Review of the southern coast of Italy Amalfi

Italy’s Amalfi coast that gives its name to the town of Amalfi, colorful houses on the high cliffs, turquoise waters, meandering narrow streets, among the most popular places in the area with impressive views and manicured gardens. I toured the region to the coast, starting in Ravello Naples left a deep impression on me, I liked the place a little.

Why would you be loved! lined colorful houses, such as steep slopes pearl on the one hand, decorating houses with bougainvillea, lemon trees, exquisite views of the azure beachfront, quaint streets and places … geography here will be pleased to see not counting the crowds of the summer period.

our travel budget to find suitable cheap airfare, hotels suitable for a comfortable sleep, information about places to visit, do not necessarily need to do, where to look for a list of rotation without need to know better.


Amalfi Travel Guide

Timely Genoa, Pisa and the region along with Venice is considered among the most powerful states in Amalfi, she has never lost its power until the 20th century. Noting the impact of different cultures in the region with military and commercial success also inspired architecture. Today, large parts of the city where up to 5,000 people live in earthquake in the year 1343 it is known that the sea burial.


Things to Do in Amalfi

Amalfi is a reflection of the rich history of the 9th century, still standing belongs to Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea Cathedral and the Chiostro del Paradiso (Cloister of Paradise) testifies to the visiting medieval architecture. The outer layer is covered with cathedral built in 1066.


In the top of the board, the information regarding the history of papermaking takes place the paper Museum (Paper Museum) and is located right next to the museum and located mill shafts used in paper making that Mill Valley (Valley of the Mills) between attractions.

At the heart of the city and is considered to be the central Piazza Duomo can be reached from anywhere. Where the Municipal Museum at Palazzo Morelli used in the Mediterranean Region, written in the 10th century maritime law book in Amalfi able to see Tavola Amalfitana. Piazza dei Dogi, which can be visited in the Piazza dello Spirito Santo squares.


Amalfi The most active part of the transportation, taxis, buses and boats up the seaport Piazza Flavio Giola from the coastal area and headed to the beach. Clean sea, beaches and diving and boat trips on the Amalfi options with high quality facilities.

Italy’s national drink limoncello most common drink in Amalfi. Lemon liqueur with alcohol, it turns you against almost all shops. Souvenirs can be considered as handmade paper, a tradition that continued for centuries to Amalfi and is used even in the Vatican.



attractions near Amalfi

Among the most romantic destinations in the country, visit Positano. Amalfi coast of the most famous towns of Positano, Italian Dolce Vita one of the best exhibits the spirit of place.

Glittering azure paradise on the island of Capri to attend one of the events organized tours in the middle of the sea. However, near Amalfi, 350 meters above the sea should be added to the list in Ravello with breathtaking views. Are you going to the terraces in the charming town situated between lemon trees as you smell like vanilla. Located in Sorrento Another favorite in this coastal city of naples itinerary.

Pompeii is the place to be seen for those who enjoy the vicinity of the ancient city of Herculaneum and historical sites. Also worth visiting the Amalfi and Conca is located in the charming seaside town of Marini Furore.



Amalfi how to get there

south of Naples in Italy on the Amalfi Coast is located in the heart of the town of Amalfi, among Salerno and Positano. THY nearest airport every day of the week in Naples to go to Amalfi flying from Istanbul to Naples. to come to the city where the nearest flight to Naples Airport Sorrento bus ride from the airport and transfer you need to use the bus again by Sorrento.



SOLERNOU Train Station, Amalfi station that connects to other cities in Italy. In addition, with the exception of winter sea buses that carry time to Naples, Sorrento, transportation is provided between Salerno and Positano. I recommended to start the trip from Naples. Napoli spent at least a few days after, you should start exploring the Amalfi coast.


extending south of the Bay of Naples UNESCO World Heritage List on the Amalfi Coast, sea steeply rising mountains carved with large and small towns and villages without doubt Europe’s most spectacular and ostentatious coast. Amalfi coast which is witnessing the most impressive views of Italy, Italy is sure to be a pleasant routes.





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