10 Reasons to go to Kars

The gateway to Anatolia to the Caucasus Kars, set in a region bearing the traces of different civilizations. East of the country’s rich historical past with serhad opened in Kars, cultural and ethnic differences in state integrated with the understanding of tolerance.

In recent years the changes and successive steps taken by the shining star of tourism in Eastern Anatolia Kars turns into a great potential importance. To visit the city center and in the surrounding districts to be seen, there are many historical monuments and natural beauty to be visited. I can say I like the city I visited for the first time in winter season.

10 Reasons to visit Kars

Ani Ruins


There are also many ancient cities in Anatolia, even without knowing their name yet. I always wondered about the ancient city of Ani and I want to see one of them. Ani ruins are among the most important ancient cities of Anatolia, was carrying past a gate duties between Anatolia and the Caucasus. The ancient city on the banks of the River Arpaçay forming the Armenia-Turkey border, length of 5 kilometers long walls, the cathedral, with impressive churches and mosques, as well as residential areas.

Sarıkamış Ski CenterSarikamis-Kayak-Merkezi-Kars-640x400.jpg

I had never done before in my life skiing. I slipped last year, but I find sledding in Palandöken Ski Center ski opportunity. Sarikamish was the first time where I learned skiing. Snow quality Sarikamish equivalent to the Swiss Alps ski resort, one of the best reasons to visit Kars. 13 kilometers long ski slopes, crystal wife, luxury hotels, with pine forests and ski school, world-class ski resort. In the ski resort 45 minutes away from the city center of Kars November-April period of the ski can be made. My advice to stay at the hotel Habitat Hotel or Hotel Dolina. I stayed in both of ICS.

Wild Lake


Wild Lake is located in Ardahan, Kars, recently was one of the most interesting places in my Instagram. Wild Lake District soğuğu hard frost that seems to be an exquisite film set. Sezen Aksu had pulled the clip here. The thickness of the winter months so pleasant to walk around with slide on the lake at approximately 1 meter. Both sled owners are quite pleasant conversation and fun. Savour caught carp and mullet frozen lake in makeshift restaurant on the lake shore. If you are lucky you can even testify to that made in open ice fishing holes.

Sarıkamış cemetary


To prevent the invasion of Russia in Eastern Anatolia during the First World War in Sarıkamış Operation carried out by the Ottoman Empire, was killed over 90,000. That’s why we need to Dardanelles Sarikamish our vigor as the place for me. In the district of Kars Sarikamis martyrs remembered with a ceremony every year. Unfortunately, not much is remembered for being in a remote corner of the country. See Go!

Holy Places


In regions inhabited by different nations and religious groups throughout history it has many holy places. Kars and the surrounding churches, mosques, symbolizes the rich cultural history of the area structures such as shrines. the remaining churches Armenian mosque of Jaafari, Kars Airport, also gave his name and one of the first from the saints in Anatolia Abul Hasan Harakani Tomb and Mosque, among the most visited holy places in the city.

Historical places


different routes of Kars city center and residential district of historic and architectural drawing available. Ani ruins in Kars Fortress, Stone Bridge, Kars bastion of the Small Baths, oppressed son Hamam, Topçuoğlu Bath, İlbeyioğl of Bath as well as Ottoman, Russian, four can be seen near the city traces of Armenian and Georgian architecture. Exit to the city castle, see the sights of the city.

Sarıkamış Trekking Routes


The world’s highest quality snow with ski resorts in Ski Center Sarıkamış shown not only by winter tourism, waiting to be discovered with delightful trekking route. 21 different routes, 256 km of hiking trails Sarikamish which has 356 km and 428 km of mountain bike trails offer you to enjoy nature with splendid views of the driveway.

Original Russian Architectural Works


At the end of the Ottoman-Russian War (1877-1878) began and 40 years of Russian occupation of Kars, can be seen in a quarter of the city next to the buildings. As declared by the Russian military garrison city of Kars in the 19th century architecture of the Baltic influence is felt comfortably constructed buildings and implemented city plan. Revenue Building, Physician Home, Health Department, Old Governor’s Mansion and Tuncer Güvensoy home of the most important examples of these structures.

Kars cheese and goose meat


In cheese production different in Kars in Turkey, which is one of the most important brand, it is possible to buy the different kinds of delicious cheese affordable price. as I never go shopping where I filled my purse with two kinds of cheese. One of them, the Russians invaded in the process of 40 years, which is the most important legacy they leave Kars gruyere cheese. Its construction is almost takes exactly 10 months. Kars in the most demanding cheddar cheese. It also offers lots of local flavor to the famous city with goose meat eating and drinking enthusiasts. Taste!

Reasonable Prices


Turkey, which is one of the most affordable cities in Kars eating and drinking, transportation, lodging prices are much lower than the average in Turkey. the city where the most important budget item the cost of traveling, you can also enter this feature places a priority for those who travel plans.

Hospitable and tolerant people, fantastic flavors, historical and cultural areas, winter and outdoor sports centers, Kars, with reasonable prices, one of the most beautiful cities of our country. Different expectations that meets city, a great option for those who want to explore new places.


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