Come to yourself with a blue voyage!

Blue Voyage sea to examine the magnificent beauty of nature combined with the area to spend time in the sea, sand and sun trio an ideal option for those who want to live in the best way. Boat ride along the trails in a period of time spent in almost every bay of the Mediterranean.

Diving, water sports, as you will be involved in activities such as windsurfing; Spending time on the island so you get to enjoy the Blue Cruise route. Restaurant to taste the different flavors, bazaars and shopping at the market, co-friendly souvenir shop is also nice.


This concept is sometimes as may put that accommodate all through the night, sometimes also made the journey continues along the route followed by short-term visits. Each sheep is witness to the unique characteristics is a good opportunity to spend a pleasant time these tours.

When evaluating your summer vacation, Bodrum examine the beauty, the beauty of the bays on the peninsula, the natural aspects, one of the ancient heritage and vacation options you may choose to examine are more blue cruises. Do not forget to evaluate this option to enhance your holiday.


Blue Cruise Routes

Sea and one of the alternative holiday option for those who love marine life also make the Blue Cruise. Blue will make the trip with 1 or 2 week vacation days to find a place of beauty that you see in your mind, you have to protect the beauty of the place in your memory for a long time.

Boat Tour Prices

If the starting point for organized and blue cruises in the Mediterranean, mostly in Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye and Antalya harbor happening. Antalya, Bozburun, Datça, Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kekova, you can enjoy live a different experience during the journey to the sea, such as the very popular holiday resort island of Rhodes. This experience as well as to enjoy both excellent sea voyage distanced people from situations that can sometimes tedious and boring.

Blue tour prices will experience the most enjoyable aspects of yourself and your loved ones could be called to take the time suitable for every budget. Yourself because you had the opportunity to evaluate the most comprehensive summer vacation with a cruise, you will feel very lucky.

Blue Voyage with the Discover Historic Sites!

Blue tour routes, offer not only to enjoy the sea. At the same time, along with the islands and bays self talked about the history and beauty of the ancient city, also it offers vacationers the opportunity to see historical monuments dating from ancient times.

Selimiye Koyu, Kekova, see the remaining legacy of past civilizations, such as the historic ruins in Antalya so you get the opportunity.

Blue Voyage

Blue Voyage Boat Tours


Sea lovers of the sea during the 1-week holiday period, will be filled with sunshine and explore. Filtration of the boat along with enchanting blue Blue Voyage, will leave you amazed himself with every aspect of memories to return.

Exploring have not put on the taste of the sea can not get enough of excellent aspects of the activity, you will capture all the holiday details in a separate direction of spend time with your loved ones with your cruise you can catch the best way you can the peaks and minds entertainment.


When assessing, muggy air of the summer to get away, the name has scraped more simple and natural environment of the stressful life of one of the most ideal holiday option blue cruise boat tours. the most beautiful sunsets are experienced, enjoy drinks and appetizers with the most beautiful and delicious seafood it offers the opportunity to live an unforgettable holiday.

Every day you do not want to wake up to a stunning view of the beautiful bay different from each other? Then the blue voyage is just for you. Mediterranean with blue cruise, Aegean and exploring different routes from each other, such as the Greek islands and will have the opportunity to spend some time and you will start to pull a rope for the next holiday season.



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