Shell amending a City: Skopje


Macedonia’s capital Skopje, Vardar River, built on two coasts. Macedonian language Skopje called the city, a place where we feel unfamiliarity with historical and cultural features.

In 1392 the city joined the Ottoman lands, had been a time more than 500 years of Ottoman rule. In one side of the Albanians and Muslims live, live Orthodox Christians on the other side. Therefore, a large number of old Turkish bazaar part of the city can be found on the Ottoman monuments.


Skopje: Skopje 2014

Past state resulting from the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Macedonia 20 anniversary of its independence in the past year (2011) was celebrated. Since that day in the capital Skopje, a complete change and transformation. This sort of frenetic construction and reconstruction of city air. from Skopje 2014 project conducted by the state, city tourist point of being developed, in other words, re-created. splendiferous bridges that seem to overlap with the city’s texture, pools and bronze and marble sculptures of the city serpiştiriliy.

Skopje 2014 project if the city has become a theme park. 1963 earthquake in lost history table I saw the revitalization of heritage is said that if it does not prove much. Macedonia Square is the best place to observe this change.


The city’s landmark, the 13-arched stone bridge and the heart of the city where the bridge connects Macedonia Square. Many of the squares is located in the heart of the European cities, but the 18,500-square-foot Macedonia Square erected a large number of new sculptures so remarkable. to commemorate 20 years of Macedonia’s organization made in Florence and was completed in September 2011. Mounted Warrior Statue rising in the heart of the square.

This is the largest square in the city Perched at the beginning of this milk rising 22-meter sculpture actually represents Alexander the Great. However, the Macedonian government formally have to say this sculpture warrior on horseback. Indeed, together with Greece, the time of Alexander the Great (Alexander the Great) full ownership of an irony considering their costs they are not called by that name because of the problems.


As far as I can say there are more than twenty sculptures around Macedonia Square. Therefore, Skopje, also known as the City of Sculptures that sort. National Struggle Museum (Museum of Macedonian Struggle) and a triumphal arch rises (Skopje Triumphal arch) here. Besides, the new foreign ministry building, a new constitutional court, a new archaeological museum, new national theater and other new buildings are rising around the square. Each “new” begins with the words.

new bridges over the Vardar River was also added to the project. Eye Bridge and the bridge called the Bridge Art made so gaudy, bayıy human Besides the old architecture that simple.


All of these “new” we spent a total of more than 560 million euro budget to do the work. We can see the project entering into force of spoken digits how much deviation from the budget allocated 80 million euros we thought it was. This figure, though perhaps little need for Turkey, but gross domestic product of $ 20 billion and the World Bank a country located at the center of national income down according to the definition.

In 2011, GDP per capita is 10,112 dollars pleasant country gerçekleşs not be counted as a rich country (Turkey $ 15.137 $). We are talking about a place where the population of just over 2 million.



I asked what they thought about the project to locals I met in the country. He likes some of the visible face of rapidly changing as these other attractions of the city, some in full riot with the idea that if it is not already squandered money.

Unemployment and poverty relief will be given to projects that I hear most often thought of TEP old. However, architects are often brought to the language they’re comfortable with the design of the project.


Skopje’s new neo-classical magnificent building leaves a taste in doubtful taste of people, like a little unclear what happened. Still, it was a city that I like Skopje. a cause beyond doubt that there is a big influence of the people I met this one.

Macedonia’s capital Skopje eventually manage to surprise the stance outside the ordinary people. Millions of dollars invested in the “new” was winter when I saw Skopje, but maybe summer is the period of vitality and offers a warm atmosphere with green maybe more, who knows!


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