A delicious start to exquisite west coast trail

Given concerns about naples

Italy’s south-west is located in Naples, the world-renowned cuisine, a UNESCO World Heritage old center, Pompeii ancient city of Capri Island and Mount Yanardağı’yl a holiday route most enjoyable elements of Italian culture that I love together.

Naples often seemed stuck in the mind with the former bad reputation. I speak not worth going on with filthy, he says it’s not safe. However, as I have not seen any of them when I go to Naples, the beautiful historic face of the city, delicious meals, I saw clean streets. Moreover, Naples is a wonderful route Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano, a delightfully delicious start route for the west coast, such as Amalfi.


Naples How to get there

Turkish Airlines is organizing direct flights from Istanbul to Naples every day of the week. I flew from Istanbul to Naples 2 hours 15 minutes. Alitalia, Air Berlin, KLM and other airlines in some indirect way to fly to Naples. easyJet from major European cities, Meridiana, companies such as Germanwings and Transavia also flies to Naples. If you catch fly to Rome Cheap flights passing through Naples may be another alternative.

Naples International Airport (IATA: NAP) is located 7 km north of Naples city center. Unfortunately there are no any metro connection. The airport bus and no other transportation except taxi.



Naples Airport bus to the airport from the central train station in Naples and Capri Island provides transportation between the port of Molo Beverello Port transfers. Weekdays every twenty minutes a the weekend made the transfer until 23:40 at night every half hour from 6:30 in the morning. Tickets from the driver (€ 4) or shops in the airport (€ 3) you can get. After you receive your bags and go to the left exit to the Sun Store shop, ticket taken from there. Do not forget your ticket machine in the bus when I got in the business. other tickets for 90 minutes subways, buses also available.

with municipal bus (No. 3S / 1,1 €) able to reach Naples center at the airport in 15 minutes. The bus stop is located just off the airport. Naples Central Station Piazza Municipio transport from the center can also say it takes 15 minutes. Weekdays 6: 10-21: 30 / Saturday 7: 30-21: 30 every half hour between giving a service. You can also get tickets from the airport, the central train station reduces in front of McDonald’s. Napoli Centrale – Piazza Garibaldi Station, connected to Naples subway system.


The transportation from Naples airport to any hotel in the city center cost around € 20-25. The go by taxi to the central train station € 16. If you are planning a trip to the Amalfi coast, including and most convenient if you’re traveling as a group to rent the car, I think.

It may be preferred for different types of transport tickets in Naples: 90 minutes available Biglietto Orario (h) 1.50 €; Biglietto Giornaliero (per day) € 4.50 (until midnight); Biglietto Settimanale (weekly) € 15.80 (up to midnight on the last day).

Naples Map



From the airport going to the island of Capri; Alibus to Naples Airport Shuttle (€ 4) Go to Porto di Molo Beverello in 25 minutes. 50 minutes here, with high-speed ferries go to the island of Capri (19 €).

Naples Archaeological Museum, Castel Nuovo, Castel dell ‘Ovo Megaride, Cathedral ancient Carthage San Marino monastery can be seen. The world famous city of Pompeii and Ercolano, very close to Naples.

How to get to Naples from Rome

both while you’re in Italy to see if more than one, the best of the trip. about 250 kilometers from Naples to Rome. Fast train after about one and a half hour journey to discover not work in Naples.

Trains from Naples to Rome; Rome’s main train station, Termini moving to Naples several times a day from the station, it’s a train. Most of the direct functioning voyage between Rome’s Termini Station and Naples Central Station can be reached from time to transfer to another stall. Continued until the evening hours of the morning trains 22.13’y starting at 4:52, starting with the cheapest options are as follows:

Regionale; The slowest and cheapest of the Regional with a journey of about three hours, we can not be booked for the seat. In some train has only second-class section.

InterCity and InterCity Plus; IC and ıcplus known as, InterCity and InterCity Plus travel to Naples by train, it takes a little more than two hours. Seat reservations can be made outside of the first and second class compartments. Regional cheapest ticket price, which almost doubled, and sometimes very crowded with no seats in this train of your sofa is a good idea.

Frecce and Frecciarossa; from Rome to Naples by the fastest trains Frecciargento and Frecciabian of trains shorter than two hours (some a little longer than 1 hour) and takes reservations required.


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