Spectacular island of the philippines; the Sumilon

İdeal for those who want to listen to a romantic holiday and head.

Sumilon Island, Cebu Island in the Philippines located in the southwest of the twenty-four hectares tiny, but that much more fascinating island. why the much known by travelers to the Philippines, the need to thoroughly even zoom the map to see because of the smallness. ideal for those who want to listen to a romantic holiday and head. I liked this place so much.

Sumilon Island, no settlements on, surrounded by the coral reef offers outstanding diving opportunities. At one end “sandbar”, which stretches from curling toward the sea is sandy and oil painting resembling a table, with an area of sand can be seen in sunsets. a few steps from the azure waters of the ski, this is a paradise island with a lagoon where the boundaries drawn by lush mangrove trees where there will be activities such as pedal boats.


About two hours to walk around the island which can be visited, there is a hiking trail can be seen an old lighthouse and the magnificent views.

Sumilon Island, as can be observed by one of the rising sun over the sea in the morning and in the evening you can also witness is only a five minute walk to the other side of the island the sunset and in the evening sky, wrapped in beautiful colors from each other.

Sumilon Bluewater Resort


Sumilon Bluewater Resort is located only resort on the island. Sumilon Island, a limited number of deluxe rooms, honeymoon and family villa gives tent services with accommodation.

Mainland visitors in the resort’s own boat stations reaching movement Sumilon Island are greeted at the pier by the hotel’s employees. A small library and reading corner quite stylishly decorated and located in the area where the reception is located, morning, noon and evening buffet meals, offering a restaurant with sea views.


Deluxe rooms and the hotel is side by side along the coastline of the villa, which is built like a small single-storey cottages and deluxe sea view room you can see when you open the doors and spacious furnished in a fairly simple manner.

Each room has patio table and chairs located in front of that. The rooms have large bathrooms, tables, armchairs and television. Away from the crowds, candidate Sumilon Bluewater Resorts gives you the feeling of being owned almost the entire island for only a few that you share with other guests.Sumilon-Bluewater-Resorts-Philippines

Sumilon Bluewater Resorts is a resort called the unthinkable feature: Glamping called luxury camping experience!

Glamping term in English “glamorous” (flashy) and “camping” (camping) consisting of a combination of the words. Luxury camping experience, as nature is intertwined with the rising trend of looking for a comfortable stay as well.


Campground, just in front of diving opportunities for exceptional offering in the area just behind the coast where the reef, surrounded by emerald green mangrove trees unique to the Philippines was founded on the banks of a lagoon.

The tents are a luxury camping and tents will upset the conventional approach. In two beds, night lamp, table, chairs and even a minibar which four different tents, both the opportunities and the resort provides the opportunity to sleep with the sound of the waves in the lap of nature. There is a small building next to the tent area where the shower and bathroom.


Glamping tent in accommodation prices on weekdays at 10,000 pesos ($ 600), the weekend is 12,000 pesos (£ 720). with veranda overlooking the ocean is built like Villa, thanks to decent view of the simple decoration while the price of accommodation in a double room on weekdays at 15,000 pesos (900 TL), weekends 17.000 pesos from ($ 1,000) begins.

beach on the island’s eastern part of the more volatile, but a marvelous feeling to swim in the clear waters around Located in the northwestern part of Sandbar. The hotel also made the highest point of the island, where the restaurant has an excellent infinity pool overlooking the sea.


Located in Cebu Oslob Whale Shark diving spots in the city on the mainland is very close to Sumilon Island. A 15-minute boat transfer from the island and land after the ten minute ride, dive and snorkel with giant whale sharks can be made.

How to get to Sumilon Island

From Cebu to Bohol’s Panglao Island Dumaguete bus or ferry from Pier hotel guests wishing to transfer their settings, provide their own transportation to the mainland from the boat stops of Sumilon Island, a private boat.


Sumilon Bluewater Resorts is a great choice for me, one of the Philippines’ most private activities and the proximity of the whale shark dive spot for eco-tourism, which is an example of slap glamping experience.

Both accommodation options, both infinity pool can only be bride even for sandbarma Sumilon Bluewater Resorts, will be the memorable Philippine Islands for couples from both activity lovers for a romantic holiday or honeymoon.



Singapore Airlines with a 3-day trip to Singapore after flew to Manila, and from there I flew immediately to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan Island. Then respectively Sabang, El Nido, Sabang, Puerto Princesa and I from there to Cebu. Panglao Island, Bohol, Sumilon Island and I have made my trip to the Philippines third 2-week follow an exquisite route as Boracay. I love the Philippines and I would recommend it to both the adventurers who love a beach holiday.


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