Mersin faith is home to rich places in terms of tourism. Silifke Aya Tekla Church in the history of St. St. Paul’s Teklak affected based on the arrival city.

Meryemlik also known as Aya Tekla Church, Silifke 4 km away. Who took refuge in the cave while propaganda to spread Christianity Tekla, this translates to a secret worship center. From the 4th century this building was converted into the church, it can be reached by stairs down to today. Churches around the baths, cisterns and city walls are among the places that attract tourists.

Aya Tekla Kilisesi
The entry of Thecla Church

Meryemlik becomes officially operational with the adoption of Christianity, a portion of the three-nave church dedicated to St. Teklak still standing. This part can be seen even from a distance, it allows us to have an idea about the whole church.

Konya (Iconium), a beautiful young girl with Tekla, Tarsus affected the preaching of Paul, polytheistic faith settles to abandon Silifke. This earns the hatred of the entire family, including in particular the renunciation Iconiumlu story. After accepting Christianity which are subject to a single miracle in his life, at Iconium and Psidia Antiochiası (Yalvaç), surviving Although city officials sentenced to death by the death thanks to miraculous improvements.

inside the Ayatekla

At the root of becoming known around St. Teklak period lies miraculous healing properties. The Saint’s reputation is known to improve the public as soon as possible goes back to Cyprus.
Polytheistic faith in God, and although withdrawal reactions due to the war against goddess Tekla, Sarpedonius of Iuppiter, he has managed to expand in the region of monotheism defeating Minerva.

Teklak show people the wonders of physicians becomes unable to work because they want to help young people to improve their hold money to kill her. in which the saint’s murder is believed to disappear from the cave.

Christian martyrs of the only woman in the world (martyr), also known as every year for Thekla, Orthodox Catholics organized the September 24 memorial day on 23 September.

After the pilgrims in Jerusalem in the 4th century AD, Spain way back in Silifke suffered a cave explorer encountered in the memories of that period the monastery is said to have a similar structure.

Silifke Museum is located in the Sanctuary of St. Thekla responsibilities, it is of interest that can be reached by going down the stairs cave Christians.

AyaTekla, Silifke
AyaTekla, Silifke

Silifke Accommodation

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Beaches, blue sea, Heaven and Hell caves, Uzuncaburc ruins, Asthma Wishing Cave, offering different alternatives to travelers with places like Silifke district, Aya de faith tourism with a single church is located among the places to visit in ettiriyor.mersin promised himself this religious structure a publicity will attract more tourists to the truth.