In Kiyikoy “Poppy time”

In Kiyikoy “Poppy time”
It was raining boşalırcasına the cup in Istanbul. Together with our friends were concerned when we go on a tour where the oil rain, we do not draw pictures he was still on the road even questions. Bender is the weather variables will wait at least breathe clean air in the rain trying to calm saying though. Throughout the journey it took this concern.

Kiyikoy reached When the Almighty Creator sesisi our duymuşca the clouds greeted sunny almost büyülendik.kıvrıml us seeing the sights of the kıyıköy’de.kartal tea gardens flowing into the sea flowing streams, magnificent beaches, had a beauty on our Kiyikoy expectations by green hills.

2.5 hour-long hike we were simply spectacular. I purposely chose the date as the seasons ‘Poppy Time’ I want to go to Kiyikoy. poppy field in the countryside searching for all kinds of plants with intoxicating scent of human impossible to describe the word. Nature officially offered us a festivel. Just a wonderful thing to have such a beauty in 2 hours drive from Istanbul.

the craftsman who made charcoal for our march, career rastladık.m the common buffalo herd in the region have received the yoghurt tasted yummy 🙂 Have a great beach estimates that Kiyikoy the summer crowds on the day we go to unable to enter the sea water does not Therefore ısınmamıştı.b 😦

There are many areas to camp in the Kiyikoy. Also a board is also available.

We live in one of the most enjoyable moments of the trip we got to the field and threw himself Poppy field mutluluktu.herkes photos were taken. At first there were replaced by fresh flurry of spring intoxication.

Kiyikoy a place to visit in all seasons, but if you go mid-May you can experience the joy of enjoying the more nature and spring.

Good ride on ..

Kiyikoy the view from Eagle tea garden
Kiyikoy livelihood mainly Fishing
impossible to describe the scent secreted by different plants from each other was amazing.
There’s a magnificent flora Kiyikoy
Because charcoal is also produced in a wooded area Kiyikoy
It was interesting surprises along the walk such as this cute calf 🙂
Buffalos an important source of livelihood in Kiyikoy. If you go buffalo yogurt, butter, you have the possibility to take.
They love the water so the latch.
Kiyikoy preparing for the summer beach crowd.
Kiyikoy freshwater flowing to the coast.
Kiyikoy coast
eye view of Kiyikoy coast.
Kiyikoy beach wetland area.
The navigable rivers in the pedalo.
Sokak köpekleri şirin kasabaların olmazsa olmazı.
Date Kiyikoy houses and bazaar,
Ferrets time in Kiyikoy
Poppy field

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