Scene of a medieval Meersburg date and smells of wine

Germany’s south, has the atmosphere of a medieval village near the city of Friedrichshafen Meersburg

Meersburg, Germany, one of the famous tourist route The German Timber-Frame Road (Deutsche Fachwerkstrass A) is located on one of the quaint town. Elbe River north of Lake Constance ranks as extending a number of cities and towns on the way.

Germany’s south, has the atmosphere of a medieval village near the city of Friedrichshafen Meersburg, where the borrowers have baroque image Konstanz young bishop. Because these people have built magnificent castles with large contributions famous architect Balthasar Neumann. Currently, even from afar when a still image is reminiscent of the medieval city.


One of the most attractive parts of Meersburg be established at the foot of a steep grapes look. ie stunning views of the lake on one side, on the back include the bonds protracted grapes.

Meersburg Attractions

Meersburg divided into two zones; down town (Unterstadt) and down town (Oberstadt). You can walk with a steep staircase between the two slopes. Tourist office is up Kirchstrasse 4 in the town.


Altes Schloss (Old Castle) is situated right next to the currently used one of the oldest German castle and Lake Constance. “Burgmuseum”, ie a trip of a medieval you live as do the rest of you make the Castle Museum, knights parade of military wards, rest rooms, the castle dungeon to, the chapel, the guard kept towers, leading to the wonderful castle gardens and the northern bastion.


Neues Schloss (New Castle), 1712 and was made for the survival of bishops from 1760. Bishops Castle only served for 50 years; During today’s secularization it was used as much for a very different purpose, and eventually was restored between 1999 and 1996. You can see the bishop of the rooms in the museum located on the second floor. Magnificent furniture, wainscot, stoves, numerous tables and the old royal court during a time when it is evidenced in the glamorous time.

open to visitors today, almost all of these structures and ways out of them great, eye-catching squares and Meersburg has a lot of spots where you can see a panoramic view.


Zeppelin Museum, Meersburg story about the flight history of a place can be learned. Blimps have one of the most extensive collections in the city, such as Friedrichshafen. Uniforms, technical documentation, utensils, you can see a video about the furniture here and dirigibles. Full story begins with the fall of the Hindenburg castle.

The Bible Gallery (Bibelgaleri Meersburg), not only the Bible but also be able to see historical objects belonging to the first printing press that came out of Guttenburg.

Museum of the Middle Ages in Meersburg, Droste and able to see a table of the Baroque period. Weaving between Meersburg Museum of Art, Museum Droste, Town Museum and Wine Museum visit interesting places like those expressed. I could not have my opportunity. In particular, the wine has a very important place to Meersburg.


Meesburg and vineyards with the healing waters of the thermal spa with a healthy and just down the historic district is located next to Lake Constance.

Meersburg, of course, not only thanks to the popularity of the historic center of this magnificent picture and owner. It was so intense cultural program with a lot of museums and cultural programs saves influx of thousands of visitors each year.



Marktplatz square in the city, which is established in the market every Friday from 8 am to noon. Do not miss if you come across. Local “Weissherbst” can be called wine.

Meersburg you visit those places and cities will allow you to keep the longer it’s all very close to the lake. A village house, a large family or friends visiting, a large villa. you might have been able to find any kind of organization or home options here. If you want to stay at the hotel as you search for hotels in Meersburg site to find a lot of choices.


Meersburg how to get there

It can be reached by ferry from the city of Constance. Direct drive if you want to come your way then you can go Follow E54 from Überlingen or Friedrichscafen. There are approximately 3 hours away from Munich. The nearest railway station is located in Überlingen that 14 km northwest of Basel-Lindau line.

Friedrichshafen Airport is located 20 km east of Meersburg. Turkish Airlines scheduled flights from Istanbul is organizing the city of Friedrichshafen.

Meersburg, the places you’ll want to spend a long time and have coffee with magnificent views. Most of the Alps without any obstacles in front and looking a wonderful view of the lake. Especially if the weather is good Mersburg, historical texture, exquisite views, it has remained medieval castles, squares and offers an exquisite atmosphere for the perfect holiday with the streets.



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