Curious to ski in Mullsjö

Isaberg lovers challenging tracks

Selman weeks of snow waiting for the rain, the snow in the nearby ski resorts Following that were the case. That is enough snow the past weekend in Mullsjö and learned the track opened on Friday after I drifted toward the inevitable. ‘Doom I say’ fine to rejoice because this year is the thin snow to the few, not going on this weekend to ski every Saturday he was feeling relieved myself to a week. The reason for this last year

(Isaberg ski) I began to overcome my skis for the first time after a break of a year was the emergence gibi- fears have now is he never again.

Selman has gathered all of us drive on Sunday morning and we set off towards Mullsjö 7. After the trip takes about two hours we were able to wake up in our faces, but the shock of the cold when they’re there. Still, one of de se ‘so that cold, cold skiing is not made, that promise was in a position to run the car immediately take seriously. When did we borrow skis, we wear, we stopped on the belly, I knew then it was time to face my fears.


I started for the first warm-up for the easiest runway. After recording several times in this very short runway, the time taken to lift himself slipping saw that last longer. Maybe it’s time I had come to take the next step!

Hande and I fear the next time I come to a track that already passed the peak of Peace would be lying if I said. This track appears other than what I am, a sliding left and right, I slipped in some way by balancing my slow pace. I have successfully ended in the fall had come over my confidence


we provide a lunch break in the cafe at the entrance of the track, also all of our time outside a coffee break in the afternoon, we learned we had to remember to slip last year. It will be closed for runway we were off to the right in Gothenburg 5 hours. What follows are the results we get when we made the critical day in the car; We remember everything exactly, but rather at the end of the day we were better from where we left off last year, and we should have done this years snow season closed for several days without necessarily skiing holiday in Sweden! Where peace, which we have to go with transport, we stay several days, many people who have begun to make plans about that, I was proud to be returning home in one piece into the back seat





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