Waterfall of Tarsus and Roman Tombs !


Tarsus is not only a surprise place in the history of man with nature. Located in the heart of the city is almost like having a beautiful waterfall Tarsus not have a chance in each district. This is simply the name of peace in a place like overlapping heaven.

Located in the east of Mersin and worth seeing waterfalls formed by the river Berdan a beauty. It turned into a living area with a very powerful waterfall that spilled from a flow of Tarsus approximately 5 meters. Restaurants, tea gardens, monitoring points, bridges … Virtually, watching the young and the old waterfall.

Tarsus Şelalesi

Tarsus river by river or Ancient Arabs also called Abbasi Kydnos Tea “cold water” meaning given the name El Barada, this has changed over time as Bera. About 5 meters high in Berdan River flowing waterfall, Tarsus distance of about 2 km.

Tarsus River about 142 km long. important role in the emergence of Bolkar Mountains arising from sources fed tea with Cukurova Delta plays. Cukurova after the river which flows into the Mediterranean was an important factor in the establishment of Tarsus.

Tarsus Selalesi, Tarsus

Tarsus şelalesi nerede

In the river bed to flooding was replaced by Tarsus Falls are formed. History of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in time melted snow in the Taurus Mountains and the city of Tarsus creek flooding caused major damage, bridges collapsed and people died. Tarsus stream to not be seen again from flood damage bed changed.
Roman period before Jüstünyen river necropolis can be easily shaped carved in this new mattresses (cemetery) was used as. Tarsus creek bed new rock tombs dating back to the Roman era rock is soft to withstand the flow of water has been mostly destroyed.

Nevertheless, in the summer, if you go when the tide recedes able to see the Roman rock tombs. When I made my visit in the spring when the snow melts each of Tarsus cemetery could vaguely be selected.

Tarsus Şelale

Even waterfall that feeds the river in the summer of resources that quickly reached the waterfall Taurus provides continuous stay cool. So it attracts the attention of the living environment in the sweltering in the warmer months.

Especially in the spring when the highest flow waterfall offers spectacular views at sunset and sunrise on the day it falls.

Selale Tarsus, Mersin

He usually brings bad luck according to legend, the water of the river known as the Berdan healing. History can not be recovered as pneumonia and died soon after washing is said that Alexander the Great in the river.

Once that is known to be buried in Tarsus he died of pneumonia and then washed again to find cures Caliph Mamun in waterfalls water.

Tarsus Waterfall

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Adana, Mersin 25 while Tarus our county center is located about 28 away. Quite easy to reach from both places. Tarsus Saint Paul’s Well and Saint Paul Church in Tarsus, Tarsus Falls, Solin Ancient City, Yumuktepe, Heaven and Hell Caves, Aya Tekla Church, Kanlıdivane, to visit as many regions as Uzuncaburc and historical places of interest.



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