Antalya is a passion !

Antalya’s historic beauty, nature and cultural heritage is one of Turkey’s most developed tourism cities. Beautiful geographical structure and favorable climatic conditions in the winter months from April until the beginning with all domestic and foreign tourists, offering the ideal holiday opportunity for the city, a 24-hour live has a structure. National parks, rich historical ruins and award winning marina with the case of the pearl of the Mediterranean Antalya, towns and holiday resorts is the most important city of the state of the Turkish tourism. The city began to be established in the year 2000 before Christ, cradle of many civilizations respectively  Seljuks and finally the Ottoman Empire and remained finally to the Republic of Turkey. There are many attractions to be made on a trip into Antalya. These Perge, Kaleiçi, Olympos and Aspendos ancient city, Karain and Kocain Cave and the surrounding highlands, Duden Waterfalls, Altinbesik Cave National Park is, Canyonlands National Park is, may be listed as the Kursunlu Waterfall Natural Park is. Antalya, with surrounding counties also carries tourist importance. These include: Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Manavgat, is Sir



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