Dresden, Germany is located in the independent state of Saxony’s capital, and both sides of the Elbe River. I read almost everywhere Dresden “Florence of the Elbe” as goes. Because of the architecture of the city and numerous art collections that contain both remembered in this way. Already you feel like traveling in an open-air museum, though not in the city.

Art, science and Dresden is a paradise for history buffs. open to visit more than 40 museums in the city.

Turckisch to-Cammer

Elect Strong August and his followers, artistic understanding and passion for the Green Dome, they create Türckisch Jammu or Rafael Prophet and Mary table with a world-renowned art exhibition consisting of old masters.


Turckisch Jammu Museum

A total of 44 museums, 56 galleries and 36 scene prepared an environment that will appeal to all segments of the intellectual pleasure. which houses the gallery and sculpture collection of the new master Albertinum reopened recently.

Located in the central part of the monumental gates of the Royal Palace Georgentor passing through, it is reached Georgenba building.

Turckisch Jammu Museum

Türckisch Jammu Museum

Located in Dresden museum ilgşnç Türkish Cammer Europeans incorporates the best examples of Turkish fear and fascination with the East amazing museum.

Türckisch Ottoman interesting from each other in Cammer Museum heritage items on display. Ottoman belongings, tents, display weapons. the weapons from everyday clothes, the Ottoman Grand Vizier at the tent of the harness, a wide variety of works ranging from swords to guns being displayed.


Turckisch Jammu Dresden

450 years before the Dresden State Art Collection held in the archives of the Ottoman Empire and East welded works on display in this museum. Saxon duke of a vast collection of Ottoman artifacts collected over the centuries can find this interesting museum.

Ottomans from the tools used in Europe during the war time, dazzles in this museum hosts many different objects within the Residence Palace as various objects used in daily life by imitating the Islamic world of European society.



The roots are important elements in the creation of a larger collection dating back to the 16th century, from gifts, acquisitions and special orders have been. A significant portion of the handle formed from the spoils of war in the war with the Ottomans. Therefore, even if some of the works is not possible to find a similar one in the Topkapi Museum.

If the path to the museums in Dresden fell to a stop at the Türckisch Jammu Museum. Turkish Airlines is organizing scheduled flights from Istanbul to Leipzig. Only with Dresden is 100 km away Leipzig can be a wonderful weekend destination.