Philippines El Nido area, by National Geographic Traveler magazine’s

El Nido, Palawan, at the west of the island’s north-east of the Philippines. Millions of years of rocky limestone rain, waves and wind erosion as a result of many caves in the area of the lagoon, hidden coves formed. Interestingly, composed of limestone rock islands with beautiful and interesting looking of my favorite places on earth. So that was where I first wrote this article in a magazine wants trip.

Philippines El Nido area, by National Geographic Traveler magazine’s Magazine goes the name of the best travel destinations in the world. There are 45 magnificent islands around El Nido there are no settlements in many of them.


Some of the islands are the private property of interest and extremely luxurious resort and even absent in some settlements in some of these islands. Bacuit Bay area called also protected as a Marine Park.

Extraordinary Bacuit Bay

Hand formation of limestone rock differentiate the appearance of the Nido island goes back to 250 million years ago. Depending on the climate like our fairy chimneys eroded due to the rain and wind, they present an interesting view.

So in many regions, the world’s caves where you can see rare in other eat, hidden lagoons, hidden coves formed. Each beauty will leave your mouth open when you first see, where were causing me go at least twice that.


Submarine life is fascinating as above water. I did not get the opportunity to dive, but I saw what I was snorkeling in the dive b. Underwater photographs also delicious as I search on the internet. Rich corals, contains colorful name I do not know the sex of fish and turtles. Bacuit Bay and around the vicinity of thirty diving.

El Nido Town

Located in the Philippines’ Palawan Island in El Nido town, a small place consisting of several street leaned into the high mountain ridges. There is a fine view front. Yokes bound wooden boats in the bay in front of the town as spring.


serving all tourist hostel in town, boat tours, selling agencies, like the restaurant and the bar is made. one of the ideal place to spend a holiday full of activities.

As is deemed reasonable price, you are not subject to high season. I would say it is the perfect holiday destination for those with limited vacation time. It is put into place as a full and enjoyable.


Excellent boat tours

Hidden Beach is also where boat tours around Bacuit Bay, is among the top tourist attractions in Palawan Island.

Nearby hidden coves (Hidden beach), including exploring the beaches and nice to spend time for lunch held from 9/16, organized boat trips (700-900P, 29-38TL). If you buy from the agency which made the same route taken by the 4 types of boat trips up and down.


Tour A, B, C, D, called each round, each more beautiful than can be interesting and exciting places to visit. Priority will prefer a boat tour for first time non-C and may choose to if you have time. I did all except D boat tour. Both 3 days later when I went to the top of the first. It was delicious!

Sometimes, if enough applications, which can be assembled in no time tours for tourists. boats can be rented as a private (2800-3600P). When you join these tours year surely your sandals, it is advised to snorkel and fins.

Getting charged a small foot print of tourists from the region is under protection. Municipal officials in charge of environmental protection (200P) The collection gives you before you get on the boat, valid for 10 days of receipt. Canoe hire (150P / h, 700P / d) can also explore the nearby beaches and islands yourself.

Bicycle hire, Northern Palawan around 60 km of road can tour 1-2 days (500P / d, 100P / h). Windsurfing (250P / h), Cliff Climbing (350P / 3h) provided facilities for enthusiasts. Makinit Hot Spring and Nagkalit-trait held in places like Falls treeking (950P) any other activities that can be done.


El Nido beach, which stretches in parallel with a large number of cafes, restaurants and bars. There are also lots of space inside, extending parallel to the street again. From burgers to pizza, there are many options to different tastes from simple and inexpensive Filipino dishes.

The town in general is not very aesthetic, bad streets and architecture mixed. The last time I saw the number of apartment-style building has increased rapidly. Increasing not only ugly new buildings, but also the prices it had almost doubled in 2015 compared to 2011.


as almost impossible to find a place to stay in high season. It is useful to make reservations in advance. Keep your expectations a little lower in terms of accommodation. Tiny place have increased the homestay style, cooling is insufficient because most of the air conditioning but we know that the air conditioning.

On the other hand there are some beautiful resort islands, price preference if they fit your budget, but my suggestion is always to stay in El Nido. Do not forget to take with you enough money to Y, or even 2 times as much on your mind. There are ATMs in El Nido, but usually discharged within a week from the first day is filled.



I give the mosquitoes that night, half your spray must be purchased from a grocery store or go. Internet connection in disgrace, so do not expect anything more, but if you still look good even have a link to the location. The first night the electricity was cut off when I went, but there was electricity on the island, I went the last 24 hours.

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If the sea, sand, sun and good food in El Nido if you are looking for you. White sandy beaches, emerald sea, rich marine life, beautiful snorkeling spots, fish, sea turtles, mantras, will be seen in the postcard beautiful islands, spectacular views and more. Areas that can be a full and enjoyable.