Avatar Scenes As a Location: supertrees


Singapore, “Garden City” or “Table Garden City” is known also by name. Despite having a very small area, more than 47% of all land in Singapore consists of green space, in the name of beauty to the theme park will turn the head of those who have often been highly praised.

Places to visit in Singapore after the Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the places of most interest to tourists Gardens By The Bay, I can say that was where I saw the most excitement.

Supertrees Night

the owners and come to every shade of green they will cause them to feel in a different world up with an interesting design Gardens By The Bay, “Plants and People” and “Plants and Planets”, including two designed on the main theme.

Singapore Gardens By the Bay

Garden Supertrees

 Numerous themes as the most notable occurred in the Gardens By The Bay designs “supertrees” called the giant trees.

This super trees offering shade needed for other plants in the theme park area, as well as the absorption of sufficient sunlight for photosynthesis task order, allows the collection of rainwater. Thus enabling them to irrigate crops in the area are serving rather as part of the environmental ecosystem.



The height of the tree, which the central parts of the park between 25 and 50 meters. Thanks to the completely artificial air bridge between these structures can also visit the hill magnificent gardens.

Supertress Singapore

A total of 18 bridges between the super tree through some, a bird’s eye view navigation can be done in the garden. $ 5SG of money in the lift can climb up to the top of one tree. Is there a bridge between the trees being able to watch spectacular scenery on foot.


Singapur Gezilecek Yerler

Bu ağaçlar geceleri olağanüstü büyüleci bir manzara sunuyor. Burada bulunan süper ağaçların akşamları “OCBC Garden Rapsodi” adı verilen ışıklı ve müzikli muhteşem gösterileri kaçırılmaması gereken etkinlikler arasında yer alıyor. Günbatımı sonrasında sergilenen bu ışıklı ve müzikli gösteriler ise tam anlamıyla hayranlık uyandırıcı. Klasik müzik ve ışık gösterileri ile çok hoşuma giden Garden Rhapsody, her akşam saat 7.45-8.45 arasında düzenleniyor.

Singapur Supertree

Sunulan klasik müzikler; Memory (from “Cats”) by Ethel Yap; Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (from “Evita”) by Frances Lee; Try To Remember (from “Fantasticks”) by Dwayne Tan; I Dreamed A Dream (from “Les Miserables”) by Tong Miin; If I Were A Rich Man (from “Fiddler On The Roof”) by Joshua Jonathan Lim.

Gardens Bay the Bay

which houses a magnificent feast plants in indoor and outdoor areas Gardens By The Bay, can be visited every day between 5:00 in the morning to 02:00 at night. Nevertheless, it is useful to check the website before going to the visiting hours of closed areas. When I visited I was off in the evening at 21.00.

Singapore Airlines has flights scheduled each day of the week is holding between Istanbul and Singapore. For a unique experience Gardens By The Bay and supertrees should be added to the list of attractions in Singapore.


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