Camping in the rain !

Everyone complained in recent days because of the rain that falls on the weekend. Rain in the camp … I got caught in torrential rain for the first time recently. All day looking at the dark sky “hope is not fat,” I said, but in the evening at 17:00 starting at 22 hours of rain showers creeps camp saw how that works out. Though I did not complain at all, but rather had so much fun. I could not light a fire for not the right of the dinner. I spent the night in tents cookies. I was unprepared for the hungry, but I do not regret I had 🙂

Your first option to be freed from the camp in the rain to get going is a chance of rain 🙂

I’m taking a risk, “the rain come down, if necessary, blessing” would pay attention to these issues;

Camping in the rain

  1. A received your awning

very enjoyable to be in the tent in the rain to stop but can be tedious hours, with a chance of rain for the year if your awning or a tarp between trees so you can enjoy the stretch of rain

Note: the burning gas fire come under the awning, can cause damage.


  1. Keep a trash bag

Different sizes would be great. Both your goods, you can protect yourself from both wet. I do not say I spend garbage bag over my head, you can save the day when you do cut oversized raincoat under heavy rain.

  1. Waterproof clothing

There are all kinds of waterproof clothing in today’s technology. Shoes, pants, etc .. but at least on a Mac If you do not work. In particular, never wear cotton. Both absorb water, dries and late.

  1. Keep yourself warm

As far as possible without straining your chances when you get wet very quickly go to a dry place. Such as tents, and was founded in. Especially dry your hair. You may not be aware that you are cold and you can be patient with the excitement of rain. No one but the rain does not want to be patient as well.

  1. Whether your wood dry

superior bag of wood you collect during the day if there is a chance of rain, garbage bags, etc. with a covering to protect. Enjoy sitting by the fire in a light rain is very different. You can continue to flash fire or rain showers.


  1. Games are important

If you are tired of listening to the rain and stuck into the tent; Taking along scrabble, you can spend time by playing games such as paper.

  1. Newsprint

Light rain soaked kindling and small twigs in that, that paper will ignite fairly quickly will facilitate your work.

  1. Turn Rain water

If you need wherever you are staying, you put a bottle of water flowing under your roof, container, etc. you will return as drinking water.

  1. Lightning attention

Turkey is not seen too much but you still get your counter. Try to be in a lower position you are in and around the long, stay away from under the big tree.

  1. Be careful where you set up your tent

Slopes, waterways, pits where rain is always dangerous and may lead to your getting in the water as well as tent. Beware, waking up in the water.

  1. junk food goes well

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