Turkey’s most historic homes registered with the town of Ayvalık !


Ayvalık, if it was hidden goodies in their hosting place for me. On each visit him and I’m learning new things about the richness of sensational. Some of you know maybe you are, too, but for me each of these riches, this cozy place not only for our country, to do something of value for the world tourism attraction.

For example, a robust olive oil flavor exclusive remedy, for example, more than one hundred and fifty appetizers and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, such as centuries-old historic houses and added to the original architecture and list more and more. before the eyes of this beauty that allocates time by knocking him Ayvalık.

How Ayvalık a place Tanıyalım

  1. district has registered to Turkey’s most historic homes

Ayvalık Hakkında Bilgiler


In the past, a place where the Greeks lived in Ayvalık, has more than four thousand homes can be called historic. garlic Ayvalık region-specific pieces made of stone home in 1860, even The patented. most records have secured our place in this respect historical home country. Bay windows, wrought iron, beautiful elegant doors from each other, each with processing in the pediment deserves individually photographed. Go get lost in the streets of Ayvalik!

2. There are 22 islands scattered in the Aegean Sea

Aegean has the full 22 islands scattered like emerald stone in this beautiful region. C Island maybe we know best, maybe we can not say more of a second-a man’s name, but there lies the beauty that’s so. The richness of our marine life attracts divers every year here. Let’s start exploring this region with trucks not diving, even boat.

3. Turkey’s largest nature park

Ada Camping, Cunda, Ayvalık

Ada Camping, Cunda ısland, Ayvalık

Turkey is the largest nature park Ayvalık Islands Nature Park, known as the Ayvalık Islands 22 islands covering 20 and about 18 thousand hectares, including sea spreading. Mediterranean in only one area of the park is still here with Coral Red in two places. What exactly does it mean here in this region of natural beauty, it reveals. Sea, underwater richness of large and small islands, lush vegetation.

  1. The most delicious olive oil produced in this region of our country


Ayvalık Zeytin Müzesi

Ayvalık Olive Museum
Northern Aegean is the first that comes to mind olives, olive oil Ayvalık mention of the first that comes to mind at work here. In this land there are more than 1 million 750 thousand olive trees. throughout the history of olive oil obtained from the olive trees here have formed the most unique characteristics of this region; a live commercial life and commercial products derived from the olive and the ensuing recognition. Crockery our work sweeten the most delicious olive oil is obtained from Ayvalık.

  1. One of the places with most appetizers of the Aegean cuisine


Ayvalık Yemekler

Hope Cunda Restaurant
Ayvalık and its environs made from herbs grown according to the season and seafood entrees face has more than fifty varieties. Greek nature and the delights of Turkish cuisine blending culture, especially in restaurants in the Cunda Island, served with olive oil Ayvalık unique. If generously offered by fish and seafood of the sea, enjoy the skillful hands of raki-fish-Ayvalık olmuş.c also an integral part of the more than seventy Hope appetizer at the restaurant waiting for you.

  1. Turkey’s first and longest bridge in the first Bosphorus Bridge
Ayvalık Köprü

C Island of love and Necdet Kent Library
Ayvalık, since 1964. Turkey is connected to the mainland by the longest bridge in the first Tulip Island. This tiny island in Ayvalık largest of 22 islands in the bay to the island of C connected with Turkey’s first such bridge.

  1. New çarohor Have you ever heard the name?


Yeniçarohori Köyü (Küçükkuyu), Ayvalık

New çarohor Village (Küçükkuyu) Ayvalık
We even heard the name of our country, which is almost lost historical and cultural values have numerous village. Some of them are trying to be revived by the project creator. One of these is 10 km from Ayvalık in 1462 Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, established as the janissaries of the settlement with the receipt of Lesbos Küçükköy, ie Yeniçarohor formerly. Ayvalık a peace disparate inspiration to artists, landscape and sincerity, so that Turkey becomes the new art and design means that over the village. Located in the village historic homes, art galleries, designer boutiques, gourmet restaurants, lounge and jazz venues turn into a boutique hotel. Go look.

  1. The world’s best pine nuts


Kozak Yaylasi, Ayvalık


Bergama Kozak Plateau side, the other side stretched up to Ayvalık. Ayvalık 20 km away in the pine forest, a completely different atmosphere, a different peace. More than sixteen large and small village located in the lush region that is one of the world’s most delicious and unique product weight produced pine nuts with $ 150. 5 million to more than 800 tons per year from pine tree nuts, such as meeting the needs of 80% of the country is being exported abroad. With a tremendous view of the plateau no match in Turkey. To jump the bike, go to jump from the vehicle involved in this unique environment.

  1. A splendid history
Saatli Camii (Ayos İanni Kilisesi), Ayvalık
Hours Mosque (Ayos Ianni Church), Ayvalık
Ayvalık once was one of the Aegean where trade is most active. Soap and olive oil factories, bonds producing delicious wines, which can be seen all over town saying wheat produced in the old mill, which has an enviable location on the Aegean coast. Coast along with the establishment of the consulate allowed to harbor the UK, Norway, Italy, Austria-Hungary and France had representation here. It expressed as a major contribution to cultural development; philosophy, philology, logic, physics, mathematics courses offered Ayvalık Academy was founded in 1803. Today you can see while visiting the magnificent historic houses Ayvalık streets echoed to the wealth of tradition that occurs here.

10th place with historical heritage for present

Taksiyarhis Kilisesi, Rahmi Koç Müzesi
aksiyarhis Church, Rahmi Koc Museum
Once the CA serving the Orthodox Christians in the region that Taksiyarhis Church lsland today Rahmi Koç Museum of the steam model of the toy with the name, time measuring instruments, ranging from baby car accept visitors with its extensive collection. CA is still the most beautiful scenery on the island, revealing the historic Windmill, serves today as the favorite and Necdet Kent Library. Take a look at the history books go, your tea in the cafe to enjoy the view C, remove drinking your coffee.

Go this summer or Murat Reis Ayvalık Hotels Ayvalık Hotel Macaron thick, yummy yummy Did you go to Istanbul Pensions Ayvalık you also will force my budget. Date navigate step by step in the streets, especially photos of doors and windows.

“We’re doing the best coffee in Ayvalık,” said Kvci taste of your coffee at the cafe and chat with Junkman shop right next door Hasan uncle; Offering the best dishes you hungry Pasha corbacI Fill up; Uno Restaurant in town especially to eat the delicious Italian pizza, taste wines.

Lived briefly in Ayvalık!


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