We have stayed west of the Black Forest city of Freiburg

The most beautiful thing that made my stay in Germany was visiting villages surrounding cities and counties. Weekend car jumped the occasion I went to see the new place. The closest place to me Freiburg.

In fact, I say my name in Freiburg im Breisgau”. west include those Black Forest. You can already see the forest while visiting the city.

City bookstores, cafe, local stores are relatively mobile, but also a place where you can find the peace you can find riverside walks. I personally liked a lot.
Quiet, I do not like stagnant cities, I like a bit of life. Freiburg is a city that work.


Imagine a river that now the middle of your city. You walk around, you ride a bike, you feed the ducks …


Of course, we are a few calories as we did at the end of each walk or something, I attacked almost sweet.
essence milk (Özsüt) nice but doing better. oh my country 🙂


City forgot to take pictures from the stand while touring around looking at 🙂
I had no plans to open a blog in my mind about my travels I am.
Therefore, telephone room are pictures I took when it comes to my mind.
After that I will be more careful to mention 🙂



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