Our wines trial continues !

We have developed a new pleasure with my wife. We are working on this issue is stale; We love to discover new wines to determine grapes. I want to come out one day in 1992, Merlot or Pinot Noir buddy rather than the Riesling grape residue say that I love you more than I want to enjoy light and acidic.

I knew the moment we can only say, and I’m so glad 🙂

I’m white winemakers. Red seems to me very sludgy and heavy. Riesling grapes such as Pinot Grigio or the Alsace region is full taste of my mouth. I close this reason a Riesling or Pinot Grigio every time I found. Unfortunately I can not find a good Riesling in Turkey. Therefore, if I come across the shop I usually get free or Germany. You should see me alone, that is full of hands and arms in German and I’m like, I’m missing a green feathered hat.

Pinot Grigio is bought from the bottom you will see METRO has a very affordable price. In fact, I’m white, but I got back he can see the writing on the Rose … you have to pay attention to Blush post. He obviously did not understand that part, by a slight jaundice, dark pink as normal, but … I can not say that a search for this topic anyway.

The revenue to taste fruity, slightly acidic taste. drinkable cheesecake to cool off or even alone costs next heavy meal. It goes like a movie you will not tire of wine with water. Bottle ends, you You will not.

Italian pink wine, described as fruity and elegant.
We drank in appetite accompanied by a film as you can see below.


I am not a wine expert, palate, and I’m trying to improve myself. Wines are one of those beginners like me welcome our lesson. Opportunities will tell you, whenever I liked wines.

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