In May 2013, 18 Lycian Way I spent my day walking the 350 km

In May 2013, 18 Lycian Way I spent my day walking the 350 km. I went to the place on the map with no connection to hitchhike or bus. Most of the time, except what I have written on foot, accommodation, find food, take pictures, watch nature, other days to plan their route, I met to chat with hikers and listen to only the head, passed to make the journey to the inner world.

I started toward the Lycian Way on May 1 Hisarçandır from Sunday Geyikbayırı. Geyikabayır is added later – Hisarcandır could not find the GPS record. I found the GPS registration Çağlarca – was the village where the goal is to Çağlarca Citdibi. Antalya Uni. I got to stand behind one of the vans to the Çakırlar village. I went from village to hitchhike Ages Çakırlar village but the village had to go down to hitchhike Geyikbayırı learned that grocery store. Lycian Way near the beginning of my sub sandwich having breakfast at Jo-Si-Tour. I began to find the start of the route is a pleasant walk among the pines, but I started planning the route in the afternoon because of the heat and forced a lot of mistakes because I was raw. I lost so much to the aberration of disappearing Çağlarca 1 hour the wrong way.

On me, the first camp and had to walk alone but stupor to take my interest in nature, he forgets dizziness. Them to be lost, concern me sirkeleyip inability to set the time, he was forced to make constant calculations and plans. More cautious view of Antalya acting against my sandwich when I got to the entrance of the National Park Sivridag afternoon I planned to eat and what to do.

I decided to go to Hisarçandır. If I had continued I would have to stay in the forest, there was not enough food for dinner and breakfast. I take the risk to have more information about this course. I had to come down again Geyikbayırı, did not sound like a good idea to go back. 15 km is above the plateau Feslikan I learned from the people I was hitchhiking. Go there for a night stay, whether food supplements in the morning to come to hitchhike Sivridag National Park, I decided to leave. After waiting 1 hour but one stopped. I cut above my eye the family tea garden. I told the sister who runs the food situation there. Prepared dumplings and breakfast in the evening. I asked my sister where I camped. You can stay in our garden or shepherd’s hut he said. I chose the hut and set up inside the tent.

Meanwhile, my head hurts, my stomach turns and I was quite cold. I went to the toilet, urine was yellow gold. I suspect dehydration. Noon much sweat and little water to drink. We feel the thirst expended much effort in that situation, and I could read through dehydration but it had never occurred to me as soon as may be. I did not predict how much water I drink so I called Camelback water bag inside the hose from standing water in my bag. I checked, he had more water. 1 liter. I drank water from almost breathe, I was worried when you go to the toilet four times within 1 hour. I worry slightly decreased last corner to the right of the normal color of urine. I wore my underwear go to the tent, on terekking pants, long-sleeved sweatshirt, fleece and overalls, although I take only half an hour after I warmed up. I woke up and tried to coldly into the night sleeping 3 to 5. I woke up at 7 o’clock I set the alarm accidentally. I’m late again. I gathered hastily tent, I had my breakfast. pink tomatoes of the plateau was great, I want two more than her sister. 9 hours I started to walk toward down. After walking for half an hour to come to the equivalent of one building, enclosure, jumped onto the plank and left up to a point. From there, it took a little more than walk down, left to the starting point. 10’doğr started the route. Lunch when the weather is hot off the trail I was lucky to walk away. The national park village road until the end of the route, and then go to the village, then it starts climbing enter the forest. I ate my lunch climbing when they’re in a nice green area here.

 I had come up the road work and was going to sweep in front of my car signs. GPS does not work, no line. I lost to Citdibi very, very irritated. Down the hill, Khalil abu stuck in a plot on the route. Trail construction helped Kate Clow. Put two cups of tea, I do supplement water, and chatted. Gave information about the route, I kept on after. After passing through a stream began an arduous climb. I moved from a rocky and steep slopes. Here I hurt my knee falling on my ass. Fortunately, I was rolling down the slope. So while the leftward direction, already useless to fall over the cliff. I moved limping for a while. He also had two toe blisters. I thought I could not walk for a while but then I passed the time series. Meanwhile abu Khalil said that the settlement of Citdibi (I think he meant the route does not pass through the village.) I did well in the dark Hisarçandır I can not make a goal to camp in the woods. There was Citdibi village. 1.5 km downhill from the village unaware of its existence, the stony fields, in the rain, I made phone offline camp.
Sleepless, tired, I was stressed. The next day showed the rainy downpour. If there starts to rain trapped inside the tent, it could have very severe if the pond, if the wind dispersed tents, tent stones could have pierced the ground because I was afraid. I could not because of the sound era of the stony tent stakes. tension of being alone in the mountains added to these in my day was very nice. The first time a lot of long distance trekking and camping experience because I could face what could know experienced by reading the writings of people but it does not always come to mind. Their thinking no one, I was suffering from exhaustion set up tents. Then I started thinking that I was doing dumb. Small inaccuracies works could lead to strange places. Probabilities think there are too many cases lead to serious problems. I gave a lot of them in the tent, thinking myself struggling to catch negativity. Along the way he draws very little space in the phone. to inform my family that I made in the camp that line after the rain I decided to come out. Camp forehead, I found an hour away from the line, I said, maybe I’ll find lines moving towards that direction. The weather was pretty dark and below was covered in a complete fog. Lantern, phone and I got out my knife, I moved in tırsarak forest. The Lycian Way trail was attached to a dirt road in the future, considering that I’ve come difficulty finding the way. I could not find the line, I’m back. Stone entrance road route father was checked, I thought I missed it. Before making camp here down and missed a lot, I found return. I did not count the time I walked up the concept of what went on. subject took was a quick exit when landing. I keep a couple of trees and rocks in my mind but I have looked a lot like the turn. I found the road a little further ahead. I heard the sound the way to the tent, I saw a gray rabbit before making camp, he is saying, I relieved myself. As to where the tents this time I went to the other side, I found the way back before there comes a steep descent to the line. I entered the tent, all the negativity, I try to sleep listening to music, trying to forget the stress. Outside, around them is quiet, he was relieved to see that there is nothing to be threatened. After 1 hour and up to 11 percent of sleep but woke up as distracted by 4 o’clock. I drove 2 hours after the preparation of slow.
I went down and saw that the Citdibi village. I made my way to Hisarçandır without the village, but did not last. After returning to the left against the right track land route to four output paths. I proceeded to leave my bag and go all the way, but I see signs. I lost one hour, my water is over. GPS records were not here then. abandon the proceeds went to Citdibi village. Mosque stop there, there was water and prune trees. I fell plum as it should be. I enjoy picking plums to eat from the tree.
I started hitch-hiking, but did not receive one. Rain would burn. Hisarçandır konaklayıp to go there one day, I intend to continue to wait and go the route of rain. It came more waiting van. Hisarçandır had like 6 in the morning and in the evening minibus 5. Palm says I can take the minibus to go to those hitchhike from there. Everyone in the van was returning to know each other and chat as if living in the home. So I sat down and I joined in the conversation. A lot of questions, advice and chat neyiminl after I came to know my palm.
Hisarçandır separated by a road vehicle with two friends for me as I walked aldı.tek someone scolded me bad. He gave orders to finish the walk. He was afraid of the man Jove. The head was broken. I fell, though his call me a contradiction on that my Is it broken. The man said the air right, but … They said it was torrential rain until Friday. When I set out Tuesday showed only 40% wet. I could not see because it is not in line for days to the weather. I also called for those wondering line’ve found. I talked to my uncle, he was suspended due to the weather. I met with family and friends browsing Mehmet Caglar village. He took my phone number and call my situation was learning from morning to evening, I take issue sağolasın if you come by car, he said. I changed plans, Adrasan and Olympos would wait for the rain. I do climb on departure from the Olympos I said. Abiler they’re going to Hisarçandır ahead Üçoluk village. Belt turnoff to me and Kumlucu they left behind 15 min. I walked up to the turn pulling hitchhiking. Few passing vehicle and not getting one. Around 1500 altitude, cloud and fog is coming quickly.
A woman came was worried while waiting for pursuing goats. People are doing then we began to chat. Name Enzela. Nobody did not stop “here do not take much, but I’m talking to foreigners yaklaşmaz I can not stand,” he said crazy. Meanwhile, I looked at the navigation on foot Belt said 5 hours. I walk slower than said he would continue hitch-hiking together. prepared by her brother Enzela of potatoes, half the herbed flatbread, she gave a little orange and walnut. 6 in the morning breakfast prepared by the sister of the remaining super goat cheese, I had breakfast with pink tomatoes and olives, I also started to get hungry, the food was superb. Road exit Enzela “alcaks my phone number or something that … you come looking,” he said. I got our number, I began to walk.

Mountain, cloud and fog landscape rain started coming down the belt toward the spectator. But it did not take a jeep passed. Half an hour later it was coming from the opposite direction, stopped next to me “jump, my clients were foreigners do not get passed, I could not stop the weather is bad here,” he said. This abimiz they yaptiriyor safari in Kemer, had come to a future hotel. At first I thought that worked at the hotel get to see as potential customers but it was not. After 2 hours in the hotel attached to the belt set off. Safari finished, I think we’re on the way back, but we did the safari enter the road from the wooded area.

I found the belt does not come full turn and came to Adrasan, hitchhiked to the favorite place I’ve come to Adrasan coast. I came eight years, I feel like my house, which had not yet opened to Captain Hotel, good conversation, I came to my brother Majid friendly. Coastal weather has calmed me down a lot. There are open air beach but storm. He jumped into the sea from all the stress and mess bee




Two days of waiting have stayed in the Adrasan like to have good air, edit photos Olympos After resting, I came to hitchhike to Kadir’s Top Tree House, accommodation and climbing. 16:30 does not come to talk to climbing activity, go to the office, I left to have dinner with Bibi agreement. I learned by looking at the pictures of Food node with 8 I forgot eating. The latest 4 years ago I made here rock climbing. I had forgotten many things. We set out to chat to meet with Bibi. I started to get excited approaching the climb will make hal sector. I focused on climbing routes begin to stop excitement. I climbed three routes easily. It was not satisfactory, tomorrow we negotiate and plan to climb again.

 Back when we talked over the plan to Metin. he wanted to talk again with bargain beer at dinner at Biba I ordered. I came in the room for a hot shower and I was disappointed. I was too tired, too lazy to go and I talk and I was prepared to go to bed immediately. I woke up again into the night 3. My throat was pretty bad, to cancel plans for a while my patient is climbing and walking, with my uncle or in Adrasan I thought I’d wait for improvement with my brother Majid. After 1 hour, but I fell asleep again, and I started to wake up at 7 and a half preparation. After breakfast we go to heaven sector to climb. climbing very pleasant here. When you go to the top of Olympos landscape it looks super. Even on the way to heaven sector. Thus the name must be heaven.
After a superb educational and enjoyable place I was going to climb by taking a picture of my stay. A girl came out of the forest, I watched to see how further you will pass right by the river. Hoopp two motion passed by jumping over the stones. I said, “super,” I said. Come with me and asked if I came from the climb and we started chatting. Chat not the end, I went to take a shower in the room was tired and a strange moment ago, I want to eat. Also had laundry to be washed. I said let’s continue the evening if you want to speak, we made an appointment for the evening. I told him to go to the reception status of the hot water, I got to take a shower in another room key and I washed laundry. I went to eat and Vicky’s side. Emma meet with friends, chat and drank beer. saying that Vicky had said that the Austrian Australia. I accidentally while chatting “in Australia or what ..” then I got my answer. “We feed the kangaroos in the garden or something.” due to fatigue, drowsy, I began to think for a beer. I could not stand more, go to my room I slept whether permission. I woke up as usual at 3 in the morning. I woke up again toward morning. Rain was falling ill. In my dream, my leg shrimp-like creature came out worms and insects. It must be tired. We woke up at 7 and a half out of the room for just breakfast. I saw in front of me my soaked clothes. I prepare my breakfast sandwich to make the extra My Order noon, then squeeze the laundry back to the room, I pressed on to prepare my bag all. Ask to speak to the climbing belt, I set off after her friend Vicky summer. A pleasant walk of historic monuments began between sandalwood and beyond.
synthetic T-shirt I bought for trekking because it was wet, I was wearing a wool shirt. as well as the wool is thick and it was disturbing that keep sweat and burned. pass under the sandalwood to cool off, waving branches, taking the remaining drops of rain mini showers I tried to cool myself. After the first two days of the walk was going super negatives here. The thunder began to come up the hill with dark clouds approaching from behind. It also burned in late, had destroyed trees. Lightning falls, and I thought that slightly increases the speed of the clouds.

I discover that Aunt march. Without time, a method where you can rest your aching; Hands tied behind his back, you get the weight of the bag to remove the bag up, depart from shoulder the load. feet on the ropes as you are driving in relieving leg running forward throwing different muscles. Ağlatırk sometimes through difficult situations that sometimes the ropes eğlendirebiliyorhafif taken of rain along the descent, I have Adrasan 8 hours. No sooner had Captain Hotel to wear my shorts, he jumped into the sea cool as you, I enjoy swimming.
Hobarey, I woke up at 3 o’clock again. Star shines bright from the room I slept a little watch something again after 1 hour. After starting out at 3, wake up early morning light, I planned to sleep the rest of the afternoon. If I eat.
a dip in the kitchen up in the morning, on my way to prepare a sandwich and eat what I find as 8:30 rush. Weather was pretty good for hiking. After the 4km climb like the sea, the mountains and often it encounters again did a superb walk with views of the Sulua. I was immersed in Suluada snorkelling before. the best I’ve ever seen underwater visibility was here. The bottom caves and sea creatures were super.


Gelidonya Lighthouse above views and my views march was even more delighted. There were many people on this route, most of them foreigners. We move through each other with a team of four people.
The team said the lighthouse again come across something by one Russian. After asking food show next to the English “eat, eat,” he shouted. I turned back by you, “come, eaeaeat eaat” he shouted. I went, my hand tucked something fishy and petrified bread. I thought it was salted fish. She also gave him the onion. I ate onions were the most painful. Squeeze my hand was a little more meat and onions. I’m already on fire. Something overly salty and overly bitter onions. take the very least, I gave back most. I threw a sly little later part of the remainder. I asked what the meat, the fat showed little grasp of English is that other elements lard saying hub. My stomach was removed. After some chat, they want to take pictures, so I continued on my way one çektirip.
I had my inside lights up some water but no benefits. I dare to drink water and no water. More 8 km (3 hours) road, while the sun is hitting, burning inside. I’m going to grunt grunt and I pray that the road is water. Luckily I found after 2 km. Karaöz 10 hours, the flowers arrive in a way, go shopping before dark, burn my tent and take my wolf, I cooked sausages quickly. Meanwhile the Russians came. Greeting, entered the tent to enjoy.


In the morning I set 5 hours, woke up, get out of the tent but did not eat because of fatigue and cold. Slept, woke up. Russians sailed was recovering. He said the detention of the other fish come up with greasy, did you want me to look edible. Look, I said I do not know. said Pişircez, bagging and were on their way. So I set off after half an hour.
It continues to lead the Karaöz but was fun to walk the asphalt Mavikent occasional views of the bay and the pine-wooded area. He was running routes in Finike and Karaöz – 32 km asphalt road from the main Phoenician. Hot on the trail that from today’s Demre Finike turned to walk down the road to a two-day course.
 I hitched a ride to a late start on the route. In the first hitchhiking, good conversation Fatma took me. Gradually increasing 5 seconds. We talked to a lot of silence. profession as well as talk turned to the architect. We have received our mail, we will correspond if necessary. After leaving Fatma to stop somewhere near me I continued to Finike minibus, so we stopped somewhere in the crash. Some of those who minibus accident by ambulance to the hospital, which was boarded our van and robust. The woman sitting next to me cried a lot. Course mountains more dangerous than I thought, but again it is not. I came to Finike. Just breakfast and make a two-day shopping, I took the route. Whoa, what weight, what’s hot. Trail at 1500 m altitude, water, only wells (or may not) and settlement at the end of Day 2. Exit out does not stop, 500 mt. Staying also have a stand. I’m buying, I thought. I came to one of the hill, not looked at a tree, bald mountains. Sit for half an hour, I gave up after searching different routes. You now need to take yok.finike to grind down minibus Demre. After visiting the Santa Claus Museum and the ancient city of Myra, I moved to Andriake camp at the beginning of the route. I observed birds in the wetlands of the ancient city sightseeing. I saw different birds, slept the night in their sound.

Lunch began walking away from the sea towards the interior. Search for the sun until the end of the route continued through the plains. Hot and fatigue began to rahtsız.
I hear they’re moving stones in the plains in a mysterious way. When the villagers came to graze animals, some days they saw that the stone is in the same place and he composed tracks around. They keep watch at night but have seen no action. Mysterious events have informed the experts, they have made in the investigation. Research results, they give you some night party of the stones, it is understood from the traces they have found that they did Rock and Roll.

Lunch began walking away from the sea towards the interior. Search for the sun until the end of the route continued through the plains. Hot and fatigue began to rahtsız.
I hear they’re moving stones in the plains in a mysterious way. When the villagers came to graze animals, some days they saw that the stone is in the same place and he composed tracks around. They keep watch at night but have seen no action. Mysterious events have informed the experts, they have made in the investigation. Research results, they give you some night party of the stones, it is understood from the traces they have found that they did Rock and Roll.

Here he established a camp. Power supply and asked whether I have time. I did not want to stop because I relax arriving here and having more time to relax for a while I thought I saw, but I can not walk. He set up camp here for 4 days of Ramadan, water is drawn from a well poured boiling been burned up, he stuck it there for 2 days. It was bandaged and did not stepping on one, the other was collecting water but could stand on. I gave bandage, chatted while charging the phone. He implied that anyone try to live life without gratitude but showed him not be so on the third day. I suggested me to stay there, but I did not. To stay alone, he should fall. One foot and slippers, leave their belongings there, 1 and a half hour walk from the village road was going to the hospital. does not go, the village from fishing there, seeking out people that met going to want to take him. No one can move him out of there, but they can take by boat. Or compelled to call the coast guard.
We continued our way to drop Kaleköy Ucagiz but wanted the sarcophagus and I lost a lot of time to see the castle. I’m too tired to remove enjoy the scenery here, I relax.





Kaleköy, moonlight on the hostel’s garden I started my camp. After eating I slept and slept clean fatigue from 9am until 5 in the morning before you wake up at night. I do not want to walk to the hostel in the morning with Üçağız, if I asked you to send me going vessel. It is also slightly ahead of the £ 30 I leave you, I said, boring way up there, I said 20 TL and agreed. After a superb breakfast in the morning we set off to go to Saffet boat.




Half an hour after you left me, I’ll charge the phone’s charge I was completing said. Hobaa! No power, no main lines. Panic not do, I immediately began to make plans without breaking my morale. At the worst I walk back 3 hours, I reached by boat or Saffet come again to the same place, can bring the device to handle the problem of walk 1 hour. He also said that another pansiyonar in Saffet Boğazcık’ I want to bring in there. I wandered around to find the line and found a commuter line. After a few attempts I called Saffet. I explained the situation, we agreed on the idea of taking the pension. I continued to carefully way. I came in at 4 hours after walking Purpel Aperlia. Wandering the ancient city, sunbathing on the ruins, I swim with eels.
In the morning, after breakfast clog my prints, I began my march Hideaway pleasant views. Route 23 km, until it Bogazcik Kas.
In the morning, after breakfast clog my prints, I began my march Hideaway pleasant views. Route 23 km, until it Bogazcik Kas.

On the way, I panicked when I saw that move over the phone to look for navigation. I see somewhere between the rocks or could have flown from somewhere. I went back to search for the phone, looking at my phone sounded a tourist hand. Alone than usual mistakes you make while walking is becoming more and more frustrating. 15 was fed even going to disappear because of unbearable heat and weight. Feeling alone and lost the precipitating condition. Telephone and power supply life-saving in this case. Line already do most of the time, is enough to create tension even go to the GPS signal.

On the way, I panicked when I saw that move over the phone to look for navigation. I see somewhere between the rocks or could have flown from somewhere. I went back to search for the phone, looking at my phone sounded a tourist hand. Alone than usual mistakes you make while walking is becoming more and more frustrating. 15 was fed even going to disappear because of unbearable heat and weight. Feeling alone and lost the precipitating condition. Telephone and power supply life-saving in this case. Line already do most of the time, is enough to create tension even go to the GPS signal.


I went to the mall. Withdrawals sending tents, shave, take photographs flash drive as backup jobs hookin 4 but was able to hit the road. I did not rush because the road but had a 4-hour evening arrival. I moved a little faster. I began to climb the mountain behind the eyebrow center. While admiring the views consistently impressive eyebrows, I said I wish I had seen more early exit this view. I will come back here for the scenery.

I relocated to arrive Dede Pension Cukurbag village. Jamal grandfather a house turned hostel for Lycian Way walkers. The house was very dreary, especially the pictures on the wall. officially reveals the tensions beneath consciousness. ‘s Succeed trial.


We faced Nick morning. She came from New Zealand. 30 min. We chatted. He and I walked all the food in my tracks, water, accommodation, after talking on the track that challenges my way for a long way ekleşip we continued to communicate from Facebook. I would constantly share information to advance his following do it to me the route to go. Today’s route is 28 km from Çukurbağ Sarıbelen little later down the hill from the road 11 hours. If I had not recorded a 4 km road hitchhiked going to walk in darkness. Here it’s raining bad as butter, so in the dark, in the woods, I wimp out lightning to stay in downpours. After an hour of arriving at the hostel in the evening of 8 it began to rain downpour accompanied by lightning.

In the morning when I woke up I went to the balcony, the air was light rain. A dog in the field, was rolling in the rain. It came right underneath the balcony when he saw me. I went to breakfast two days spent with my leg go in unannounced. The downpour started having breakfast. All showed rainy day. I thought I could not walk planning to go by car to Patara. As the rain stopped and the track is now close to the village and the way I decided to walk. Inince Pancake garden came to me for water. are inserted after me so I did not swim. He’s coming after me comes out on the road. Chased, shoo said, Hoyt said, but did not leave me alone.

A dog properly, know the distance, he did not exceed the limits. A lady. springs along with light rain, we passed villages. I took him to a village cheese. Food not say anything. Fortunately the rain had not very thirsty, he drank the accumulated water. We met the girl three filling water. He also installed a dog chasing the shield, made a night camping with them. In this region, the hikers had dogs.


I thought to take me down, but I saw the dog he did not stop. I proceed to hitchhike my way to the main road is long, I thought, so I have given up Pancake. Pancakes had left in the car Akbelen maybe he was. Me from the other dog, protect people from something that I thought but retained. because the lady herself, I kept it from falling dog after him. I struggled a lot with the dog in the village. Meanwhile, feeling already the wrong way, I see the turnoff to the market place is established. I lost one hour of time. I went into the woods to find my way. We walked out of the historic aqueduct with light rain and strong wind.

We were late. Bad weather was coming, the obscuration before Gelemis (Patara) we would not have. I feared my own future, heavy rain, darkness, fear this time I caught the trio forests, in some places we go almost running. Meanwhile, I saw a gray rabbit again. While on our way in the dark like a bear, a herd of pigs appeared pitch black with puppies. All began to look more towards me, I started to walk backward, forward Pancake was thrown distribute them. Recognizing that happy did a super job, he’s exciting to me. To hear the sound from passing through the bushes where they suddenly are thrown so scared I was scared now. Pancake if not pass there, I do not know what I would do in the dark. He deserves a big hug.

 Air was completely dark, wooded area, but I was seeing the villages and from the light went on as at least my concern. 30 km is over 12 hours. I’m done. Two days I walked a very long way to base my bones ached. I decided to swim the rest of the trip and short Patara next day. When I get up in the morning Pancake been waiting for me to see if I was there. In the evening, those dogs that my pension, I want them to eat if telling them to chase, they give you in the evening and morning. To be sure, I’ve given something to eat. I put signs in front of Pancake was waiting for me, so the name of the pancake. We set off for a tour of Patara. sightseeing in the ancient city, we hang out on the beach. Continuous Pancakes what I thought I did. B so I will leave the most Kabak’ though I would take if they continue or car hire Istanbul wanting. The weather was warm but the wind was cools, although he wanted to rest him throw himself finds every shade Pancake. I decided to leave the Gelemiş’. The man in the place I stay came to take me away, and I went there to leave.

Once you miss the restaurant settled on the beach just Pydna and threw a quick tour after seabream and white wine at dinner, I went to my room because I was disturbed by the surrounding people. At noon came a message from the bank, but I look to take seriously. I checked in the evening. Not owned by me for $ 10 shopping done. ettirip call to cancel my debit card, I wanted a new one. In recent days I only use my credit card for the card Museum, the museum staff, I suspect. I lost my debit card before the holiday, I take care of the withdrawal application works with the phone.

After breakfast we go to the Gay Village to the right path, I began to walk with views of Patara. I completed the route without difficulty. I settled over the room which they feast on the opposite side to where I saw mouse droppings. In this village, I heard the world’s worst human reading prayer. Gay next day – the Pumpkin trail, I began to walk with superb views taken by.

 I asked the way to the one I encountered on the way to the waterfall pumpkin. The descent from the waterfall is now very steep cliffs, no one knows the past and said he wouldn bag. Previously it was difficult to say that some places people I met on the road, he advised me to go any other way but that’s where I do not even have to place one. Seeing a steep transition to the right of the waterfall, I decided to go there thinking moved. I barely noticed that the road ahead after there. I lived there for fear of falling through the double excitement again. Then called road to the other. Someone else came from below. They were also hard landing, he wouldn pass. I said I’d try. I’ve come to where they are dangerous and whether the landing place of the bass I keep the plan. He was going well but deluged tree where I was plugged into the bag for a while. After challenging place I came down running late. Meltem’l I met when I came to the beach. After some conversation, I moved to the place where his remains.

Food and drink a beer while waiting for the rest I drew my route for the next day. Pumpkin – I walk to my new route between Babadag Oludeniz before I turned to the summit. Meanwhile Nick are we writing constantly. He next day Fethiye – Olympos would have completed the course, I also Olympos – the area between Fethiye. Hisarçandır because of the storm – the Olympos route (4day) has jumped because of bad weather, I did not want to go back again to where I am. We had stayed the same route. Together we decided to walk. I would return in the evening to finish my route Olympus.

I started my course in the morning. Route 11 an hour, without encountering anyone, I completed through the beautiful forest 2000 mt. Watching the landscape that you and Oludeniz paragliding spent some time at the summit. Descent, which means the people who did the pulling hitchhiking paragliding.

labor eat, I went to find the bus station to Olympos tool. Time had until 16:30 van. I asked the bus company, they do not in. One of talking with one of Antalya asked me out. I am also thinking of the vehicle will now turn to the Olympos in Antalya said “yes”. By calling the bus driver was waiting vehicle. I got to go running vehicle on the road. After a while, go up to the driver to give money “Olympos” I said, “is not going to Olympos, is going to Antalya from springs,” he said. My head does not work without fatigue already. I did not realize for a while and I started to think about what to do. I told Nick that case, “I still can not come to you” he wrote meat. “One day I relax in Olympos, we begin the next day said,” but my heart was intimidated. We already had 4 days to return. Investigating the hours minibus from Antalya to Olympos in Antalya mold my uncle, got up at 5.30 in the morning, go to Olympos, I decide to start walking. Nick’d be half dead, he could not walk. A while holding the Liberal route a little short, we decided to start walking. After the 3 hour ride and air shock I got my uncle in the night 1. 1 hour, but I fell asleep from exhaustion. play an alarm for charging the phone bit, he woke up after 6. I threw myself out quickly bounced. Bus station buses did not come in time. 2 min ride to Olympos. It’s late, but the van was there. But because I rode in chauffeured minibus driver that took me down to discuss the time now. I delayed a little longer. I came to Olympos turnout, the car will get up half an hour later I was hitchhiking. The men also took a similar old hitchhiker me, gave me a place to change the way I make a favor. We met Nick in Olympos delayed by two hours 11. He met with Ivan at his place, we hit the road together. “Do you want to enter without paying Olympos beach?” I asked and gladly “yes,” they said. Enter fugitive from where I discover before we proceed to Çirali. Mario came to us while relaxing in Çirali and have always continued along the road.

After walking only 14 days did not walk much better with three people. I started my fatigue and throat pain. I collected myself a little with drugs given by Nick. Although there way too long, it took a long time because of the crowd and fatigue. When we came to the village of Beycik camping area we went to Marion, Nick and Ivan somewhere in tents set up. I melted Restaurant – went Hostel. I told him at dinner pizza, ravioli and wrapping leaves came courtesy. I feel bad for a while but I’m Feast other friends. Continuous tomato, cheese, and they eat pasta or something. I called Marion future eating, grocery store, where he asked. I asked the 3km said there below. Yuhhh! Marion began to take the sprint. The village grocery store can this off. 9 hours to walk, you eat in the evening of 8, you also eat the cheese – olive, etc. You’re going uphill and down more than 1 hour. I’m sorry strange for him. Next day, he told me “what did was pretty m” knot in my throat when he was asked. Fortunately they did not know what they are. Tahtalı without going into detail, we continued toward the mountain summit.
Super Mario further accelerate quickly left us. We came down to it while Tahtali. Meanwhile Chirag – were from Tahtali mountain marathon. sanıp marathoner pull us out of our photos, they clapped, they cheered at the finish line. We’re supposed to eat in the restaurant at the summit but gave up when he saw it was expensive. We can get the food prepared for marathoners probably saying, we have to go a little charm and warm soup and sandwiches. After you enjoy our foggy scene we found a place to stay go to the Springs Kuzdere.

I had to find places to stay because I sent Kas tent. Would extend its route for the next day or a day, or hold short would go a long hold fast. We’ve also decided by the exit road. In the morning we woke up to torrential rain. Now we’ve come full plan and began to fall, then came to light rain. We’ll keep this short, but the route we think this clears the air a bit cool when we said, let’s continue. Ive not wish to continue the route turned to the belt. We were devastated when we got to the canyon Goynuk after 10 hours.


 I walked 1 km from the hostel for a place to stay. Price I had to walk more than 45 euros when 4km Memory. Air darkened, fatigue level. out of the forest, dark walk on the edge of the highway, 5 stars wandering search for place to stay in the hotel, broke the morale of my inability to find a restaurant. I found the restaurant to ask the question. I sat down, but fainted. How I thought I’d get. I told the board I have eaten and are looking for. Is not here, that I should not go into the village, said staff could or upstairs if you want. advice to take place in the village, forcing myself, I went to the hostel.
The next day, 10 hours In Route Hisarçandır route. 7 The route will begin to say we agreed to meet. up 6, whether solid breakfast, I called a taxi to go to the canyon. Full-7 was there. Nick poked a talking rabbit leg. After playing a little bagel feed we put on our way. Half an hour later we met with Mario. New awakened, she was recovering. We have a little chat and we continued on our way. An hour later caught us, but I think our pace because we came to him severely, leaving behind us called in ayrıldı.yol boss, work that out, at the latest on Friday said it would be good if in my office. Meanwhile, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and Sweden on vacation we made friends, they do drive Mediterranean tour, and wandering away with me, had offered to come to Istanbul. After talking with the boss learned their clear plan, I explained the situation to the boss and wanted permission to come Monday. He said the problem does not appear to be an emergency. We agreed to meet the next day with a friend. This was a super chance.
We had a long conversation and plenty of walking after Hisarçandır with Nick. Walking greeted with sadness for the end. Our routine was, it was after the formation of a gap. We took hitchhiking learned that the car in Antalya. The first car was the car worked. Dirty, gloomy, beer bottle, smoky, and stressed that the two people Tofas brand vehicles. 15 min. They left after a trip to a place. From there, it also took a beautiful woman relax as we got in the new car. I have 4 days with proper anyone I speak Turkish and English from the troubles of muscle fatigue, very nearly got talking to the woman hostage. He constantly something because it is the travelers head asked. changing the way left to the last place we went to the bus stop.
After settling on a board inside the castle we went to the mall to eat. After dinner we chatted a drink at the port to take a bottle of wine. The next day we go our separate ways after a bit of a walk to meet the Selda’yl goodbye. I went to my uncle Akash After chatting it up to the Selda

The next day, meet friends, we went to Konya to accommodate Side By visiting the ancient town and Manavgat Waterfall. After breakfast we set off to Cappadocia. We also let the Salt Lake without too much of our way, but we go after the lake dried up a long struggle in the region, we continue to see much of anything from Nevşehir. We went to Üçhisar go after wandering around the hotel. go out to eat, we ended our day by drinking a glass of wine. 5 in the morning Toni, Larissa and I got up to watch the balloons rise. Borehole underground wandering the city in the afternoon, we set the path Istanbul. Salt Lake was passing along the road. A place to discover and watch the sunset views over the lake, we can get there. I missed the sunset, but I was worried that the weather was cloudy nature offered us a different view of beauty with lightning. Remove and enjoy the scenery, after you take a video, we continued the sad return trip.
We have 4 in the morning in Istanbul. Judy us all entertained at home. The next day, make the tour of Istanbul, in the evening after drinking our drinks, we said goodbye to friends and holiday …




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