Sun’s Birthplace Lands (Mesopotamia) Mardin

History-steeped city of Mardin


Mardin is located on a strategic hill overlooking the Mesopotamian plain in southeastern Turkey, which hosts many cultures within the city and is still one of our distinguished hosts who are more. Mardin is one of the oldest settlement is known for its cultural diversity and traditional houses made of yellow limestone which has also become a symbol of Mardin, Mardin. passing through a labyrinth of winding streets, you can visit these homes.


The world’s one of the oldest monasteries which Dayrülzafaran Monastery, Dara ruins with an impressive view of the former principality of Akkoyunlus made by Kasımiye Madrasah, the Grand Mosque, the first mosque in the city, 596 years built in Purple Behnam Church of the Virgin Mary Church, Anzavur Citadel and Bazaar from Bazes interest of our city value among the cultural beauties.

City trip
Mardin is a museum city in the true sense. In fact, from time to time with the occasional joke really raised the entry and exit through a door to the Museum of town here to do a thesis of this city also is due here. Mardin; architecture, historical, cultural structure, a different place from the city you can see so far in every respect with the social tissue. which it is placed on an old castle town and consists of two parts, namely a new one.

Mardin in the late 1960s into the city by proclamation of the protected area of the city banned all new building construction. Since then, on the one hand and public organizations need to develop a parallel heard while being moved out of the city in a new residential and business area began to be reduced to a flat area at the entrance to the city.

The flatness in the input field definition is different from the plain field used anywhere. Because Mardin also can take 15-20 minutes to walk from beginning to end, because it is not even suitable for two-way traffic, vehicles that have only a one-way street work. Mardin i can not even enter the house of the garbage vehicle can be collected only by donkey, bumpy is your foot, the narrow streets. In the street you can see in hindsight also typical of Mardin made by processing all of the original stone houses in the region. Start to enter a ride into the city that you can see from where you are to have a look later in Mardin said. It’s like when people enter into a time he found himself in the 16th century.

If you want to see this a little more closely, each Dellal which the name of a separate market, earnings are carpenters, Hassan Ammar, go a Sokulbak and babisse travelers.


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