Uludağ Been Wondering About Things To Do …

The eyes of an old volcano and winter tourism, which Uludağ


Uludag, a former volcano, 2,543 meters high, creates the highest peaks of the northwest Anatolia with. Uludag’s length extending in a northwest-southeast direction, is found 40 km. and a width of 15 to 20 km. Public and which has an imposing view of the mountain overlooking the slopes of Bursa stage Orhaneli’nde the south facing side is flat and straight. On the north side of the mountain Sarıalan Kirazli, Kadi, Sobran has plateaus.Forests, boasts a wealth of flora and fauna. National Park was declared in 1961.

With 12 762 hectares “Uludag National Park“, as well as being skiing sports center, a circus glacial lake that marks the peak in the cycle. Before Byzantine mountain called Olympus, also known as the Byzantine period monks mountain because it is filled with monasteries.

Uludag hotel in 1933, also made a regular paved road, so from that date Uludag, has become a center for winter sports. Today, Uludag, Turkey’s largest ski resort. Uludag National Park in the camp, including 2 of 4 areas is available. These; Sarıalan, Çobankaya, Kirazlıyayla and Karabelen camping and day use areas are. 15 in Uludag particular, has a total of 12 3000 beds in 27 tourist establishments belonging to public institutions. They belong to the ski lifts and ski-lift lines are available.


Uludag is prohibited hunting of all kinds because of the national park, in no way could be noted inserted firearm and non-hunting weapons to the national park area.

 Uludag by road

If you think of the 36 km long road from Bursa out Uludag your own car, the city west of the Inca village of locusts in the road 3 km, 600 shade-year history of the Incas Plane Tree of villagers can a delicious breakfast is served in the most beautiful products .

On the return from Uludag diameter of 3 and a height of 35 meters, which you can drink tea and relax in the shade of the ancient trees. right on the edge of the road, especially the way you continue to be protected in winter gathering of deer “Deer Farm” will catch your attention. After you have entered in the deer farm in Uludag National Park.

Kirazlıyayla until it reaches the right and left, you will see a lot of meat and barbecue restaurant. It is divided into two road Kirazlıyayla position. The first way you Sarıalan to taking the second route also takes you Soğukpınar village. You can stop at the waterfall near the village of Aras. This village Keles, Keles Kocayayla where the nomads of the festival or you can go up to Inegol. Of course it must have a good six jeeps. Surely you will collect plenty of photo material along the way.

useful to talk about an alternative path. The return trip can not return to the Soğukpınar over  You can visit the historic Own Village after the jump.


Uludag by cable car

Uludag cable car is Turkey’s longest cable car. Lightning in the district between the cable car Sarıalanyayla in Uludag, was established in 1963. Kadıyayl the transfer station is in total length of 4766 meters. Starting at 374 meters altitude journey ends at 1634 meters altitude, after about 20 minutes.

Air is turned on, the cable car ride would be quite enjoyable. The city, you can see the whole plain of Bursa, at the same time, you can take photos. Sometimes pine and chestnut trees, and sometimes “Kaynana Pit” As you can Uludag passing through the deep abyss. Meanwhile, the cable car to the passing of each post is a little shaken recall that scare you.

The first stop of the ski lift and renewed lines are Kadıyayla be streamlined. This is a plateau 1,200 meters above … if you wish to gather for a picnic or ride a horse or a variety of herbs can not stop here. You can reach this plateau only by cable car or climb;No highway.
More after Kadıyayla nature trails for hikers of their choice in the second and final stop is Sarıalan at 1,634 meters altitude.

The minibus taxi Sarıalan can come in with their “own cook, eat yourself” you can spend a pleasant day in the restaurant.

In particular, we recommend the place Palabiyik nicknamed Uncle Cemal.

If cloudy or rainy gushing from the soil that you can sip tea while soaking up the pristine oxygen. Or you can rent skis can be enjoyed in the hotel zone is kept snow from sliding Uludag enjoy.

if you want a change; You can reach the double chair lift ride from Sarıalan a little bit further Çobankaya Plateau. When you reach the Çobankayası, all plain in Bakacak that spread out below and do not forget to drink tea fatigue. Even the weather turned even the Marmara Sea, this hill you can see the skyline of Istanbul.

You can exit the highway to Uludag morning ride taxi-minibus. You can make your return by cable car. Or go to Uludag by cable car, you can return to the road minibus taxi.

a relaxing hammam session after you make your hotel will take you all over your weariness.



Bursa, a city that is well suited for hunting with winter and extreme sports. If you love nature, hiking can choose one of the following routes, you can take lots of photos, you can evaluate your surfing hunting hobby. In terms of wild game in Bursa, located in an area rich region it is particularly suitable for hiking during summer and winter Uludag is determined preferred six tracks.

 Paradise Rock Area Trails
The starting point is an altitude of 1865 meters within 2 km of trails in the Gemlik Bay, on the northern slope, and on the southern slope of the mountain, with views of the entire village, you can go hiking.

Sarıalan – Çobankaya Track
Start and End points of the altitude of 1850 meters and 1750 meters of altitude 5200 meters at the ending of this track, you can take a pleasant walk with sparkling flowing streams and lush trees along the way.

Softabog Waterfall Trails
Distance 6000 meters from the starting point of the trail is 1800 meters altitude Uludag in the jungle stream, which has a waterfall down into the pond and terraces. Water sounds and views can finalize the guidance of unique hiking with magnificent panoramas of the Bursa Plain.

Connected Village Trails
With 7500 meters and 1865 meters above the starting downhill course at the summit of the mountain descends downward continuation of the centuries-old tradition and hospitality of nomadic Turkmen village you can witness and admire the rich culture.

 Summit Hill Trails
The sea on one side, the other side Apollont Lake endless panorama accompanied Uludag and local in nature and vegetation you want to see the remarkable images, we recommend trails between 7615 meters with Hotel District Summit Hill. The height of the peak you climb is 2487 meters.

 Wolfram-Mining District – Lakes Region Trails
2300 meters just Uludag butterfly species and in the company of mountain landscape altitude, enjoy the privilege of mania observed the mountain of flowers and Black Lake, Mirror Lake, Kilimli Lake, between icy lake as glacial lakes if you want to feel the wonderful atmosphere and on-site to secure, the 9800-meter Mining District with Lake Region you can walk the trails.


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