What if a passenger for his living …


Who am I …

It looks like a puzzle,
(Sometimes from right to left a note, sometimes a god in ancient Egypt from the top down)
saying shout songs, quietly has written,
calling itself the wall in dead-end street itself, such as the butt,
beautiful dreams who, drowned dreams fall into the water with which he founded,
money, but who does not like working for money,
a natural disaster,
a social scourge,
damage to the mind,
” Provoke all the lightning in my eyes,
forest burning in my sevdimde ”
Sometimes a man Anatolia
Sometimes a society handsets,
Sometimes it is very noble,
Sometimes full populace,
sometimes very intelligent,
sometimes straining idiot,
a gun silencer,
time stopped a bomb,
exclamation in his heart,
question mark in the mind,
face of the iceberg,
Can not always find a place to throw into throws himself into it,
happiness remotely watch in his pocket hopes to accumulate,
Who is left alone should not always say the right upright walking behind me,

He threw a stone pit 10 out smart you waiting,
so speaking,
very susan,
a lot of fun,
very boring,
but I always think,
understands little, until very understanding,
emotional self-eating monkeys …



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