Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Practical information about Malaysia Tour

Malaysia, very colorful and attractive country in the heart of South Asia. Intact impressive beaches, exotic islands, a rich ethnic and cultural heritage, with rare flora and fauna, one of the rare countries where the world-class blended with modern tourism and holiday options. With a tropical climate throughout the year, Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist visits in the area of the country.

South Asia’s highest mountain Mount Kinabalu, vizibilite 40 meters at the world-class diving centers, 130 million years of ancient rainforest, the world’s largest limestone cave, the stripped interior of orangutans and the tigers are faced with extinction 286 species, first settlements dating back 25,000 years, more than 30 ethnic tribe, a country with a rich culture and colorful Malaysia, a true Asian experience promises.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

The crystal clear sea, dazzling white beaches, a holiday paradise for the rich underwater life of the Malaysian islands. Sea-sand-sun-exposed indispensable trio is a paradise for vacationers.

Information on Malaysia

South Asia’s most stable, secure, and easily one of the countries visited Malaysia, with a population of 28.3 million and is managed by a federative constitutional monarchy. And 13 states; Two of the Malaysian peninsula, one of which is composed of three federal regions of Borneo. Capital Kuala Lumpur with a population of 3.8 million. 329.847 square km area spanning Malaysia, South located in Peninsular Malaysia in Asia (Peninsular Malaysia) and South located in the island of Borneo in the China Sea (Malaysian Borneo) consists of each other quite far 2 main land to be.

August 31, 1957 declared its independence from the British colony of. 50.4% of the population Malay, 23.7% Chinese, 11.0% and 7.1% native Indians make up. The official language is Malay. A large part of the population can speak beautiful English. Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, it’s a lot different next Daoist religion.

More than 60% of the country covered with tropical rainforest. Prehistoric rain forests that have existed since the period, with no other animals in the world with the richest biodiversity in 12 countries. this deal as a paradise for nature lovers, Malaysia ecoturizm projects with very good marketing.

Country of Thailand, Indonesia, and has land borders with Brunei Darussalam. with bridge between Johor Bahru-Singapore Singapore’s links. Sulu Sea with the Philippines and Vietnam in the South China Sea from the well’s maritime border.

Malaysian Currency Ringgit (MYR) (RM) 1 £ = 1.67 MYR stands. Power Outlet Type 230V / 50Hz. English type 3 sockets power sockets used. International must use the power adapter converter.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Malaysia Attractions

Malay, Chinese, consisting of many indigenous communities living in the Indian state of Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia, offers a lot in terms of place, both cultural and natural beauty.

Capital Kuala Lumpur, one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities. In this city where one of the colorful culture, glittering skyscrapers, glitzy shopping malls, Chinese and Indian neighborhood, mosques and lush parks, an impressive character with big trees. I would say that one of the cities that blend the best of green and steel. The named as one of the best shopping cities of the world are often mentioned move.

Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, belonging to different cultures architecture nested hosting Merdeka Square, Pasar Seni lined with souvenir places (Central Market), Indian districts of Little India, is one of the places to visit in Chinatown can be found in almost everything cheaper. Orchids, butterfly and bird park, the zoo, the National Museum and Museum of Islamic Art are also among the attractions.

Kuala Lumpur only half an hour away, which is the world’s largest cave temple in Batu Caves may be a good opportunity to examine closely the Hindu ceremonies

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Langkawi Islands, the Andaman sea meets the Melaka Straits, is one of Malaysia’s exquisite beauty of paradise to be discovered. Half the northwest tip of the island Malaysia, Langkawi is located 30 km away from the mainland, one of Malaysia’s most famous holiday destinations. Calm turquoise sea, white sand beaches, rain forests covered with hills, unspoiled nature, a worth seeing the advantages of budget accommodation next luxury resort locations.

One of the world famous honeymoon destinations Langkawi, a holiday dream with full tax-free shopping opportunity. Langkawi Cable Car and Skybridge, Oriental Village, Underwater World, Cenang Beach and Pregnant Lady Lake, Pulau Payar Marine Park is one of the places to visit.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is a place we can call the Black Sea. This natural wonder is located 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur, where a cool place to escape the country people have a tropical climate. Starting at 1,300 meters altitude, rising up to 1829 meters and center of the country’s greenhouse Cameron Highlands tea plantations and famous for its fruits and vegetables grown here.

Between the rain forest, it deserves a 2-3 day visit for those who dream of a cool climate on vacation. Cameron Highlands places to visit and things to do for itself offers a lot more than expected.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Located in the capital of Penang Island, Penang and Province UNESCO World Heritage city of Georgetown, the historic building on the colorful cultural heritage and where the temple, a city with its exclusive character. The country’s longest bridge to the mainland is a large part of the population of the island of Penang Bridge connected with the Chinese and the Malays make up. In addition, Indian, European, Thai and Burmese are among the island residents. Besides the temples and architectural structures unique to China, it attracted into the British colonial architecture in Georgetown, also offers lots of goodies foot to be discovered. The time was not with the half-day city tour can take from tourist offices, where they can visit a lot of the city quickly.

Yahoo Travel should be seen in the 10-man list of candidates before they die sorting, CNN Penang Lnight placed 7th on the list of the most delicious food in the world. Penang Hill, South Asia’s largest Buddhist temple complex Kek Lok Si Temple, belong to a well-established Chinese families in Penang Khoo Khongs Museum, Peranakan Museum, Dharmikarama Burmese Temple next shop who are working with batik art can be visited.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Mabul, Sipadan, Kapalai, Tioman Island is ideal for beach and resort and lovers of white sand and the rest of the diving center. UNESCO World Heritage List Located in Melaka city, capital Kuala Lumpur is located just 2 hours away.

One of the world’s largest island, Borneo under the equator, one of the few places in the world’s richest flora and fauna. Kuching and Kota Kinabalu on Borneo Island is one of the cities to be seen.

State of Sabah’s capital Kota Knabulu boating in just 15 minutes Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, breathtaking islands, with white sandy beaches; sun, snorkel and rich marine life attracts are keen to six.

those who are in search of trekking routes in the Kinabalu Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, South Asia’s highest mountain you can climb Mount Kinabalu. Those interested in the wildlife-rich Borneo, orangutans in Sepilok in Sabah can be seen in their natural habitat. Also another option to participate in the camp in the rain forest to watch wildlife and birds in Kinebatang Forest.

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sarawak Mulu National Park to see the value of beauty.Here Deer Cave is the largest cave in the world, one of the most beautiful places to watch the ceremony starting out at night to feed on bats. The Pinnacles is recommended that in the park lovers in the form treeking. Follow the hut in the rainforest. Discover more than 50 years ago that is how the locals live in peace now that the skull hunting.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

The country has a wonderful transportation network. In Kuala Lumpur monorail, subway and easy to use. Persons traveling as a couple, you can use a taxi for a quick and practical transportation.

From Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand easily accessible by train or road.

Almost everyone speaks English. You do not know English, you can feel free to ask your question and the place even more.

Malaysia is a great country to travel to hitchhike lovers. Sometimes you may have to pay some amount.

To find cheap flights within Malaysia AirAsia, Berjaya Maswings and browse the page.

Browse: Malaysia About Tours Practical Information

Rainfall and humidity is high because it has a tropical climate. You need to keep an umbrella or raincoat with you anywhere.
Malaysia left traffic flows and speed limit of 110 kilometers. Drivers are very courteous to pedestrians.

including traveler’s checks, on the amount of foreign currency entering the country while 10,000 RM which must be declared so.

Places, objects or people are showing right index finger is not used. Instead, the thumb of his right hand above, should be preferred to the other four fingers curved shape.

A Malaysian home, shoes when entering the temples or mosques as places of worship should be removed. Some mosques are given scarves and clothes to cover their women. While eating and while his right hand to take something always used.

Turkey is 5 hours ahead of time in Malaysia.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Malaysia Visa

Turkish citizens can stay without a visa in Malaysia, not to exceed 90 days per year. While entry visas to the country by land or air Malaysia door can be easily removed.

Malaysia Weather

near the equator in Malaysia’s tropical climate. The dry season and the rainy season, including two seasons dominant. Temperature ranged from 26 ° C-32 ° C. Because the geographical structure of the country extends to the south and the north of Borneo Island on the places to visit is the land owner can have the same date in different weather conditions.

Kuala Lumpur and western coasts with a favorable climate all year round to make holiday. Malaysia is the most suitable season for holiday months between December to March. Search rain seen in this period, the weather cools.

November to February from heavy monsoon rains along the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia are seen. This period is not suitable season for the coastal areas. Sea most often canceled because of extremely high waves seen sea transport.

The period between March and October are the most suitable for the Malaysian holiday season.

Malaysia How to Get

Turkish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Etihad Airways has direct flights between Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur. The journey takes about 10.5 hours. Connecting with Singapore Airlines in Singapore, Istanbul and Dubai’s Emirates, the Dubai-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines joint flights may also be preferred.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, 50 km from Kuala Lumpur, about an hour’s drive from the city center. The Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang used by regional airlines for domestic flights. Other major airports in Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi is. There is a good connection with Thailand and Singapore by road and rail.

One of the most convenient way to get from the airport to KL city center, a 15-minute interval shield and a 28-minute ride from Kuala Lumpur’s KLIA Ekspres is leaving the Central Station. KLIA Ekspres work between 5:00 am and 01.00 at night.

However, Block C in the door can be reached by express bus at a bus stop in the underground parking garage.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Hotels in Malaysia

Must valve offers world-class or luxury hotel offering good service and offering the opportunity to stay in the resort also offers many advantages suitable accommodation for low budget travelers hostel and guest house quite a lot of opportunity.

It usually covers a large portion of their travel expenses and accommodation costs for the country offers a rich economic options. Room rates range between 40-60 ringgit. Hostel shared accommodation costs for those who want to stay in the room while the average is around 20-30 ringgit. star almost anywhere in the country and offering high quality services and resort hotel’s cost. Must luxury resort can do in the resort, offering cheap accommodation options that wish can benefit from the guest house or hostel options. Click for available hotels in Malaysia.

Malaysia Travel Budget

Malaysia, fun, affordable and offers a relaxing holiday opportunity. As well as to allocate too much of a spending budget for it does not need. When we look at the quality and price ratio offered by one of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia.

Eating and drinking compared to the same figure in Turkey is much cheaper. 3 meals daily 30 ringgit able to saturate the abdomen. Transport costs at an acceptable level. The country has a good transportation network.

In Malaysia, it is offering budget travelers, for travelers sırtçantal £ 70-100 per day with accommodation, transportation and meals can meet the costs. My sırtçantal Malaysia and the 53-day average daily spending in Borneo’s trip was $ 60.

Are you ready to explore in Malaysia

Malaysia Tour Travel Time

Those who plan on seeing a lot of space to Malaysia vacation, they should allocate at least 2 days to most of the places to visit. 2 Kuala Lumpur, Melaka 1 (day of unity), Tioman Island 3, 3 Langkawi, Penang 2, Perhentian Island to be 3 days (minimum) can be made to plan your trip. Some locations may have to spend more for a long time to get to know more closely. Rather than go to the place where I see a lot of fans separated the time to recognize better.

My round the world trip I took a trip to Malaysia for 53 days. Home peninsula in 13 days, Sarawak and Sabah on Borneo island in 40 days. (In later years +15 days).


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