya

Grand Vizier Damat Ibrahim Pasha, the birthplace of Muskara the very notion of Ottoman pasha laid the foundations for today’s Nevsehir with his own development plans. Bridges, inns, baths, madrasas and mosques built in the village is the most important building of Damat İbrahim Paşa Complex. Ibrahim Pasha, Nevşehir, built between the years 1726-1727 by Damat İbrahim Paşa Mosque, mosque, madrasah, library, primary school, soup kitchen and bath consisting of a group of buildings. Leaded Mosque is high and is located in a courtyard surrounded by a thick wall and a building known as the Mosque of Ibrahim Pasha name. Today used the western gate of the mosque and complex of two arches intertwined, with tulip period architectural features.

The best place to stay in Cappadocia Cave Hotel El Puente.

  1. Ihlara

Ihlara Vadisi

The first settlement in the Ihlara Valley, the old name of Peristremma known to start in the 4th century. Melendiz Thanks to Stream 14 kilometers long and the area’s unique geological features forming a canyon at 100-200 meters depth, frescoed churches carved into rock, protected as a historical treasure on earth have survived not precedent. Cappadocia mention of the valley, which is one of the first places that come to mind, Aksaray Morphou District, the town of Mount Isa and Hasan remains on the mountain to the northeast. 40 Aksaray, Güzelyurt is this natural wonder of the 7 kilometers, the special gift of Cappadocia’s visitors.

  1. Underground Cities

the largest in Cappadocia, carved into the rock, except for cream and Derinkuyu Ozkonak Özlüce, like the Tata’s underground city.

Kaymaklı Underground City

Kaymaklı Yeraltışehri

Located 20 km from Nevsehir 8-storey cream in town, with a capacity of 5,000 people, a city where space is open to visitors 20 meters below the 4 times. B.C. built by the Hittites known the history leading up to the year 3000 the city, still moved in the extended process of carving the Roman and Byzantine periods. room and lounge are connected to each other by corridors in the huge underground city carved into the tuff rock, wine tanks, water cellars, kitchen and food stores, ventilation shafts, water wells, the church and the gates to prevent any danger that may come from outside takes place inside closed large millstones.

Mazi Underground City; Urgup is 18 km away, while the cream is located 10 km east Mazi Underground City Underground City, famous for its large number of tombs belonging to the Roman and Byzantine periods. name in ancient times the city from Mataza, has four different entrances. Both animals both excess and also one of the most spectacular parts of the city believed to have been built to be used in a very long time with the pressing room, the church reached via a short corridor and opened the barn to barn. The church apse are designed vertically, unlike cream opposite the chimney providing a secret passage to other parts. it was closed for most of the passages, bilinemes also spread to the area of the city, is thought to be at least as wide and deep derinkuyu and cream.

Kapadokya Baloon Gezisi

Gaziemir Underground City (Morphou); Morphou 14, which is 55 km from Nevşehir and Gaziemir Gaziemir Caravanserai Underground City and is located in the village, both as different from the other underground cities of Cappadocia and caravanserai hosts at the same time. The second example is considered of the kind made after the entry in the parade Boğazkale Hittite style stone overlay technique. Throughout history, Byzantine and Seljuk period in the middle of six caravanserai place used consists of a square and around the open room. Two churches, wine-making workshop and a large number of food stores in underground city where the wine cubes, plates, remarkable living spaces with animal shelters.

Slopes, or prepared by carving out room inside the chimneys are hosting people for hundreds of years. Due to the volcanic nature of the region and it can be easily carved rooms carved out of the way the stone cliffs, offers guests exquisite stay.


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