Positano Travel Guide


Positano, vertically built on a hilly area, one of Italy’s most popular and romantic town. Once a small fishing town just Positano, a charming town in the 1950s, discovered by artists and writers began to become popular very quickly.

a vast sea of this beautiful town built on the hillside that overlooks consists of two colorful charming house. The house has views of the cut each other up the slope from the bottom up, lined up like a ladder. See the following views of the house, see the hill by the blue sea and beautiful bay views fascinating.


Positano Travel Guide
Positano town, located at the beginning of the most popular town of Amalfi. Cliffs lined up like pearls on a pastel-colored houses quaint town of Positano is a great pleasure to wander through the narrow streets smelling of lemon. Below I’ve listed some information, but I say if you have time to wander at random through the streets remains lean.

Things to Do in Positano

Positano attractions to visit and have many different activities to do. James Martin, which attracts art lovers Positano Photo Gallery can be a good start to witness live in Positano. Historical and architectural features, with prominent Church of Santa Maria Assunta are adorned with wonderful majolica dome and is visible from most places. There is a Black Madonna in the 13th century Byzantine-style table made. The roof of the church Positano photo gives a visual richness.

Via Cristoforo Colombo stroll shops, luxury hotels, cafés and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the landscape. Scalinatella, onshore connects Punta Reginella Positano’s highest peak. Here’s remains from Grotta la Porta pre mağarasındatarih.

Positano Gezisi

 There are many villas and sumptuous buildings in Positano. Also dating from the 16th century also has 8 tower defense.

Positano Attractions

If you wish to swim in the clear waters and stone, if you wish also the most enjoyable activities in güneşlenmekpositano sandy beach. After shopping along the seafront to the Grande you can enjoy the fantastic seafood Spiaggai.

as well as along the coastline from Positano’s also very beautiful hiking trails inward. You can also visit other villages located on the Amalfi Coast to Positano. The roads are a bit narrow, but very nice views. possible to travel by bus or taxi. If you want to go the same route by sea-going boats are also available.

Positano, Amalfi Kıyıları, İtalya
Positano, on the Amalfi Coast, Italy
A good starting point for events to be held in Positano on the Amalfi coast of. Bus tours are organized many tours or diving tours to archaeological sites. Organized tours to the island of Capri in just one of them.

Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento among the most popular other towns and cities of the coast. However, the ancient city of Pompeii can be added to the list is also nearby.

Cetara, Vietri sul Mare, Maiori Minori, Nerano and Sant’Agata and other villages on the coast such as harbors value beauty to see each of the towns. I am advised to visit these shores to rush.

Positano Gezi Rehberi
Positano Travel Guide

Positano shopping

many senior Positano’s quality boutique shops. One of the most famous brand known fashion Positano. It is also a pretty nice place to get shoes and sandals. Shoe manufacturers make shoes you want while you’re waiting. Limoncello, a lemon alcoholic beverages, very popular in the Amalfi Coast. Here, because of their often found associated with the lemon lemon tree can be found on many things.

Positano accommodation

Palazzo Murat Hotel, Positano’s most romantic hotel. 4-star hotel is located in a historic building in the center of Positano and sea views. Positano is the social and colorful life, attracts attention with Neapolitan Baroque style building Palazzo Murat, hotel accommodations, a quiet and relaxing place in the crowded streets of Positano. Click diğerpositano hotels.

Positano Turu
Positano transportationThe best way for the discovery is made for walking all around town this. If you arrive by bus at the top of Positano Get off at Chiesa Nuova. “One Thousand Steps” main street called the windy stairs and from there you can also reach the coast.

in both the hill’s on the main street you can take a bus down the hill. Main street has to help your suitcase at the beginning of the staff. just outside the village of Positano from the immediate area, you can walk to the beach and other areas. However, depending on your choice of car for this or you can go by water taxis.

Positano Hakkinda
How to get to PositanoThe nearest airport in Naples. reach Positano takes 1 hour 15 minutes drive from the airport. Turkish Airlines, every day of the week from Istanbul to Naples International Airport (NAP) is organizing scheduled flights.

the shortest way to transport Positano bus or ferry. Car hire is also possible to go with, but the roads are quite twisty and narrow reminder that it benefits me. It also has a parking problem in high season.

If your hotel provides parking situation, of course, different. Salerno can be reached by bus from Sorrento or Positano also possible to transport by train from Naples. The ferry Sorrento, Amalfi and Salerno leave from outside the summer period but they do not find very often.

Amalfi Turu

Positano tour trail

Naples for those intending to tour southern Italy, Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano and Amalfinefis be a route. I recommended to start the trip from Naples. Napoli spent at least a few days after, you should start exploring the Amalfi coast.

Positano, a vast beachfront, which together reach the hill where the two come together, offers an exceptional view over the top of the glazed pastel-colored houses. Both holiday, you need a romantic honeymoon, should you travel to wandering soul; When you look at this beautiful oil painting you add a remote town to the next route resembling a table.


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