Culture, an important factor in shaping societies. Every culture creates its own traditions with experience in a hundred years. Ancient people since birth, many milestones such as marriage and death ceremonies and is known to form the core teachings of the faith. funerals One of the most important rites of passage in human life. But sometimes the traditions of another culture so strange and foreign income that you will be surprised when you hear it.

of the dead, only it is not merely a flesh and bones, rotting, the burial of the dead and gained them shelter in a mystical world, the dead go up to quite ancient times is the emergence of grave at the gateway to the nature of the world.

his immortality request all values that have created humanity stands out immediately. Implementing religious rituals of the dead and was the first live Neandartal people living between 250,000 and 35,000 years ago to bury them.

some parts of the world, there are some traditions that are applied throughout the generations of intellectuals around the world can come quite strange to the nature of other nations. Even today, women in India can still be burned alive with their husbands died, although not legal.

In Hittite, they burn the flesh alone is king died, their bones are oils, wash with fragrance They put a special container buried.

Madagascar is dead exhumed to resolve aspirations close to the deceased in a tradition of the indigenous population are changing the shroud.

If one of the Sumerian king or the royal family if the dead was a widespread tradition of human sacrifice to the dead. The dead person’s relatives, soldiers, wife, concubines were buried with the animals.

One of the interesting tradition of such Sagada Philippines with people once lived in China for the funeral of Boca mysterious people. These two public funeral to bury in the ground instead of burying their handmade hanging wooden coffin to put steep cliffs.

Despite the unclear where and how this tradition came from, various assumptions about the origin. While the funeral is considered high as they would be closer to heaven. The bodies of wild animals, with the idea to avoid damage by earthquakes or floods also are believed to go to such an application.

Luzon Island of the Philippines located in the mountainous areas in Sagada, hanging dead on the cliffs of the ritual continued for more than 2000 years as a tradition. Sagada surrounding the valley which is considered sacred, has found hundreds of coffins suspended on the steep cliffs.

This unique ritual held for elders and notables of the town. Before dying, these people are preparing themselves by it from its own hardwood casket. If you are elderly or sick to do it themselves is preparing coffins buried by their children or relatives. Mostly animal lizard’s weight or figure in the coffin lid of finding 150 kilograms.

pre-ceremony before the burial is done in 5 days. this time the dead bodies sangadil called mummification process which is a kind of rubbed with dead grass chair fixed firm is tütsüleniy. kefenleniy in the fetal position before the body is placed in the coffin prepared. The corpse dressing process, some of the bones to be placed in a coffin made to be smaller than the dead are forced to break the neck.

smoked to shroud corpses were repelled in applause by the tribe’s men naked from the waist up kakılarak is channeled in the town. Do not move the funeral shoulder this ceremony is believed to bring good luck. So close relatives who want to move the bodies continue to walk in the town in a continuous discussion with each other. If the infected person carries blood to the body during this ride believed it was good luck.

The body is ready to place the coffin, as the Echo Valley, with the help of wooden piers where the rocky steep cliffs, is secured on top of the gravel piles pulled up to 10-20 meters above the ground with ropes. After being placed in the coffin with the shroud was pulled rope body. If there’s coffin earlier if a family is placed on or near his.

Sagada people would prefer to be buried in this way nowadays normally held funeral ceremonies. Asia’s most populous Christian population in the Philippines with the latest hanging coffins funeral held in December 2010.

Not only steep cliffs also has hundreds of coffins lined up in some cave form. Lumiang the cave entrance, which is thought to be some 500 years, many of the damaged dozens of coffins stacked up to the ceiling off even seen. tourists who visited the area in the time they took some of the bone as a souvenir or gift.

Hanging coffins, Philippines Sagada outside the town, in China’s Sichuan and Yunnan provinces and also in Indonesia’s Sulawesi island. Present in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, 3,000 years ago, has created quite a brilliant culture Bo people have applied in this tradition.

paint the coffin used in funeral traditions of Bon People painted in Sagada coffins can be seen in not in use. Latest hanging coffins tradition of 400 years ago, the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) made up the middle and later period. Until now, the earliest discovered hanging coffins goes back 2,500 years. mysteriously disappeared from the stage of history and stop all this interesting painting art hanging coffins in the back of the Bo people.

Mankind for thousands of years in the historical process of social, cultural, religious, ethnic and political created many traditions. The resulting traditions that still gave direction to the society that created it. Such traditions we found strange is not correct to look at the geography. When we look at these ancient objectively not in any value judgment or prejudice it is not possible not to be caught up in the traditions of the fascinating mystery.

Is not it already on the road to discovering the mystery?