St. Moritz Has A Unique Beauty In The Alps

How can I put this beautiful city, I did not know where I start. St. Moritz in the Engadin region of Graubünden, Switzerland, between the Alps seemingly endless winter, holding ice on the shore of the lake, 1856 m above sea level in the installation, a world-famous ski and resort area. Eastern Alps highest peak Piz Bernina which is a few km south of the city. St. Moritz has two distinct regions: Dorf and Bad St. Moritz. Dorf, the world-famous brand shops on the street is expensive and crowded, Dorf lush Bad is more modest.

A very stylish travel sites, described as elegant and lively city, showing the second address of the rich and famous. (So we :)) Although the population of 5,600, 250,000 per year (an incredible figure) found that tourists come here. Per year, the sun shines 322 days of the St. Moritz, famous for its many winter to summer tourism. 1928, which hosted the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, a skiing and snowboarding paradise with a total length of 350 kilometers long track (tested personally). In addition, each year in February, the ice holding the city to watch the races on the lake at more than 100,000 visitors coming. All I have to say I do not know this information, but after St. Moritz, unfortunately, I can imagine a lot more expensive cities. After so much information about the city, let’s get to what we do …



As always I made the reservation in advance from’ (never happens troubles do not go without reservation), we settled in to find our hotel. Albana Art & Genuss Hotel. We liked soon as you enter the door, we made our hotel sipping champagne our login process, a restaurant, a favorite even after we meet with bar and spa :). Let me also add a picture for you.

Just the desire to shoot ourselves in the mountains, skiing and skiservice snowboard’u our rent, we took in the breath of the runway. Skiing and I add a map showing the areas where you can snowboard down immediately. detailed maps about the track when you go to your hotel or at St.Moritz, can be obtained from tourist offices in major centers or from all stations. If that office is creating a lot of work for us.

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St. Salastrains Corvatsch and Corviglia shift in the 3 days we stayed in St. Moritz, Pontresina in the sled (sled run, they say there) was not possible for us. We set out without knowing the length of skid trails were full 4.2km’y. we knew we would not attempt to do good, but maybe we have done that was very enjoyable. I suggest that you take you a few hours if you go to it. Meanwhile, before I forget, Salastrains’ down from the train, go up to the floor with a separate pleasure in the carriage. Think phaeton to climb the Alps


ENGADIN ST. MORITZ - St. Moritz, der weltberuehmte Ferienort auf 1'856 m.ue.M. 5'600 Einwohner, 5'600 Hotelbetten in 40 Hotels (ueber 50 % in 4- und 5-Stern Kategorie), 7'300 Betten in Ferienwohnungen, wobei 2'900 vermietet werden. 350 km Ski- und Snowboardpisten, 55 Bergbahnen, 180 km Langlaufloipen, 150 km Winterwanderwege. 150 attraktive Veranstaltungen pro Saison. Grosses, z.T. weltweit einmaliges Sportangebot. St. Moritz, the famous holiday resort at 1,856 m. altitude. 5,600 inhabitants, 5,600 hotel beds in 40 hotels (over 50% in the 4- and 5-star categories), 7,300 beds in holiday apartments, of which 2,900 are rented out. 350 km. skiing and snowboarding runs, 55 mountain lifts and railways, 180 km. cross-country skiing trails, 150 km. winter hiking trails. 150 exciting events each season. Virtually unique in the world for its broad sports offering. Copyright by ENGADIN St. Moritz By-line:

Now let’s talk a little restaurant and amusement. We also of course the first day with a traditional Swiss fondue dinner try. St. Moritz the best in the Engiadina Cheese Fondue Restaurant ( learned that we can eat, we breathe in Engiadina. Welcome A letter by the sign on the door as I enjoyed our Turkish. We have never seen in the kebab St. Moritz In this article rather with a very warm and charming wooden decor came to us. I’ve ordered the bacon-like çemensiz they also dry red wine and beef first. (I add the picture) Then came the expected moment and fondue. Presentation appearance was all very nice, but I can say the same thing impossible to taste. If anyone asks I say the trial.

This is the story of the famous dishes as follows: At the end of that century ahead of the Swiss summer and autumn, he produces and stores of bread and cheese to eat as food supplies during the winter. But this time bayatlayıp bread hardens and becomes sometimes but have to be chopped with an ax. Cheese, she petrified day by day. But once again, the local wine is a product of Switzerland they see that they can achieve a thick and tasty sauce mix this heat cured cheese. Moreover, this sauce can be eaten stale bread to dip bread they soften, even if he was taking quite a delicious state. Here are stacked in front of the stove, on top of that family, the black pot boiling on the fire, this sauce to dip the flag they discovered that these new food.