White wedding dress suits you in Istanbul ..


There also does not like, such as those who love the winter. Long nights, cold and discomfort of dressing in layers, sprinkle ser unable to sit outside with casual clothes like I could write a very negative ..
As we think; olmazmıy du boring if you think our country one season? For example, in Dubai, the countries do not have any winter on the equatorial line. There is no change of seasons.
We can live in a very special position in Anatolia four seasons in style. I think we need to give thanks. the barrage of snow, we overlook the contribution to the blessed land. When the snow wheat yields will be low and this affects the bread. That’s why we think the benefits of winter a little easier for us to love beauty.

The other is beautiful winter Sehr-i Istanbul. I looked forward to snow in Istanbul not so white was imbued. I photographed at the city’s center have. Istanbul’s ‘White Wedding’ s that I have witnessed again how nice it was. The ferry took the wheel from simitçi who enjoyed with tea, attracted a selfie behind the tram on Istiklal street in Istanbul with another nice taste abdominal browsing protect the city.

Although very little snow 3 days holiday that showed how a gentle city of Istanbul. Of course, the main reason why the city against a measure di icing on the roads this holiday. Kaka would be a true vacation.

Hailing a two-year profit would miss him to this city. I hope you enjoy my own viewfinder fitted ones.

Stay with love…

selfie suffering in Istiklal street ..


Mecidiyekoy Büyükdere street


Dolmuşçu are waiting out the cold in one çıkmayınca passengers ..


before boarding the ferry wheel taken from mobile vendors is done as you enjoy tea with the ferry ..


Galata Tower in Istanbul ferry profitable photo ..


Bagels sustenance to win it at the beginning of cold work for a living


Strait has been the accommodation of empty pier seagull …


Eminonu New Mosque and seagulls ..


Cold indicator of icicles formed.


on Istiklal street Kestane oil that he does not care about black …


a pair of draws Selfie profit photographing enjoy the heavy rain.


Istiklal street and a distinct pleasure to walk on the card.


a side street off Istiklal Street.



IMM Sarachane ornamental pool was the place to corner the seagulls from the cold.


The radiance of the sun in the evening light snow seemed more beautiful.

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