Turkish people love to barbecue and picnic

 Come on everybody’s time, aspiring and have a picnic.

Alone in front of you or give you up to go to the village is not the way Flowers lie. Barbecue you will establish yourself, you bring yourself to the table. It is around blasting songs will not be calling or child cries. You’ll be alone with nature and. Peace will be.
Is there that you need as a priority one table you will find beautiful things. Do not forget the folding chair. Thank goodness there is somewhere to go anywhere in the room. You do not have a barbecue. 7/24 do not eat sausage. As long as you are conscious or barbecue everywhere you 🙂

Then set up a table to enjoy the look. Enjoy the green in the sun. Enjoy this moment of extreme heat coming from.


beautiful last day of the squares …


collect garbage and a trash bag in the bin! They do not necessarily pour water on the ashes of barbecue …



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