Mavrovo ski center, the capital of Macedonia, Skopje is located only 1.5 hours away. From our country in recent years, many ski lovers attracted address him, it is dazzling and impressive nature.

Mavrovo town which was built in a valley in the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia, is made up of small villages and houses scattered around the lake. Due to where the most popular ski resort in Macedonia, active in every season of the year’s tourist center. Mavrovo, unlike ridden destinations of mass tourism, quiet and offers a peaceful atmosphere.

Mavrovo Kayak Turu
Mavrovo Ski Track
Mavrovo ski center, spread over 73 hectares along Macedonia’s western borders, is the largest national park in the country is located in Mavrovo National Park area. In Shara Mountains national park area mountains and Pindar prominently covered with pine forest, has 52 peaks of 2000m high.

In 1953, the valley formed by the accumulation of accumulated rain water artificial lake Mavrovo Mavrovo Lake, one of the other exquisite views of the ski resort. Situated 1,220 meters above the Mavrovo lake, 12 km long and covers an area of 13.3 square kilometers and 3 kilometers wide.

Mavrovo Ski

The recently renovated lifts and lifts with capacity increased Zare Lazares the ski resort, overlooking the magnificent views of Lake Mavrovo, a total of 5,700 meters and consists of 3 11 Lift Chair Lift. Ski center with a capacity of 11,000 people, offers the opportunity to ski at an altitude between 1255-1860 meters above sea level.

Mavrovo Ski Center

Mavrovo Ski Center

In the real nature and landscape with a unique, well-crafted tracks consisting of 6 themes, suitable for beginners up to advanced professionals. Alba and the trails in the beauty category Nordisk will love the hearts of experienced ski adventure.

Chair Lift and music in connection with runway lighting as well as being very attractive. According to the weather and track conditions 19: 00-22: 00 are provided the opportunity to ski at night.

established very close to the ski pistes hotel is located at 1250 meters. All season Turkish provided services can be obtained through your hotel or ski services without difficulty. party held in Macedonia with the famous music groups from time to time also adds color to the ski resort.

Mavrovo Climate

Mavrovo summer weather is hot and dry, cold and rainy in winter. The average moisture content of 81% in terms of oxygen-rich air. The highest temperature in August was 30.9 ° C, measured as the lowest temperature -23.4 ° C. The Mavrovo Valley lowest -4.5 ° C, with the highest temperature is 17.4 ° C. What I found at the end of December, there were sunny.

Mavrovo Kayak Merkezi
Mavrovo Ski
Mavrovo how to get there

Turkish air and road as well as Pegasus, holding scheduled flights to Skopje. When reported to the ski center Mavrovo, Mavrovo Skopje airport-shuttle service can be provided if desired. Meanwhile, Macedonia’s visa stated that I want.

Cheap ski holidays, offering transportation, accommodation, transfers and tour packages offer the Skipass including Mavrovo Ski Tour packages can be economical. Browse the site for the tour Macedonia, do not miss if you catch the appropriate tours. Balkan tour are among the cheapest overseas tour.

Mavrovo Hotels

Mavrovo Hotels are easy booking system created by Turkish and offers secure booking facilities. I advise I can give about 3 hotels in Mavrovo Ski Area; Bistra Mavrovo Hotel (4 *), Mavrovo Lodge Hotel (3 *), Mavrovo Sport Hotel (3 *). My stay at Bistra Hotel jacuzzi room was fine. They also had dinner and breakfast was delicious

Mavrovo Otelleri - Bistra Hotel Restaurant
Bistra Mavrovo Hotel Restaurant
Accommodation services that Bistra hotel’s pool and sauna ideal to relieve the fatigue of the day. delicious cuisine Macedonian cuisine is served in the restaurant fireplace. You have been able to find quite fond breakfast here and brewed tea. Turkish tea and Turkish coffee in addition to being well served.

Moreover Turkish guided Ohrid extra for those who wish to spend time skiing, except for the Turkish guests – Bitola (Monastery) – Skopje, Macedonia is closely organized tour with sightseeing can be diagnosed. Situated in Epinal Casino Casino & City tour in the city of Bitola as an extra if desired also be held for those interested in games of chance.

I highly recommend that you visit the page to learn more about Bistra hotel. Mavrovo Tükçe information can be obtained from the page for Ski Resort.

Other places that can get there from the Mavrovo

Galicnik; also known for its traditional customs Galicnik weddings performed in traditional costumes (Galicnik), it is located 17 km from the Mavrovo.

Üsküp, Makedonya
Night in Skopje, Macedonia
Skopje; Macedonia’s capital Skopje, Vardar River, built on two coasts. History of Ottoman settlement, the city is located 100 km from the Mavrovo. The city’s landmark, the 13-arched stone bridge and the Old Bazaar (Turkish bazaar) among prominent place.

Ohrid; Those who wish can go with the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ohrid lake with daily tours. founded on the shores of Lake Ohrid, the town is small enough to visit daily with original architecture.

Ohrid, Makedonya
Ohrid, Macedonia
Tetovo; Macedonia is the 3rd largest city of Tetovo other cities to be visited. Tetovo city where the population is mostly Muslim, know as Tetovo.

Macedonia is among countries without a visa, economic skis are seeking opportunities to address the review Mavrovo Ski Resort during the winter season gives all team, which includes the services of assistants who speak Turkish. Mavrovo, whether in the winter semester breaks and holidays; One place where you can enjoy a winter holiday wish Valentine’s Day romantic ski lovers who want to enjoy skiing.