Spain had not heard before, but I love this city

We continue our tour of surrounding cities. Ron was left of my right of a coincidence that I found while researching the city. I had not heard the name, it also went nowhere Ronda Amanda Main balcon person he did not read anything. the views that hit me in the heart

Are you down there completely cliff He sees the balcony. Incidentally, this would not have been closer if I did not. As usual, the Marcella Puerto Bantus, Marbella boarded the bus from Ronda. Believe me, really easy-going.

We went snaking completely cliff on one side of the road. Some places have made the bridge to the mountain. We were going to pass through them. A difficult journey, the car keeps you should be careful there.

Ronda’s main event, giving the name El Tajo 100 m. called valley. two neighborhoods divided into two parts. bridge called Puente Nuevo combining two parts. Tr. translation is becoming the new bridge. a full 200 years this bridge look that is called New. But simply amazing. You can not help thinking that it passes over that time how people do it. Of course, rumors of the bridge between the architect Martin de Aldehuela construction dying after falling from a bridge.

houses around the bridge looking at the abyss. Some cafes converted, serves with prices on average. 12-16: 00 You will not be able to find food because the kitchen closes bargain. Down Siesta !!! The time to beat us like a full meal for a long time in the Turkish mentality men are closing the kitchen.
Ernest also has traces Hemigway in Ronda. “For Whom the Bell Tolls” wrote the bookhere. Indeed in the city wandering confirms the book you constantly hear the sound of bells.
Taurus with the most prestigious of the famous arena in Ronda Spain and wrestling. The oldest bullring in Spain, built in the year 1785 with Puento Nuevo project. Each matador’s life was once like to go to the arena in Ronda. The square Pizza del Toros, the “Bull Square”. I think the second main center of the city after the bridge.

Very easy to find the square. Before coming to El Tajo. Besides there is also the tourist office immediately. You can get here on a city map. Already a big bull sculpture available. Bullfights are also in the museum. Assorted costumes, pictures of old matador sword, etc. At that time I did not think my mouth open draw reviewing pictures.

You do not you see the beauty of the girls?

pictures of famous matador …

There were also dueling pistols and collection..

Can you believe that he has a special thing for people to duel ?

And that beautiful arena. Although I sympathize duymasa the killing of bulls in the place of the beauty I lost myself.

Yes, let’s get to eat what was inedible. Obviously in the Ronda let me disappointed about it. Traditional Spanish cuisine is my quest, I gave a few times. I’ll tell them later.

left open the siesta Calle Villanueva street, sat down on one of the odd cafe

Quinoa is a shop on the street with a very sympathetic with. Food nice not say, but he was sympathetic, therefore, there is obviously enough.

And they give you a meal without wine, not just in the overall Spanish olive cafe.

Insisting wanted to eat tapas. They brought this dish at a time. I want real tapas !!!

Second eat my food was seafood platter. Labour too, eat less meat. Eatin work tirelessly statement is available for it …

Eda famous in Spain at my insistence “Rabo de Toro” that seven bulls tail. Oil came, I did not like. I think more can be tried again at a nice restaurant.

Food end,
Ronda memories of a …


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