Behind the imposing walls of the medieval city budva

Balkan countries Montenegro’s most popular tourist attractions, the city of Budva, delectable its long sandy beaches, beautiful coves, cliffs, small islands and very colorful life last night with “Montenegrin Miami” as it is known. For me Budva, small but cozy, a pleasant city in the Balkans.

budva’s beach in the summer season, it is packed with vacationers have come from around Europe. City features German, one Dutch and British young people’s favorite routes. Beaches, historic meet all the expectations of the young to the old city and mobility. Sea, sand, sun, good food, fun nightlife … What else do you!


Budva, Montenegro

Back to the mountainside, I have to face the sea flip that city I love possible. Budva such a city full here. The city’s long, sandy beaches and beautiful coves of the then rising, there is a huge steep mountains. A great city for the holidays, a few days I felt this was put on by the city.

the capital of Macedonia, 65 km from the little-known name in Podgorica, overlooked the Adriatic coast, located in Budva., a small town of 20 thousand inhabitants. Neither too large nor too small to have time to get bored. Therefore, the exhaust air away from the major cities of noisy and people, calm and has a serene atmosphere.


Budva old city

Behind the imposing walls of the medieval city

You can say a scrumptious authentic old town of Budva (Budva Stari Grad) there. Quite high and sheltered behind the castle walls, extending the historic buildings along the narrow streets in the form of a maze so beautiful. A delightful walk in the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea coast of historic fabric of the old city. It feels as though this is leading up to the trip in humans if the Middle Ages. Except of course, stylish people filled the streets.

Stari Grad historic district of the city affected by the earthquake very experienced in 1979 and restored from start to finish with 8 years of work re-opened to visitors in 1987. Doors, windows, balconies and many other small details for some reason reminded me of the city of Venice, Italy.

It built on a small peninsula so pleasant to get lost in the streets of the historic old in the Old City, you can smell the sea lemon.


Budva Stari Grad

The old city walls are well preserved. In the narrow streets where you can mingle with famous Croatian city of Dubrovnik, you can have a good time in the open-air cafes. Cafes and restaurants lined up along the streets to grab a bite may be eligible for selection to relax and to taste the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Traditional Montenegro burgers, barbecue made of fish and shrimp, alongside delectable salads are recommended. In addition to the dried beef made from a type of meat and pita kastrad pogae which can also be tried. No need to say that it is probably quite touristy the price in the old town.



Budva Old City

Stari Grad turn left when you come out of the main gate, you find yourself face to face Adriyatik’l. From the shore into the sea, sunbathers, children playing with pebbles, deep peace lovers engulfing sit rock bottom … Like I said, this is a quiet, serene resort town.


Fairly long and crowded beaches

Budva is a lucky city, full of beautiful beaches stretching in front of more than 17, although leaning on the mountains and a total length of 21 kilometers find them. Yas Beach Their most famous ones from Becici beach.




The most beautiful aspect of most Blue Flag beaches to be, so pristine. Both are in the city or near it, it will clean up both the blue flag! Charge Budva’s beach should be left with what must have known very well. Long and crowded beaches along this spectacular Italian and Spanish style cafes.

The entrance to most of the beaches along the Adriatic coast are also free. According to the weather conditions of the season starting from mid-May until November stretched.

Adriatic, is not very different from the Aegean. The temperature of the sea, the salinity pleasant. The typical Mediterranean climate with year 6 months of this period, between the sea water temperature is 21-25 degrees, yummy!

Sveti Stefan Island

its exclusive unusual in the Mediterranean, a place of Sveti Stefan, one of the most impressive places I have seen. Cobbled paths, quaint courtyards and magnificent sea views and is a unique place in Sveti Stefan, connected to land a narrow and short roads, built on a tiny island. dating from the fifteenth century place with a tissue, narrow streets, ruby red-roofed playing with one of Montenegro’s most iconic landscape with houses.

In the past the island where 400 people live, has remained a fishing village until the sixties. When he began to change the face of the island since the sixties and eighties brides Kirk Douglas, Sofia Loren, Orson Welles, Carlo Bruni, Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor as been frequented by celebrities.

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro


In the nineties, the popularity of the former Yugoslavia island lost with the departure of Montenegro is divided into several countries, but the Montenegrin government on the island in the coming years to bring back the old days, was initiated. Aman Resorts group leased for 30 years and was restored again Sveti Stefan 50 rooms and 8 suites have begun to serve as a 5-star hotel.

One of the most eye-catching place as an island of 10 hotels here are now listed by name in the media world. Moreover, the price of the cheapest room $ 1,000 from the beginning, and only here can visit the restaurants in the hotel customers who booked or island.


Budva, Sunset

Montenegro is a very colorful nightlife


As I said initially, a complete resort town of Budva said. Holidays mean to say a day of fun and sun, sea and sand complete the trio if he needed something a colorful nightlife.Or the city remains incomplete, that this aspect in the Budva party and fun at the same time. international DJs pop, rock, techno and house music style they make a lot of clubs, bars and discos.

Trocadero, Casper, Hacienda and Raffaello Grand Cafe of the most famous and almost all of them are beginning to stir after midnight and during the summer they stay open until morning. In many parts of the country and close to many tourists coming here to escape for the weekend entertainment from European countries. A very elegant flowing nightlife in this city. Especially Budva girls are quite beautiful and attractive. Each heeled shoes with long legs seemed to 1.5 feet tall. Everyone stylish, everyone’s comfortable, everyone is having fun.


Budva Hotels

A large number of hotels offering accommodation options in Budva, you can apply different rates depending on the season. as one of the best hotels in Budva draws attention to the Star Hotel and Hotel Ajo.


Budva Travel Guide

Montenegro, a country without a visa yet, and already the country as a euro monetary history, although not involved in the European Union. So it is relatively expensive compared to other Balkan countries, but of course still a city that offers very reasonable prices compared to European countries.

My trip to Montenegro Ulcinj> Doni Stojan (1)> Bar> Budva (2)> Kotor (2)> Herceg Novi watched the route.

I stayed for 2 nights and 26 € Saki Apartments are paid in Budva. Who wants to hostel room, private rooms are also those who ask. to walk away from Budva’s Old Town, but I liked the place very much. Breakfast was not included and I paid € 7 for 2 breakfasts and 1 coffee. Montenegro dishes will satisfy everyone, I think. Dinners are delicious spinach pie (€ 3) and rotating the (€ 8) did.

Kotor city which is very close to Budva and Montenegro should be added to the list of places to visit. I went by bus to Kotor and Budva (€ 5).

Constitution “democratic, prosperous and greener country” Montenegro is among the countries identified as countries without a visa. do not want to deal with visa, natural beauty, both sea resorts of Montenegro may choose to cultural tours. Kotor, Budva and Bar with city capable of meeting the expectations of holidaymakers this coast.

Turkish Airlines is organizing direct flights to Podgorica and the ride takes about 1.5 hours. I ticket, I can not deal with the hotel, I look for those who enjoy trips to the Balkans is quite convenient, and the prices are quite affordable. Rather than go up from Istanbul to Bodrum perhaps it may be more economical to go to the city of Budva, Montenegro.The airfare and hotels need to reserve in advance. Located on the Adriatic coast is ideal for this exquisite city break last week. Make a note of it.