Holiday building in Istanbul

Istanbul, the world’s longest lasting was the capital of the empire, a city with deep-rooted historical heritage meets modern

City built on 7 hills, culture, tourism, entertainment, and offers a rich choice about art and history. That is why currently ranks in the top five most tourists visiting the area cities in the world.


The heart of Istanbul, Taksim considered, but also the entertainment center of the case. Istiklal street, lined with hundred year old building that, streets are among the most preferred regions in this area stay the night and day.

Palaces, museums, mosques and churches, natural and discoverable in Istanbul that fills the eye with a great deal of cultural heritage sites in the city because of an influx of tourists is increasing every year. This gratifying in terms of the hospitality industry, one of the most important services of the tourism sector.

Istanbul’s Taksim hotels, offers options to fit every budget travelers and tourists. Whether the unique decor and friendly atmosphere with a small or boutique hotels, whether you want the alley where the hostel or B & B also offers the opportunity to stay in the ultra-luxury hotel. Taksim district of Beyoglu, in the most vibrant hotels in the heart of the European side, and welcomes guests from all over the world.



Hospitality and welcome guest in our country, serving nearly flawless, at least one travel a lot and have stayed in hotels in many parts of the world I can express it.

Therefore frequently, but who needs a vacation away from work because of lack of time and a lot is happening in Istanbul I suggest the city who can not take a vacation in the hotel. A few days went up from Istanbul to Antalya or Bodrum there rather than listen to the head; by saving travel costs and time, in accordance with a comfortable Istanbul hotel or a budget boutique hotel with its exclusive character, I would recommend stay.

Istanbul is a city that I gave in my travels frequently break. Taksim hotels or boutique hotels and is among my first choice. In the near Pere from this, sometimes I prefer to stay in Sultanahmet or Sirkeci. These regions and historical texture, and exquisite cafes, as well as preferences for their best reflect the spirit of Istanbul.

I feel the spirit of the best and my favorite place in Istanbul from the beginning of my historical peninsula of Istanbul and amusement. My stay at the hotel for thousands of years building the care of some of the views of the streets I walked into the hotel to know to host different cultures for thousands of years apart makes me excited.


If you have time, let’s wait for their time and vacation time to escape from the city. Please note that weekend even have a chance to live a holiday in Istanbul yourself. The flow of people from all over the world see the travelers and tourists a look at this city, on holiday in Istanbul. The last few years I’ve been doing it. I’m very keen on my way to a dream that is often lost in the streets of this city better understand and I realize.

Be curious and not just someone who lives in Istanbul; slow down a little, walk, feel, experience and explore.


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