The new generation accommodation


In recent years, college, or graduate education has increased the number of people going abroad for options such as foreign language courses. preferred alternative for those who do not spend much money on accommodation during the training among the homestay, became popular due to present a more affordable experience.

Auckland, New Zealand 6 months in the first 3 months of my English course in New Zealand I lived with a host family first. Again in early 2015 in Milano, Italy 1 week Italian language training during the Italian had the opportunity to stay with a family.


Auckland, New Zealand with my friends from school
be easier to go abroad, especially in Europe and America with the increase of training options, Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand are going to places such as our country many students. Whether language education, whether college or an alternative solution to the housing issue homestay accommodation to get students started to live abroad for an academic career. Homestay accommodation of course does not mean a place where to stay. The homestay accommodation, which is in itself a language and culture also have a lot of rules.

meaning homestay family accommodation, rooms that include separate families living in a foreign country to visit for the students in their own homes. Students can stay in standard rooms are inspected at regular intervals to experience the culture of the country of destination and provides an advantage in terms of both foreign language to practice.


homestay room in Milan

Homestay What is it?

of the families included in the system to have much room needs its own basic rules. the person who opened her home to strangers, or for students to bed, working environment, according to the basic needs as well as preferences such as bathrooms also have to provide food service.
among young families, the elderly, children, or only able to meet with the couple living in a home setting. In systems where there are double or single room option to choose a double room can be turned into advantages in terms of ensuring communication with another student. Single room, while a good choice for those who want to stay alone in a double room which is more economic realities.

Homestay family
The biggest problem in the field of education and the need for practical people abroad on a foreign language. The homestay offers an important opportunity to get to know the local culture of the country received training and practice foreign languages.

Dining Options Homestay

training for students and dining is one of the most important issues together with housing, unraveling the logic in the homestay system. That is determined by the choice of the student’s meal order full board (full board), half board (half board) or just breakfast (breakfast) covers the options.


homestay and the food I cook at home board (2015)

Room in Auckland, New Zealand (December 2010)
In the family full board 7 days a week throughout the morning, lunch and dinner service obligation to the student. Half board in the context of meals for breakfast and dinner, except lunch. homestay accommodation works in this way in many countries.

If only those who want to eat out for all meals except breakfast in the morning. I stayed in Italy was in homestay only eat breakfast options.

Options cost, curriculum and student choice in entirely based on such factors as taste. Homestay is a thick shelf of the refrigerator at home is given to the homestay students. Go to the nearest store and make a purchase you need to fill your shelves without hesitation.

Homestay Ev
Homestay home, New Zealand
Considerations in Homestay

Homestay students should be aware of the system has in some cases. Homestay is a homestay, you first need to remember that a home location thick.

layout of the common areas, the use of television, meal times, bath layout, smoking, guest house acceptance and entry and exit times of material to be passed over in the first place.

the guidelines set by the family, to act according to the rules of life among students and other household essential for healthy communication.

İlk homestay evim, Auckland, Ekim 2010



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