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Erzurum, a city founded in the Palandöken Mountains foothills. Plateau 2000 meters in altitude over 3,000 meters and still has a mountain that surrounds the city of Erzurum, Turkey’s highest city. This feature of the city, a center of attraction for 6 months of the year has made skiing.

In January, Turkey travel portal Gezimany and Sway Snow White was in Erzurum due to a blogger etkilinlig organized with the cooperation. I reached to Erzurum with direct flights from Izmir SunExpress. We arrive at the airport by car Sway Hotels transfer took 20 minutes. Is there another airport so close to the ski resort rather not know?


In the evening I have, Sway Hotels / Snowplus watched those who enjoy skiing on slopes thanks to lighting, I envy. enjoy skiing here, the driving after dark.

Palandöken Ski Center

Snow quality, quality facilities owned by all levels of skiing and ski slopes Palandöken appeal to lovers of exquisite Center, one of the winter tourism centers of Turkey’s favorite. Palandöken Mountains 70 km along the extended, since 1993, has been declared a winter tourism center. Universities in the World in 2011 to host the Winter Games have proven their quality on a global scale in a way.

Giant Slalom and trademarked by the International Ski Federation FIS for slalom competitions has 2 tracks. The New York Times, the list ranks the 18th in the world as a place where 41 ski resort Palandöken Ski Center, with runways, among the longest and steepest slopes in the World.



Palandöken Ski Center, located between 2,000 and 3,176 meters of 10 ski lifts, 1 chairlift, 2 baby lifts, 1 gondola service offering. One of the high points of the Dragon Hill, which you can reach by gondola lift. 12,000 people in the region have the capacity to provide services, a total of 7 easy, 8 medium, next to the runway serving the professional category had 2, 4 also has a natural slope.

Alpine skiing and snowboarding centers that provide convenient for runway, climbing out of them, paragliding, snowtub also offers alternative activities such as paintball. In Palandöken season long. Starting in November until the end of season in April are stretched. The most popular type of profit in the form of powder snow for skiers conquers hearts for all seasons.



In this region, 2 and 3 of 5 stars 4-star hotel also serves to provide the ski lovers to stay and ski equipment.

Snowplus Winter Sports

Snowplus 3,176 meter high mountain in the Great Dragon itself to a total of 12 km of private ski and sports paradise in Palandöken Turkey’s crystal snow slopes with snowboarders, adrenaline and entertainment offers at the summit



Turkey’s longest and with different degrees of difficulty, blue-red and black in three different difficulty levels, including, in particular with karlandır track system, it is possible to enjoy the snow throughout the season. Those who spread the Palandöken Ski 50 km radius, offering a total of 21 km of ski enjoyment, you can get 18 different tracks.

Snowplus Winter Sports, skiing is like giving a high level of service under the supervision of experienced instructors beginners. For starters, it prepared a section of track Sway Hotels output. This area of the equipment from the ski slopes and ski lifts that provide direct access to the room can reach the runway.


After skiing or boarding a drink or eat hot line if you want the hotel to the ski lift and terrace overlooking the existing runway. Ski room hotel adjacent to and quality ski and snowboard equipment rental service is available, and materials are very new and clean.

Separate toboggan run, snow tubing, mini curling like also offered different activities that appeal to guests of all ages. I record twice sledding, he has enjoyed a phenomenal!

Sway Hotels

Sway Hotels with its modern architecture, it offers the comfort of a city hotel. Honestly I did not expect so modern and good service. Do not know Hani ski well, it’s possible to interpret it as a holiday hotel.


It is mentioned as the best hotel in Erzurum. The rooms are very elegant and spacious. Design and the materials used have proved the quality. We stayed in a room with views overlooking the hills of the Dragon. Quite comfortable and decent. Breakfast wealth, he offered more than expected from a ski hotel.

Sway Hotels of the on-site Shang-Du Spa center is perfect to relax when not skiing or boarding. Daily exercise can be done in a fitness center and spa units, Turkish bath, drophead 280 m2 heated indoor pool and the installation of 2,500 m2. Massage snowboarders can take advantage of the spa. 1 hour Balinese massage was wonderful made by Nyoman.


Sway Hotels,, +90,442,230 30 30

Palandöken Ski, whether in winter semester breaks and holidays; Want Valentine’s Day in one of the best addresses in the ski resorts where you can enjoy a romantic ski skiers who want to enjoy the winter holiday experience. 4 km from the city center of ErzurumPalandöken Ski Center, the airport is located only 15 km away.