A Festive between the Caucasus Mountains Geography: Dombay

Dombay ski resort in the ski season begins in December and lasts until April

Dombay, the North Caucasus, Karachay – Cherkessia Republic is located at the border, a terrestrial paradise with an exceptional geography. Dombay on the border with Georgia, Russia, the height of 4,046 meters in height built in the valley surrounded by the majestic mountains Dombay-Ulgen, a small town with seyfe accommodation facilities that will appeal to almost every budget.

Summit always sheltered valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains in a unique, built on Dombay Teberda River, the region’s most beautiful ski slopes, reviews mountaineering, skiing and winter sports resort with like snowboarding. Amateur or professional, every level of climber and a skier’s favorite geography here. Even if you do not ski like I know, this is where nature’s wake, go to Dombay to see a paradise to be discovered in spring as the snow melts.


The highest peak in the Western Caucasus can not Dombai-Ulgen get myself looking at the breathtaking summit had been so. After all, the resort Dombay, between Karachai-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, Bindağ or infinite as the famous mountain called the 5642-meter high Mount Elbrus is located 60 km away.

Albeit somewhat controversial, situated between the border of Europe and Asia can be considered the highest peak in Europe due to the region. That’s pretty close to heaven here, a geography evokes different feelings in people.


Dombay Caucasus Mountains located on the back when considered from one end to the other end can be called a fairly small place. New Zealand, for some reason he felt myself very famous in town. As I said to a lot of friends, you want to see the mythical geography of New Zealand that the Caucasus Mountains, Dombay go easier. Moreover, this is both closer and more affordable.

Dombay, offers world-class alpine skiing. varying in height between 1,630 and 3,168 meters, ski slopes in total, approximately 25 km in length. The total length of which is transportation to the slopes with 5 lifts 4.7 km.

Dombay ski resort in the ski season begins in December and lasts until April. Sometimes it is also lengthened until June, but now the ski season due to climate change seems difficult to see this season.


He began to return to the summer of manages to pull itself out of this delicious alternative with the guests of the ski region. Jeep, motorcycle, ATV or a segway to be able to explore this beautiful region.

It’s best if you go horseback stroll in these beautiful mountains, this is the most enjoyable and interesting experience. For those who like extreme sports can be done while rafting and paragliding activities.

Full-day ATV trip in the Caucasus mountains I took part in my memories as an unforgettable experience. 2,000 meters in height, the height at which growth is now out of the tree, you can see almost the same altitude to the summit of the Caucasus mountains extending parallel to each other. ATVs from the walk up and down in this delightful meadow, picnic should be done, should follow the long view.


Nature walks to the path of the route starting from the most beautiful town Teberdinsky Dombay Nature Reserve. In the shade of emerald tree leaves shining under the sun light, not too difficult walking route.

Although Alibek in Kaps see the mountain from the Falls, the splendor of the container and photos Dvuyazichniy Teatralna summit of the glacier. Mountain Sulahat (Sleeping Beauty) is an exquisite view of the mountains just behind the exhibits.

Karagöl to be seen on the road before reaching Dombay a picnic place for those who live in this region. One of the activities to be carried out to fish in the lake.

One of the places I most affected Tumanly-Kel (Misty Lake) was. This is one of the most beautiful places on Earth must have been. rising like knife-edge on one side, the mountains where the snow at the summit, on the other hand, green slopes and valleys, the other side is yummy yummy Is it a lake. Here is a full day to swim, picnic, you need to watch the lake and mountains.
This Dombay to lag behind about 15 km, Karagöl (Black-Kel) Navigating the road before reaching sling. Gonachkh concrete way on the river after a while later, you arrive in this beautiful tourist attraction of the Soviet Union in the lake.
If you come at the market located near Dombay eleferik, wool sweaters, scarves, browse for handmade hats. Jams made from pine cones and walnuts, honey flavor derived from the Caucasus Mountains and fragrant flowers.

rather stylish cafe and boutique hotels in town able to rid of stress while on vacation in real nature. Maybe not smell like chocolate town of Alba, but welcoming refreshments that of Caucasians, it’s not so easy to find this place to enjoy delicious cuisine rich in another place.


In the past century Anatolia migrated en masse, if many still living in our city and community Karaçaylılar holding cookies in the kitchen culture is a very important place. Traditional Caucasian dances accompanied by the chorus in the restaurant offered delicious food.

Meals are based on more meat and dairy products and can be as much as a vegetable. Meals are usually made with butter. Caucasian dishes flavored with aromatic spices derived from the mountain, flavors need me, was quite satisfying as well as presentation. Potatoes, meat, flat bread with cheese in basic foods.

Haluzz the triangular fried cheese puff pastry fat (Haluj); solid of dough long and three fingers were cut meterej put it in the neck after a fine round; Sips of famous Circassian chicken; hıngal, from corn flour stuffed meatballs, shashlik (shish kebab) and the so-called Circassian cheese. What am I satisfied if they bring forward.


Dombay offers quite a wide choice in terms of accommodation. Who wants economical, high quality alternative accommodations wanting. Almost every major hotel sauna and indoor pool. I Zulu, Dombay I stayed in the hotel.

Dombay nearest airport is located in Stavropol. Turkish Airlines flies to after reaching the city of Pyatigorsk in Stavropol (2 days), Dombay (3 days) and Arhız (2 days) in the form of a route becomes exquisite. in Stavropol it would be nice if you can 1-2 days.

Majestic mountains, gushing waterfalls from every slope, affluent rivers, lakes and ancient forests with exquisite explore this amazing region of the Caucasus region Dombay.


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  1. I am big skier and never even thought about Dombay as a ski destination, but it looks amazing! Excited to learn more! We just did a blog on skiing in the German Alps and loved it! You should check it out!


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