You’ve never met one seat to sleep in! Is not probably feels incredible crazy that sounds? One of madness or a man, who finds it seems to me the best internet invention. Keep reading!

Couchsurfing, a hospitality network based on the concept of people to help each other. It will entertain you wherever you go via the network, you will be able to reach people willing to stay. Although it sounds scary, unsafe, although she comes ever had the opportunity to live this experience couch surfing in 7 countries. This system is an excellent way to safe and functioning in a manner based on the true experience you should too!

Couchsurfing is the first I’ve discovered in New Zealand. North and South Island had discovered when I do research for one month-long trip, yes, it was a discovery. I was living my membership and immediately made very soon after the 100-year old farmhouse next to my first Couchsurfing experience in a family I never knew, was incredibly fun.

Why Use CouchSurfing?

The best way to discover another culture! You will stay with local people, they see their way of life, the opportunity to observe and even live in front of you! Is not it better to stay in your hostel or hotel room? Fiji’s oldest village that I’ve had in Viseisei Fi home. They gave me a single room in their house. They met with me when I got home Kava Ceremony. All family traditions, the typical features of the Fijian people, what they eat and drink, historical background, I learned about the traditions and customs. off the children went to school in the morning together, lecture, I visited the main class, I play with the kids, I greet with friendly teachers. They love to share their knowledge and culture with CouchSurfer their guests.

You will meet a lot of people will certainly impressed! If they are a common feature of all Couchsurfer that passion for the ride. Many of you are already a host, you will see that they are met with a very broad cultural trips and many experiences, will be glad to share with you. So much so that people listen to their experiences in the chat you will be impressed. I met Ali through Couchsurfing at home in Fiji helpx I learned what it means. This opened the doors to me a very new experience.

What should be done wherever you go, you will get the most reliable information about where the must see! A city is better than living there who knows? Make sure that the person you left at home probably give you great information will be very useful, where to go, how to go, what to do, what should be the subject of making it possible to obtain very good information in a very short period of time. Why would you need to guide your book?

Free! This impressive cultural exchange platform completely free. You do not need to make a payment to the person you left at home. CouchSurfing should think of free as a place to stay. This approach made sense to Couchsurfing to be quite wrong. Perhaps you can think of free accommodation as a bonus but is not to say Couchsurfing stay free.


CouchSurfing How to Use?

Register before the system! Pretty easy, click here to get started:

Fill out your profile with your private information! This is the most important point. No host blank and does not respond to the invitation of people who have insufficient knowledge or information in your profile you’re a nobody, nobody here. information about you on your profile will create an image, you select your image, right, realistic and type of information based on experience. Do not forget to add photographs that best describes you.

Be included in the group! CouchSurfing (CS), a large number of users on the site have come together around common areas. Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Berlin, was founded in the name of geographical area or hobby such as Bangkok is included in the group, socialize! If you are included in the group that are of interest in this group share your ideas or questions, you will get many responses as soon as you can amines.

The local branch of the meeting! Just have weekly or monthly meetings held in each city group. These meetings are sometimes organized as in some tea and a chat in a cafe to drink coffee, you can see that the more marginal activities are organized. Birthday parties, Halloween parties, Christmas celebrations, billiards, if you want to be a part of activities such as paintball or bowling organizations to be included in the group in your area of interest, or even create your own event.

3 months I have met with my Dutch friends in Indonesia and I travel, I meet with CSA. We made many new friends we Couchsurfing in Jakarta. My friend returned to Jakarta when it organized a meeting every weekend.


Meet other couchsurfer! Local meeting or CS house you go meet other people like you that SA. Make sure you have established long friendships with some. Sometimes you get to meet and comments you’ve left it to each of your profiles can be very useful in finding new hosts to affect them in the future.

As I attended the weekly meeting of group I’m involved in Auckland, Auckland on Christmas every year, held in the park The Park CouchSurfer dozens of different countries to the event (CS) have joined together.

Couch (Chair) Search! In the city you’re going to do when you plan to do it is find the right people Couchsurfing and send the request to them. Consider neatly profiles. Make every effort to find the profiles of the same interests with you. Do you smoke cigarettes, do you have allergies to pet animals, what kind of environment that will allow you to sleep? Always seat, thinking to sleep on the couch or bed, it just floors, carpets, rugs or mats may be that in the big bed as you will be in a private room.

The capital of New Zealand in Wellington in Simon’s house had a big room and bed to myself. Simon had a total of 5 days in 2 different time. In the key of the music collection of thousands went to work leaving me home.

Again, in the town of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Chan’s rented room, cold winter day, my sleeping bag and I just spent 2 nights sleeping on the floor without enough clothes.

Send request! Fill the Couch Request form. Never ask specifically stated in the profile can accept you with a special message! Many of you will reject you if you do. something to keep in mind here; When completing your request form is the potential you need to fill in by the host profile. Even some of the hosts you should not mention the request form to see if you read phrases from a reading their profiles, they can talk about. “Always [something send me an invite] should mention” as leave notes. Send request so you must carefully read profiles. This also prevents you wont be disappointed in your experience. Because it’s going to have information about you when you go out pleasant enough read by your risk profile may encounter some unexpected surprises reduced.

Do not focus on a single host all your expectations! Connect your profile and interests, hope you liked in a single host can be destroyed any hope the negative response from waiting for him to respond. Remember to include in your list of potential alternatives and other hosts can send new request form without losing too much time lost in the redial pool according to which a negative answer.

Of course, should also remember that, you can also turn your home into a Couchsurfer!

CouchSurfing Guidelines



Rules host puts! Do you misafiris your host. Home onarl’s house, and of course they will set the rules. Date, hours can be found at home, hours of home you go in and out at home probably will be determined by the welcome you to your benefit to clarify these issues. Some host they leave home in the morning with them and may ask you to come home on time their return home. Some of you are home replacement anahhtar of whether you leave the house.

Sydney 4 days at home in my Couchsurfing Kamerul, he took me to the house to take the car from the metro station. After dinner was served to me left me the key to the house on the way to work the night shift. More tanışalım has never been even a few hours.

Clean, tidy and respectful! Remember that you’re a guest in someone’s house and your landlord deserves respect or courtesy from you! You can put in a corner to collect your departure, bed linen, for example.

Should give you a gift? Some CouchSurfer while they enjoy giving gifts to the host, some hosts also likes to receive gifts. If you want to do something for your host, a bottle of wine, you can choose from local gift shop where you can get the chocolate or the previous one. You do not have to buy anything, but would be nice to do something at home. You can cook, you can wash the dishes, maybe you want to do even ironing!

I say do not come around too lost! It might sound simple, but maybe host is waiting for you. It would be in doubt if there is any reason to delay or inability situation, but certainly inform your host. In case you do not expect them to leave, steal their time. any negative reference to your profile, it will be the end of your CS career.

That’s it, what are you waiting for? Just create a profile for yourself prepared to host interesting people from different parts of the world at home. Nearby you planning a trip, do not miss the opportunity and were immediately begin searching for a host in need can stay abroad need abroad. I promise that you will not regret giving.

Now let’s hear from you a little bit, is there something you want to add? I’m sure a lot will be said.

Have a question about CouchSurfing? I need, I’m sure both of you will leave this article following other CouchSurfer friends will answer the questions?

Do not hesitate, ask!

They CouchSurfer! How Your Couchsurfing experience?

Couchsurfing is the last time you tried?