Red’s Pride Aqaba Travel Guide

I şehrind Aqaba in the Red Sea coast of Jordan. Wadi, the two most important tourist point of the country’s wealth from Greek and I am here for the ancient city of Petra. Our country has somehow ignored the tourist destination of Aqaba, Jordan’s favorite holiday destination is the only city where the Red Sea coast while.

Impressive to watch the majestic rocky desert of Wadi Rum and the Bedouin to experience life; UNESCO World Heritage protracted unique roam the streets of the ancient city of Petra rocks made me more than happy.

I love the sunset days, very much. I try to be a witness to the absolute loveliest in every country I go to this reason.

This scene I witnessed that evening deserves to see the interest itself. In many parts of the world as one witnessed the sunset; among the things to do in Aqaba on the Red Sea, to watch the sunset must be added, I think.


Aqaba, a city located on the southern Red Sea coast of Jordan. by holidaymakers beyond the point of easy access to other popular Aqaba is a bit ignored. maybe not exciting cities in the loving traveler, but Wadi Rum and a very good starting point here is to reach a worldwide famous tourist destinations such as Jordan’s Petra.

Aqaba, Jordan to the south, opposite the Israeli border town of Eilat and the only place to swim across the country. Beautiful beaches, ideal for snorkelling, swimming and diving. Red sea with a spectacular underwater beauty. Egypt in some places better though Aqaba also very good. The city itself is one of the best places to see an exotic life style and Jordan.


Akabe City, Jordan
Kızıldenizin Gururu: Akabe, Ürdün

Southwest Asia is almost completely surrounded by land on the Jordanian desert plateau, although only a short coast on the Gulf of Aqaba. After the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, he came under British control in 1923. The Independence came in 1946. countries in the Arab-Israeli conflict in the West Bank was included in the 1948-49 year – but in 1967 he lost the savaşd Israel.

Arab-Israeli war has brought this small poor country of 1.5 million Palestinian refugees. Jordan is ruled by a constitutional monarchy and the economy is based on agriculture and phosphate. In 2000, he joined the World Trade Organization and reforms and hopes to grow with rising trade volume. Jordan draws attention to the limited natural resources, decreasing in the quest to the oil and renewable energies.


Aqaba Travel Guide

Sea lovers can enjoy the beach and facilities will satisfy. Sea, sand, sun trio, crystal clear waters, enjoy snorkeling among coral reefs, water sports, trips with a glass-bottomed boat and diving is my favorite sport. Red Sea coast in the sparkling sea. 12 months a year diving exception can be made at Aqaba. Underwater completely different with beautiful coral reefs and rich animal life. You can see the video on my dives.

Aqaba, surrounded Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt, surrounded by a charming coastal city. When you opened the Red Sea boat at the same time you can see the 4 countries. north of the city in Israel’s Eilat. If I watch the magnificent sunset on the opposite shore in Egypt’s Taba. Half an hour fast ferry from Aqaba city can easily switch to this holiday. Subsequently, 20 km to the south in neighboring Saudi Arabia Haql the city.

next to the Red Sea resort atmosphere it offers, in the Wadi Rum UNESCO World Heritage List and is also quite close to major attractions such as the ancient city of Petra. Wadi Rum desert, sleeping under the stars in the charming atmosphere and be able to experience the Bedouin life. 2200 years the ancient city of Petra is a seductive destination in itself. Ranks top of the list of must see before you die.

All this because of the magnificent Red Sea, Jordan’s rich features often running through the eyes of visitors. Besides being a great area to vacation in fact an exceptionally beautiful place for those wishing to explore southern Jordan.

Aqaba Attractions

Aqaba in Jordan can only be reached by sea but when the sea! Magnificent coral reefs and extraordinary beaches! Aqaba is also a must-see and Jordan’s best-known tourist region in the form of one of the seven wonders of the world’s official entry zone for those wishing to visit Petra.

Aqaba in southern Jordan, which can be seen a good place to start before you go to places like Petra or Wadi Rum. Moreover, Egypt-Sinai is located in Nuweiba ferry also offers a chance to go through.

Red Sea

The land is located next to the world the beauty of the most spectacular underwater coral reefs are also located here. Usually a perfect reef where colorful fish countless hundreds of meters in length.

Diving, snorkelling activities are frequently made at Aqaba and it was so widespread in Egypt although still a few days to explore the rich coral reefs would be a pretty good choice.

The crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Wadi Rum and relax after reviewing the trips to places such as Petra and Fixture fine choice for enjoying the sea.



Al Khazneh, Petra
Al Khazneh, Petra
Near Aqaba and Maan in the province of Petra, a city once famous caravan was situated in one of the world’s most important trading point. Jordan between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba Petra, the ancient city in 2200 a year. The ancient city of Petra, built in valleys separated by earthquakes. It is different from other ancient cities of the Hellenistic architecture blended together East and theaters, temples, houses carved into the rock and is composed of sandstone places like royal tombs.

Siq, Petra’s high crested the canyon yourself in a place where you can feel like a dwarf.

Hand reservoir located at the end of the Siq this huge temple is breathtaking.

The monastery, watch the sunset colors that sit opposite the sun and create harmony.

Wadi Rum


Captain’s Desert Camp (Wadi Rum, Jordan)
Captain’s Desert Camp (Wadi Rum, Jordan)
Wadi Rum, one of the world’s most beautiful desert. Brown, red and gold, which houses the towering mountains of sand, Jordan’s largest desert of Wadi Rum, a place with a matter so historic as well as being a major tourist destination in the Middle East. Wadi Rum, Aqaba on the Red Sea coast of Jordan’s 40 km away.

Wadi Rum, natural arches, caves, and a bottleneck where the impressive red sand dunes. The next 12,000 years should have a unique cultural richness, unique in its impressive nature. Wadi Rum, this switch on the spectacular sand desert camel. Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is held 6 times a year Wadi Rum camel races. This is an interesting experience to have to pay a fee as authentic is $ 35-60.

Ayla Park

too it has big plans for the future of Aqaba. The plan was a five-star hotel to be built on the south coast and has even the gigantic Tala Bay Resort and condom project between them. Ayla Oasis project along the artificial lake 19km to the northwest of the city by the marina, hotel and golf course are planned. Also named Ayla Park that will be a new shopping center nearby. After a short time, Jordan will be a very rapid change, be prepared for this.


Somewhat disturbing views of the harbor and nearby beaches is not considered very attractive city but still have a very relaxed atmosphere and a place you can take pleasure of a long journey fatigue.

Subsequently Shopping

When evening of Aqaba from each other delicious appetizers or the famous “Sayadieh” called the rice, tomatoes and try the fish served with onions.

You can see many successful fish restaurants and small bottles that fill geometric shapes with colored sand artist hand when you walk around a little in the modern city.

Jordan, under the royal patronage of the rich handicrafts and village production of products continues to grow. Their weaving and mosaics made little addition to continuing his life though.

Jordan Unique items include rugs, miniature mosaics, has painted or drawn on an ostrich egg shapes and drawn into shapes with sand bottles. A pretty good place to buy jewelery and silver Aqaba in general.

Aqaba accommodation

Whatever the reason, which is visited many hotels offer excellent accommodation and ready to find everything you’re looking for water sports, restaurants and waiting.

In terms of hospitality quite advanced. DoubleTree by Hilton, Moevenpick, Kempinski, Intercontinental, Radisson Blu as a 5 star hotel next to many large and small hotel is located. I made the dive and 3 days I have visited Berenice Beach Club satisfactory service with 5 star quality.

Aqaba climate

Peaceful winter climate and pristine desert mountains surrounding the Gulf of Aqaba is turning into a place like paradise on this side of Jordan. daytime temperatures falling to 5 ° of people coming down hard in Amman under the Aqaba üşütürk 20 degrees and is usually a few degrees higher.

Search for Aqaba from April to October and rainy weather with a beautiful but extremely hot and humid from June to August. Petra, see the cool and occasional snow all year round in the mountainous region. Wadi Rum warm and dry during the day, cold at night.

So sweltering hot summer weather is happening in and day temperatures to over 35 degrees, but generally a condition that may be incurred because of the sea breeze. Therefore everywhere 3 or more hours of noon and closes at an early hour in the evening around 6 pm open again.

Aqaba How to get there

which is 2.5 hours from Istanbul to Aqaba, history, culture and entertainment as a city of interest to travelers and vacationers seeking well-rounded experience. Turkish Airlines Aqaba doing regular scheduled flights in Istanbul. Every trip I made with my 2 Aqaba Turkish Airlines.

Aqaba, a small country like Jordan which is collected every beautiful thing. An impressive history, spectacular sights, excellent hotels and activities, shopping and friendly people who are happy to unsatisfied with the visitors.


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