In Touch

Mankind lies somewhere at the farthest point of the core covered with shell and hidden soul …

Ten of the shell, and perhaps experienced pain crossed his own defense that developed as a result it touches soft and tender points worth something one day; In a morning or even any point in the day and in any place …

… At this angry spirit of the toughest of the most powerful of the most combative of the softest point in the emotional …

Sometimes the music is sometimes mentioned, sometimes a touch face or perhaps even a feature that emulates the sound of the soul …

Age will take you to a time warp from the memories and library memories of people. Hmm also walks on autopilot. Look around you even though they live in the memory has blinded his eyes; can not see, can not see …

You can be yourself with a touch of humanity; The chaos in which it and what you think makes you stand in the fight



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