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Top 10 Places to Visit in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Attractions

Architecture of Rotterdam, which is hard to tell without seeing the city. midair Erasmus Bridge with steel cables, Wallhav the Port remarkable lighting, boijmansv Beuningen Museum, Arboretum Trompenburg Botanical Gardens, 200 the famous hand allowed to Stars sidewalk and the Maritime Museum will hums in Rotterdam There are many places.

1. Cube Houses


Cube Houses, a building designed by Piet Blom. Rotterdam’s just not likely Blom complex designs inspired by the jungle, one of the world’s most unusual architecture, the works created from wood. Think of it as a safe haven this small village where a lot of different things can be done, he wanted to live in a huge city.

Houses, above ground level, even going through the sub path. From the outside, 45 degrees slanted cubes made with the principle of living in an urban loft. One of the tree, representing the cube houses, standing side by side in the forest can visit 2 euros per person, there is an entirely in-house exhibition home furnishings. You will not see for free on the go or for Stayokay Rotterdam Cube Hostel as I do.

2. St. Laurenskerk


Located in Rotterdam St. Laurenskerk church was built between 1449 and 1525 and the oldest historical buildings in the city. II. also the only medieval building that survived in the city after World War II. Great Church of Rotterdam is a perfect example of Gothic architecture, if damaged in 1940 shelling g also it has been brought to its former glory in 1952 with the restoration.

Blaak Square, located in the church bells and organ, and today is still worth a visit when in active use. Great Church choir made of copper bars is based on 1713 and 7600 the largest Dutch, one of the world’s largest. The bronze doors made in 1968 by Italian designer Manzi. St Laurenskerk in front of the statue of Erasmus’s creative humanism of the Renaissance, with the resulting current.

3. Rotterdam Markthal Market Place

Rotterdam Market Hall 04

Markthal, I can say that the most beautiful and interesting modern indoor market I have ever seen. A design in the market place should be located in such zaten.rotterda Blaak market place in the region, because the outside looks like an airplane hangar. Both can also be entered by the market place. There are parking on the lower level, while the upper floors of the house are quite luxurious.

Rotterdam’s new indoor market area Markthal, enters ceiling that does not include the huge fruit and vegetables fall upon you and makes you feel like you have stepped into the rabbit hole in wonderland. Markthal where many of the shops and stalls, and shopping, wonderful for both eating and drinking. In the heart of Rotterdam, Cube is also very close to home and Laurenskerk church. ideal for coffee breaks and lunch

4. Hotel New York


Hotel New York, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in the history of Rotterdam. Already a number of historic buildings remaining in this city is considered almost fingers. Kop van Zuid’s general manager in place on top of the region formerly belonging to Holland America Line. Once here, Wilhelm departing from the port of ships over a hundred years to come go to New York. Tens of thousands of people here in the hope of finding a better life once “Opportunities country of America” or gone. The last ship sailed from Rotterdam in 1971 with the change in the shipping industry.

The Holland America Line closed and until 1993 I have stayed at the Hotel New York in empty buildings. Nowadays, it serves as a very pleasant cafes and hotels.

5. The Euromast


Cities I love watching high. In almost all European cities in almost a tower for it. The best way to understand is to go to the top of the Euromast tower in Rotterdam (9.50 €). clock tower with a super-fast lifts you out quickly to 100 km.

Built as a 100-meter-high observation tower, and in 1970 added Euromaster gained today into the 85-meter-high Space Tower. of Rotterdam’s major attractions as you can see almost all of the tower when the weather is providing a field of view up to The Hague and Antwerp

6. Spido


Date about 900 years ago, based in Rotterdam, 1340 was the municipality, while in 1872 as a port city opened to the sea, with the completion of the New Waterway has introduced himself to the world. Spido boat tours are conducted by one of the world’s largest port of Rotterdam is one of the most popular tourist activities.

It is holding a lot of fun in Rotterdam Spido harbor tours throughout the year. If you wish to participate, and 75 minutes from Rotterdam harbor tour boats at sea or summer made the extended daily tours. Extended Harbour Tour or the Summer Evening Turar 2.5 hours longer. You try to look at those who want the channel to the city’s skyline, but also very much expect anything. In addition, the price is very high for the boat tour as € 11.75.

7. Kunsthal Rotterdam


One of the Museumpark in Rotterdam Kunsthal museum, located in a highly innovative museum. Has a room where all types of art: old, new and experimental art, photography, design, and everything you can think of. in itself a work of architecture in the Kunsthal Rotterdam Just as in other museums. Architect Rem Hoolhass, he decided to be a huge area of 3300 m2. This size can be made five exhibition place simultaneously.

It means that a wide range of art at the Kunsthal’s something for everyone at the time bulunabileceği.yak Chuck Close, Andy Warhol and Arne Quinze has hosted big names such as the 20th century. Young or old it does not matter, in the wide world of art located agenda will be surprised by this unusual exhibition in the Kunsthal, to educate, to entertain, and a place to feel good about yourself think. Tuesday-Saturday 10-17; Sundays can be visited between 11-17 (12 €).

8. Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum


Located in one of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum Museumpark Region, the country’s most important art museums. Rotterdam’s most important art museum, founded in 1847, and in 1958 the Museum Boymans name businessman Daniel George van Beuningen received its current name with the addition of a personal collection.

In the large collection of works ranging from medieval to contemporary art from the museum Bosch, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Cézanne, able to see the biggest names in the table as Dali’s art history. one hundred and forty thousand works on display in the museum.

9. Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo


Rotterdam Zoo is quite old, was founded in 1857. More than 1.5 million visitors per year 150 years one of the best zoos in Europe. Asian rain forests of Africa and the Himalayas and animals living in very different places until you can see here in Savannah.

Oceania section of the sharks swim with their courage. Penguins, giant turtles await visitors to the Galapagos Island. Open every day between 9-18.00. Children 3-12 years € 16.5 12 years and over € 21.

10. Erasmus Bridge


The most beautiful architectural examples of the need to visit Ben van Berkel, Rotterdam, the “Swan” so graceful Erasmus Bridge, which he called swan. If you want to know more about Rotterdam, follow the city from the bridge. This is the longest bridge in the distance appear Euromaster and the Netherlands has a beautiful skyline.

London to Paris or Big Ben to the Eiffel what is lurking in Rotterdam observed that this suspension bridge. the symbols of the city is considered the world’s longest suspension bridge 808 meters long, Erasmus Bridge, so let me tell you much too cool to stop.

Cultural events, the festival, shopping, worth görülül examples of contemporary architecture in Rotterdam, one of the entertainment centers in Europe. Turkish Airlines scheduled flights to Rotterdam organizes 5 days a week. My suggestion for accommodation citizenM Hotel Rotterdam, very close to the Blaak Square.


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