Always in Turkey The world’s best show, one of the fleet of Turkish Stars

Turkey’s modern and high-performance capabilities of the Air Force F-16 aircraft, the team shows featuring a show as the audience of high-level knowledge and skills required for use. Demonstration flights are performed with single F-16 Block C-40 aircraft. During the demonstration flight of white smoke is released through both wings are attached to the end of smoke supplies. The paint on the aircraft can be planned no changes except to any other task, such as the F-16’s. Turkish star demonstration flight except pilots continue their preparations for war.

showing continuous activity in the year 1971-1992 was not a acroterion my form. The decision to set up a repeat acroterion team field after 20-year hiatus Turkish Air Force project began in 1992 to implement the activities. hv.k.k. Halis accordance burhan’s directives for the establishment of a acroterion I began to work in 1992 and Konya 3rd Main Jet Base 132nc Weapons Tactics and standardized for the institutions Fleet Command structure Approval was obtained on September 11, 1992.


Establishment and inspection work quickly while still on site 132nc fleet will consist of four NF-5 as a branch establishment acroterion my order was also issued on November 7, 1992. Meanwhile, the selection of the first four pilots to create the acroterion’s core is made. Advanced Aerobatic Flight Plan and Flight Plan prepared and hv.k.k. Halis Burhan then have to be submitted to the approval of the first aerobatic training flights started the training received in January 1993, the team at home and abroad has been completed.


In 1993, the duo began trying out movements and acrobatics training designed to do, it is to achieve the desired result at the end of a flight of five sortilik. Then, it was essential to education and the right and left wing shifted to four training. Meanwhile, a part of my mandate acroterion staff to make observations on the subject, England was sent to Canada and Italy.

In order to fulfill more safety and efficiency of acroterion tasks, especially the painting of smoke system and aircraft, NF-5 aircraft flight safety enhancing modifications to be made on an operation was launched on April 27, 1993.

Work is in progress, with hv.k.k.’lıg Shooting Contest’s closing days of 1993 on June 18, 1993 Ankara Raiders 4th Main Jet TURKISH STARS acroterion my state elders and other guests at the Base Command has made the quartet as the first official show. TURKISH STAR FLEET Staude after winning the show has managed to make a name for itself as the youngest supersonic aerobatic team in the world.

August 1993 Eskişehir 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Center Command of aircraft modification / paint operations have been launched. This process was initiated in the five and six flight training arm.
TURKISH STARS akrotim the allotted nine NF-5 and 1 NF-B 5 renovations and changes to the aircraft have been delivered to the troops completed in July 1994.

5 October 1994 in Diyarbakır 8th Main Jet Base Command F-16 activation ceremony with a show flight in October 29 Republic Day ceremony in Ankara in 1994 was introduced to the public.


TURKISH STARS which was held in Eskisehir Distant Thunder-95 drills made of local and foreign guests to show the first seven days of the observer in the Apr. 20, 1995.
Study shows effectiveness in 2003-2004 academic year and to increase the available packages remove the 8-arm for the purpose of studies have been initiated for the purpose.
134. the acroterion My Fleet Command are continuing their on-site currently shows 10 pilots.



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